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Made in us
Storm Trooper with Maglight


I played in a 5 round GT this past weekend using the list I previously discussed in this thread: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/753629.page

I went 4-1, bringing my ITC total for this season to 9-1-1, with this list at 2k or a variant in Highlander at 1500.

As far as general meta there was lots of Tau and Eldar. Some Chaos and Imperial but each sub-faction did not have more than 1 or 2 players.

As before the wall of text is broken down into spoilers. Unfortunately my cell camera cannot take not blurry photos inside of a gaming store so no pictures.


2,000 pts. Imperial Guard: 12 CPs* [113 PL]

Detachment I: Supreme Command <SPACE WOLVES>


Wolf Lord On Thunderwolf: Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield 144 pts. <SPACE WOLVES> [8 PL]
Wolf Lord On Thunderwolf: Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield 144 pts. <SPACE WOLVES> [8 PL]
Wolf Guard Battle Leader On Thunderwolf: Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield 130 pts. <SPACE WOLVES> [6 PL]

Detachment II: Super-Heavy Auxiliary <TALLARN>

Shadowsword: Volcano Cannon, Twin Heavy Bolter, Storm Bolter 406 pts. <TALLARN> [26 PL]

Detachment III: Brigade <CADIAN>


Company Commander: Laspistol and Chainsword 30 pts. <CADIAN> Warlord Trait: Grand Strategist Relic: Kirov’s Aquila [2 PL]
Primaris Psyker: 46 pts. (Nightshroud, Psychic Maelstrom) [2 PL]
Primaris Psyker: 46 pts. (Psychic Barrier, Psychic Maelstrom) [2 PL]

Fast Attack

Rough Riders - x9 with Hunting Lances 90 pts. <CADIAN> [5 PL]
Rough Riders - x9 with Hunting Lances 90 pts. <CADIAN> [5 PL]
Rough Riders - x9 with Hunting Lances 90 pts. <CADIAN> [5 PL]


Astropath: Laspistol 30 pts. (Mental Fortitude) [1 PL]
Astropath: Laspistol 30 pts. (Psychic Maelstrom) [1 PL]
Platoon Commander: Laspistol and Chainsword 20 pts. <CADIAN> Relic: Relic Of Lost Cadia [2 PL]


Conscripts - x30 120 pts. <CADIAN> [4 PL]
Infantry Squad: Mortar, Plasma Gun 52 pts. <CADIAN> [3 PL]
Infantry Squad: Mortar, Plasma Gun 52 pts. <CADIAN> [3 PL]
Infantry Squad: Mortar, Plasma Gun 52 pts. <CADIAN> [3 PL]
Infantry Squad: Mortar, Plasma Gun 52 pts. <CADIAN> [3 PL]
Infantry Squad: Mortar, Plasma Gun 52 pts. <CADIAN> [3 PL]

Heavy Support

Basilisk: Heavy Bolter 108 pts. <CADIAN> [7 PL]
Basilisk: Heavy Bolter 108 pts. <CADIAN> [7 PL]
Basilisk: Heavy Bolter 108 pts. <CADIAN> [7 PL]

*Includes -1 CP for first additional relic.

For general thoughts on how the list functions please see the earlier thread I linked to above.

Round 1 vs. Space Wolves

This player came in last with five losses, which was unfortunate because he had a beautiful army and was quite pleasant to play against. The TO did well by him for sticking out the event and gave him a nice last place prize (one of the SW flyers).

The list was a giant pile of Thunderwolf Lords staring down my own, various Space Wolf special characters, a rune priest, some lascannon Longfangs, a squad of Wolf Scouts, some Intercessors, a Primaris Ancient, some Hellblasters, a Primaris Lt. and three bolter Inceptors.

The mission was Seize Ground with Dawn Of War deployment. My secondaries were Old School, Recon and Headhunter. He had BIg Game, Old School and Behind Enemy Lines. I got first turn. The map was pretty open, a few bigger temple type pieces and some hills. Not a lot of LoS blocking although I was able to use a combination of range and some LoS to make the Longfangs move in order to be able to target my Basilisks.

His characters were spread out across the board and the Scouts/Inceptors/maybe a character or two were in reserve. Same thing with the Intercessors and Wolf Guard. He also used the SW stratagem on the Hellblasters.

While it was nice to get the jump my Basilisks, even with the Relic, were remarkably ineffective. I went after the Long Fangs and between some bad rolls on my part and a big streak of making 6+ armor saves I was left without a unit kill. That of course cost Old School, unit kill and most units killed in the round. The Space Wolves took out some infantry but otherwise not much happened. I left my Rough Riders and Shadowsword off the table until I could get bigger holes in the line to place them. He killed more but I held more.

In the second turn I had a little more success, taking out some intercessors, Longfangs, a couple of Hellblasters, etc. I dropped Rough Riders around the table edges. One squad made their charge against Wolf Scouts while the others failed against the Wolf Guard. The Wolves had the Inceptors come in. The Hellblasters did some more damage to the Basilisk they were in front of and a Thunderwolf character got into combat with it and an infantry squad. I killed and held more for the round. The Wolf Guard and characters over on the left side ate the Rough Riders there.

Turn three was where things started taking off for me. I brought in the Shadowsword to kill off an Intercessor squad, while my Rough Riders left combat to take an objective. I dropped another squad in the backfield to maintain recon. The Wolf Guard Leader also got into combat with the Rune Priest and finished him off while one of my Thunderwolf Lords fought his. He did some more damage with his characters in his turn but he was running out of bodies. I got kill more and hold more including the bonus point, Recon and some Headhunter points.

In turn four I continued to grind away at what was left on the board, although he did finish off the Basilisks. At this point we stopped for time. I won 25-18. I had 15 primary points and 10 secondary points (3 Old School, 3 Recon, 4 Headhunter). He had 9 primary points and 9 secondary (3 Big Game Hunter, 3 Old School, 3 Behind Enemy Lines).

Round 2 vs. Dark Angels

Mission was Cut To The Heart with Spearhead Assault deployment. Secondary objectives were Big Game Hunter, Recon and Old School (me) to Old School, Headhunter, Titan Slayers (Dark Angels). The table was fairly open, mostly low/rolling hills so not many places to hide. I think the only time LoS ever came up was using it to screen some of my Rough Riders from Auspex Scan when they dropped. Dark Angels went first.

The list was Azrael, Master, Intercessor Squad x3, Company Ancient, Inceptor with 6 plasma, Ravenwing Darkshroud, a big squad of Hellblasters, Relic Leviathan Dreadnought and Stormraven Gunship.

I was able to deploy without giving him much space to bring in the Inceptors, with the conscript blob pushing things back nicely. He killed off some conscripts with the Intercessors but nothing important was in range. While the conscripts lived he did go after a few infantry squads and one was wiped out.

I moved my conscripts onto the middle objective and spread my reserves across the table. I made a mistake in not concentrating my Rough Riders more on the back objective, instead using them to provide a big safe zone where the Shadowsword could come in. In retrospect I should have taken Behind Enemy Lines instead of Big Game and dropped everything in the far back, making him split his heavy hitters more. I was able to take out some Intercessors, a couple of Hellblasters and hurt the Dark Shroud a bit but not nearly as much damage was done as I needed. I made my next big mistake this game and assaulted the Hellblasters with the conscripts, forgetting that they have the fallback and shoot stratagem, 2 attacks each and the Azrael buff in close combat. That was quite painful, especially as my opponent burned the CPs to make them fight again. Just a disaster all around as I only have a few left.

I did hold more objectives and no had the lead in kills so I had a slight lead going into the next turn. The rails started coming off a bit in his second turn though, as the Hellblasters fell back and wiped out some Rough Riders, plasma Inceptors killed a Wolf character and a Basilisk and the Leviathan started doing Leviathan things. The flyer unleashed its lighter weaponry on infantry squads while using its bigger weapon to shave a few wounds off of the Shadowsword (not quite enough to degrade). In my turn my remaining two Rough Rider squads killed some Intercessors, but unfortunately the squad by the Intercessors on the objective did terribly and would remain stuck in combat with them for the rest of the game. This was huge as it denied me the hold more bonus and the primary mission bonus a few times, swinging the game. He got kill more. I did wipe out the Inceptors using the Shadowsword.

In round 3 I did manage to get the center objective with characters as he had mostly moved off of it. We continued to slug away at each other, although my shooting was not very effective at removing things from the table. I made another mistake in that I forgot that I wanted to assault the Darkshroud with my Shadowsword and shot the big gun at it instead of the Leviathan. Ugh. I had hold more and he had kill more.

In round 4 the Shadowsword exploded from many things attacking it (flyer/Leviathan/Hellblasters). Because he was focused on one thing I did finish off a few random squads and characters, giving me kill more for a change. Unfortunately I did have the middle objective anymore to get that bonus and the one or two lone ObSec Intercessors were still on his objective. In either this round or the next I did get a Thunderwolf Lord who had just killed the Master into combat with this squad. Unfortunately he one wound left and naturally after killing everything except one Intercessor that Intercessor got him by hitting and wounding twice.

Round 5 was mop-up. I never did manage to kill that last Intercessor. He finished with kill more and hold more in that round and then it was time. My remaining Primaris psyker did make his flyer explode though by smiting it for all three of its remaining wounds.

I was pretty disappointed in myself as better secondary objective choices and a few better decisions in game could have swung things around, even if I did not have an effective answer for a hard to hit flyer under the Darkshroud buff. I ended up with 22 points (13 primary, 9 secondary) to 24 (14 primary, 10 secondary). Notice the nice symmetry of 1 extra primary and 1 extra secondary for the victor.

Round 3 vs. Tau

1-1 so I needed a strong showing here to keep pace. I drew a Tau player with two heavy burst cannon Riptides, a Y'vahra, an ion blaster commander, two quad fusion Coldstar commanders, some marker drones, lots of 5 man Strike teams to fill out battalions, a cadre fireblade and an ethereal. The battlesuits had their own drones as well. All of the Tau were Bor'kan sept I believe.

The mission was Nexus Control with Front-Line Assault deployment. Secondaries were Recon, Big Game Hunter and Old School for myself while the Tau had Big Game Hunter, Headhunter and Old School. I won the roll and took first turn.

I deployed my conscripts in a screen across the deployment edge with infantry squads scattered near objectives across my deployment zone. Basilisks were in a corner out of range the big suits. My Wolf characters were also clustered towards the middle. His Fire Warriors were deployed on his flanks while the commanders, big suits and drones clustered in the middle near his deployment zone objective. The board was somewhat unusual in that the middle was fairly crowded with ruins/fortifications that restricted line of sight between our deployment zones.

I got first turn and started it by going to work on the drone squads with mortars, Basilisks and whatever direct fire I could throw his way. I also plinked away with lasguns and laspistols where appropriate. I move the infantry up except for squads near objectives, brought one squad of Rough Riders in on each flank and dropped the Shadowsword in near the Basilisks in the corner, where it had a shot at one of the Riptides. Not a lot of results other than lots and lots of dead drones. The Rough Riders also made one charge and killed some Fire Warriors.

In his turn the Riptides went after the Rough Riders. The Y'vara moved up the middle to get at the Basilisks although it was not quite yet in range. The Coldstars went quite far to reach the Shadowsword. Other than some dead Guardsmen and Rough Riders not much happened. Even with quad fusion, Nightshroud and high toughness did a good job protecting the Shadowsword.

For round 1 I got the extra points for killing and holding additional objectives, the first Old School point and Recon.

For round 2 my Wolves surrounded the commanders, along with some other characters. I killed one with shooting. I dropped some more Rough Riders and moved around to make sure that I continued to get Recon. In assault the Wolves ate the last commander, along with the tank and several other supporting IG characters.

In his turn 2 the Y'vara got very close to one of the Basilisks and managed to eliminate it and some Guardsmen nearby. With him rapidly running out of bodies and the Riptides shooting at Guardsmen on horses or just Guardsmen not much was happening for him. I again had the advantage in objectives and kills.

For round 3 the Shadowsword was able to move enough to see the Y'vara, ending it. Artillery went after Fire Warriors or with the remaining Basilisks one of the Riptides. My Wolves had moved around a big terrain piece that blocked LoS so that I could assault the Y'vara if I needed to but this proved to be unnecessary. On the right side I had some remaining conscripts that danced around the objective there with a handful of surviving Fire Warriors.

Again for his 3 not a whole lot of note other than some more dead Guardsmen. From the score sheet it looks like we tied on objectives and he had the lead in kills.

Round 4 was me getting some Wolf characters up on the left to assault and finish off some exposed Fire Warriors and the cadre fireblade. I continued to take pot shots at the hidden Riptides but not much. His 4 was the Riptides adjusted to continuing to defend the middle objective (I never did get a chance to take it for the bonus). I had more kills but we appear to have been tied on objectives.

This game was pretty conservative on both sides. He hid the Riptides so they were never in much danger but that left the two Coldstars and Y'vara to do the heavy lifting. The minimum Fire Warriors, spread across the board, were not able to do much more than limit where I could drop Rough Riders.

The game finished with a score of 21-13 in my favor.

Round 4 vs. Eldar-Ulthwe

The mission was Crucible Of Champions with Front-Line Assault deployment. The Eldar list was one that I was rather dreading facing after looking at it overnight, just because I do not necessarily have a good answer for flyers. Overall it was a good demonstration of how powerful the -1 to hit ability is-I would have struggled far more against that but Ulthwe was not too bad. I faced an air wing of two Crimson Hunter Exarchs and a Hemlock with a battalion that included Eldrad, two Spiritseers, 30 Guardian Defenders, 5 Wraithblades, 5 Wraithguard, 5 Dark Reapers and three Wave Serpents.

For secondaries I had Reaper, Recon and Big Game Hunter while my opponent had Big Game Hunter, Headhunter and Recon. I had the conscript screen in front with a Thunderwolf heading towards each objective. Infantry were spread across my deployment zone with the Basilisks in one corner to minimize what could attack them directly. My other characters were spread across the board but placed so that with orders or a turn or two of movement they could take over for the Wolves as needed.

The three fliers were spread across his back field, two on the left and one on the right. The Dark Reapers were hiding behind some terrain next to Eldrad. One unit of Guardians was on the table, one was in a Wave Serpent in the back left and one was in the Webway. Each unit of Wraiths and its attendant Spiritseer was in a Wave Serpent.

Having some tanky characters in the Wolves is obviously quite important for this particular mission. I got first turn and aggressively went at what I could see on the table. I brought a unit of Rough Riders in on each flank and the Shadowsword in close to my Basilisks. I wiped the Dark Reapers with mortars and killed a few Guardians. After that I started working on a Wave Serpent with my Basilisks. Unfortunately my rolls were not so great and I ended up needing to throw the Shadowsword at it (I had hoped to finish off the Wave Serpent and then be able to try and take out a flyer with the big gun-no luck). My opponent did need to burn a command point on the disembarking models, which was a nice drain (he was already down to 5). My Rough Riders on the right were able to kill a few Guardians in close combat.

For the Eldar turn one, he brought the left Wave Serpent (its Wraithblades remained inside) and the webway Guardians deep in his deployment zone to shoot at my Rough Riders. On the right the Guardians fell back so that the transport and disembarking Guardians could fire at the Rough Riders. The fliers moved around to try and all get their guns on the Shadowsword-thankfully the formation he chose (not wanting to expose one in my deployment zone) denied him Recon for the turn.

In the psychic phase he Guided a Crimson Hunter Exarch, not realizing that at full profile this was redundant. He also Doomed the Rough Riders by Eldrad and probably threw a few mortal wounds at them as well. After that his turn fell apart so he was only able to get the left squad down to 2 models and the right lost a few, but not enough to be wiped by morale. The Wraithguard killed many conscripts but they were already benefitting from Mental Fortitude and would stay around. Fortunately for me his flyers, after the first, were mostly ineffective. They got the Shadowsword down to 12 wounds but it stayed on the board. After I used the auto-pass morale stratagem on the unit of Rough Riders hurting the most he was left with no kills for the battle round and, in a play error, no objectives either. As a result he got 0 points out of Round 1 while I had 6.

Things continued well for me in the second round. I moved my Wolf characters onto the middle line of objectives to start getting the bonus point. I used the stratagem to heal the Shadowsword to 13 wounds (1 shy of full BS). It got Nightshroud again (this would be a theme while it stuck around), keeping it somewhat protected. My opponent had left a sizable gap in the middle of the map where their deployment zone objective was so I dropped my last squad of Rough Riders on it. The small squad went at Eldrad and the other hid behind some terrain to get another charge off on the depleted Guardians. Mortars plinked away at Guardians across the board, trimming their numbers.

In shooting the Shadowsword ate another Wave Serpent and my opponent burned another CP preventing a disembarkation death. I killed some Wraithguard in shooting. The Rough Riders on the left charged Eldrad and on the right killed a couple Guardians. I was hoping to put some wounds on Eldrad but no such luck. He got one Rough Rider, just leaving the sergeant. Getting the kill, holding an objective, getting the bonus and scoring Recon and Big Game kept my lead growing.

His turn 2 mostly consisted of wiping out the smaller Rough Rider units. The Spiritseer with the Wraithguard moved to assault the Rough Riders on his objective, Quickening the Wraithguard so that one could shoot conscripts while the other two could get a Thunderwolf on the right objective. The Wraithblades went after the conscripts, with their attendant psyker getting Conceal in play. The Hemlock went after the right Thunderwolf with Jinx, along with the Wraithguard, but was still only able to do minimum damage. The Crimson Hunter Exarchs were uninspired against the Baneblade, as it took no wounds, although they did manage to almost kill a Basilisk, leaving it at 1 wound.

In close combat most of the conscripts died to the Wraithblades. I just let a few near the right objective to keep it in my possession. The Thunderwolf just behind the conscripts was able to get in the fight on the left and do a little damage to the Wraithblades. Similarly the one on the right used Heroic Intervention to kill a few of the Wraithguard that had shot at him, just leaving one alive. The Spiritseer charged the Rough Riders but failed to do much damage and was killed by them in return when he failed his saves completely. We were even on kills but I still held more objectives.

Round three saw things proceeding towards mop-up as he was slipping out of viably staying in the game. The Shadowsword healed to its next bracket and killed the last Wave Serpent. Mortars finished off most of the remaining Guardians while psykers put up a few wounds on the fliers. My left Thunderwolf fell out of combat while the one on the right finished off the remaining Wraithguard.

My opponent made his last stand, finishing off the Basilisk and getting the Shadowsword down to one wound. He then charged it with the Wraithblades. With Defensive Gunners only one was left alive, although of course that one succeeded in killed the Shadowsword. No chain reaction though. I still had the lead in kills and objectives held plus the bonus.

We made it through another round but he was pretty much down to a few wounds on Eldrad, maybe the one Wraithblade and the fliers. The basic game plan of ignore fliers, score points and wipe everything else from the face of the earth worked out well enough.

Final score was 27-15. I had 17 points from Primary and 10 from Secondary. The Eldar has 7 Primary and 8 secondary.

Round 5 vs. Tau

The mission was Precious Cargo with Hammer And Anvil deployment. Let me just say right away that Hammer And Anvil has been amazing for me against Tau, both in this game and practicing against their new Codex. The 48" range creates some dead zones where, even without a lot of LoS blockage, I can still keep the Basilisks out of range for a turn or two.

This was another Bork'an list, featuring a cyclic ionic blaster commander, three units of stealth suits, three Y'vahras, a quad fusion commander and a lot of shield drones. I kept the Basilisks in one corner again, as far away from the Y'vahras as possible. My conscripts were in a line-I got a first drop so I was able to push back stealth suits. One stealth suit squad was on each objective while the big suits and cyclic commander, with the drone wing, were clustered around his priority objective. My infantry squads were spread around my two deployment objectives and spaced to deny deep strike. The same was true of my various characters. The Wolf characters were clustered on the right flank so that I could make a run at the not-priority objective if the battlesuits stayed away.

Secondaries were Recon, Big Game Hunter and Old School for me while the Tau went with Old School, Objective Secured and Headhunter.

I got first turn again, dropping one Rough Rider squad on each flank near the stealth suits on the objectives. One stealth squad had dropped 12" from my conscript line and basically melted under psychic attacks and weight of fire. I did keep the Shadowsword off the table for a turn while the Basilisks and mortars killed off many drones. The Rough Riders failed their charges.

In his turn he killed off the Rough Riders to get kill more, objectives were balanced. To do this he pretty much turned the Y'vahra line around, with the commander, getting the points but placing them even further out of range. One Y'vahra flamed some conscripts away.

In my turn 2 I continued to wipe out drone units. I dropped off another unit of Rough Riders on the left; while they would get the charge off again it was minimal damage. I continued to get Recon. Not much excitement, but it was going to take a little while to wear out the drones. I also dropped the Shadowsword, which mostly just contributed to drone killing.

His commander did the advance and fire ability in his turn and moved in on flank with Wolves, Shadowsword and Basilisks. He was able to kill two of the Wolf characters with flamers, overwhelming the 3++ with wound rolls.

In return I was able to finish off the drones in turn 3 and shoot a Y'vahra and get a second Y'vahra down to 1 wound. I have no idea how it survived but that was not so great, except that he was pretty much out of CP to burn on the stimulant stratagem (starting with 5 is painful I would imagine for Tau). In return the quad fusion commander got the Shadowsword but I was able to smite the second Y'vahra and then shoot away at the commanders.

My conscripts also managed to march across the table and onto his priority objective for two turns, surviving the stealth suit fire coming their way.

At the end of the game he was down to just three stealth suits sitting on his priority objective, but I could not quite kill them off. Considering how much more I had on the table the score was surprisingly close 26-24. I got 17 from Primary and 3 each from Recon/Big Game/Old School for a total of 26. He had 15 from Primary and 9 from Secondary (2 Old School, 3 Titan Slayers, 4 Headhunters).

Closing thoughts

Rough Riders continued to be very good for me. Ignoring them leaves something vulnerable in the rear and gives me free points. Going after them lets me control the opponent's positioning and causes them to waste disproportionate resources trying to get the kill. When you are turning 50%+ of your army around to kill 18 Guardsmen on horses, that is always a win for me.

I still want a Hydra but I am not sure how to do that without taking out the Wolves and making it more of a straight gunline (likely more Basilisks at that point). Without the counter-assault I would then need Scout Sentinels which eats up points quickly when trying to deny a full board length. The other option of course is something like Blood Angels Scouts and some characters but that kind of gets back to the same place-trading Thunderwolf characters for something else without opening up a lot of points.

I continue to be skeptical of any approach to the Shadowsword outside of Tallarn. Putting it on the table without buffs is just a huge risk if you go second.

Kill points instead of power level/actual points is pretty frustrating (why is killing twenty Guardsmen more important than eradicating a giant monster/battlesuit/tank/flyer/etc.?), but I doubt ITC wants to introduce more bookkeeping.

I would also like to do secondary points denial better, but I am not exactly sure how to go about that. Big Game Hunter is always going to be there, as is Titan Slayers if my opponent wants to limit themselves to 3. Headhunter is just a price for playing Guard, not really anyway around it.

Thank you for reading.

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