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Fresh-Faced New User

I am looking for a balanced dice 6. What is your opinion about dice ?
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Revenant Pirate Crew

Buy Chessex. They’re fine.

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Monstrous Master Moulder

Rust belt

If your not running a Vegas casino , regular chessex dice are fine...
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Anti-Armour Swiss Guard

Newcastle, OZ

Regular chessex dice for gaming.

I know a few who use casino dice, but those dice are meant to be rolled onto a felt surface and often bounced OFF another surface for play. They don't roll properly on anything else (it's more of a slide on a hard table).

I'm 50.
Old enough to know better, young enough to not give a ****.

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Anointed Dark Priest of Chaos

British Columbia

Dakka Dakka dice.

 Crimson Devil wrote:
That's what 7th edition is about. Yelling "Forge the Narrative Pussy!" while kicking your opponent in the dick.
 BlaxicanX wrote:
A young business man named Tom Kirby, who was a pupil of mine until he turned greedy, helped the capitalists hunt down and destroy the wargamers. He betrayed and murdered Games Workshop.

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Regular Dakkanaut

Just buy some dice. I'm sure there are one or five dice out there. I may even have some myself. But in 20+ years of gaming I've never noticed an impact on my or my opponent's gaming.

I HAVE noticed that with one particular opponent I tend to roll high (or so it appears) and he rolls low. However, since we are using the same dice, it's not the dice that are the problem (if it is a problem).

I also guess that the mathematical difference due to balanced or unbalanced dice is less than clever or stupid tactics.

Made in us

Huntsville, Texas

Just buy whatever dice you want and use a dice tower to ensure proper rolling.
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Awesome Autarch

All mass produced dice are inherently flawed in small degrees (they're ground uneven, mixed uneven, the material settles uneven), but generally you should get an average across a set of D6 dice from any major manufacturer.

I like Chessex 16mm pretty well, but I do like Koplow dice a bit better, and for role-playing sessions I'm digging the new Role 4 Initiative brand.

The issue more comes down to things like a role-playing game where you may have one small set of dice and roll the same ones repeatedly. In this instance minor rolling issues may occur over time. But for something like a game of 40K where you're using 30-40 dice per game, normally produced dice will average out, so don't worry about it.

Casino dice and some backgammon dice are much more strictly built, but are extremely expensive for massed purchase.

Made in us
Slaanesh Havoc with Blastmaster

Casino dice are great for objective markers and honestly not that bad for rolling. You just have to spin them in the air. Besides it would take considerable practice to get predictable results. Chessex will do custom dice so you can get any symbol on 6s and plenty of color combinations. You can also get bulk cheap dice from china through ebay or aliexpress and like people have said the imperfections stop mattering when averaged over large numbers of dice.
Made in us

Probably work


Having that been said, I use chessex style (some Dakka Dice, some Chessex custom) because everyone else I know uses them, so it stays fair between players.

Casino dice are great if you have a casino table style surface to throw them against, if not, a trained hand can get the same outcome almost every time. That's why casinos don't count it unless it bounces off the wall.

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Assume all my mathhammer comes from here: https://github.com/daed/mathhammer 
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Legendary Master of the Chapter

Eh if you are the superstitious type and need "perfect" dice, Then there is always game science or casino dice.

id also get a separate dice rolling tray too those dice arent designed for war gaming and wont last long off of felt.

 Unit1126PLL wrote:
 Scott-S6 wrote:
And yet another thread is hijacked for Unit to ask for the same advice, receive the same answers and make the same excuses.

Oh my god I'm becoming martel.
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