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[H] Skorne, khador, circle, legion, aos:death [W] $$$, 40k terrain, small kill teams [USA only]  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in us
World-Weary Pathfinder

Nib mk3 khador battlegroup War dog painted Koldun Lord painted Marksman Bare metal $35 and shipping

Skorne mk3 battlegroup (Primed grey - armor has one thin layer of dark teal; gladiator has some gold on armor filigree) xekaar Gladiator Cyclops raider Cyclops savage $12 and shipping

shifting stones and keeper - primed keeper - bare sentry stones and 3 mannikins - bare metal stoneward and stalkers- needs stripping, some primed black Stoneshaper primed Wayfarer primed $35 and shipping

Neraph Bolt thrower
2x shredders
2x harriers - primed black
Full unit archers/swordsman
Carnivean - no base

Partial paint:
Blackfrost shard
Bethanye and belphagor

Asking 115 and shipping

GW Vampire Lord (one arm is a wing raised above head; has sword in other hand. small hole in back for some piece that is missing. Will include green stuff to fill in hole) 40 NIB Kings of War skeletons
Asking $45 shipped



Unpainted 40k harlequin troupe, death jeshera, solitude, star weavers
Unpainted tau fire warriors, drones, pathfinder

might do smaller trades for 200-250 points teams of any army for Heralds of ruin (example, the vedross ork half might fit the bill or close enough)

Also looking for some terrain (syberclick, hexagon, MDF stuff, etc)

Cash is priority though
Willing to do half trade/half cash

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