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After playing Legion for about a year I feel it's time to begin collecting another faction. I plan on using Grand Exemplar Kreoss as my caster and will run a infantry heavy list (knights exemplar, exemplar errants, exemplar bastions, exemplar cinerators, and exemplar vengers)

But I'm not really sure what to get for warjacks. Jacks that have my interest are the reckoner, castigator, and eye of truth. What jacks would you recommend that are good?

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Huntsville, Texas

Hah. The totle confused me, "memory army?!" I thought that may have been some strange Grymnkin nonsense.
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My bad. I hate auto correct.

"Die and be free of pain, or live and fight your sorrow" -Auron, FFX 
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If you are going Bastions and Seneschals, consider Bane, er the Testament of Menoth or the Harbinger for sheer chutzpah.

The Avatar is a good self sufficient Jack with the only real drawbacks being that you cannot have it in a battlegroup or use your WJPs for it. Personally, I always liked the Sanctifier in an infantry swarm.

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