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The Son's of Breton! - Stormcast Vs Disciples of Tzeentch (GT Practice Games)  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in gb
Noble Knight of the Realm

Next practice game is up!

I was not really looking forward to this match up. With Disciples of Tzeentch being the hard-counter to my list with the mortal wound output, and my small model count.

My opponent was only into his second game with his list himself, so there were plenty of things probably missed, or opportunities not taken. He's a great competitive 40K player, but just needs more time to understand the list capabilities.

Mission Type: Scorched Earth

I win the first drop, but have a higher drop count. I did win the roll off however so choose the side of the board that does not have the Mystical terrain square in the middle of the battleline.

A closer look at my opponents list and deployment. The small farmhouse and its stone wall represented the mystical terrain.

Tzeentch has first turn, which is relatively uneventful due to me being out of range and all. The mystical terrain does prove to be difficult however, and he rolls a 1 for both the Tzaangor and the Lord of Change.

I decide on my first turn to try and take his weaker flanks and stay away from the main bulk of his army as best as possible. I know how quickly those Tzaangor can move, and how hard they can hit with the greatblades.

I get quite lucky and make an 8.5" charge on the far right flank. Crashing into the acolytes and chewing through them. Bringing me just in range of the objective. I debated holding it, but with the Lord of Change looming over me I decided to raze it. I get lucky again and burn it for 3 VPs.

Taking me to 6 - 3 VPs end of Turn 1.

I win priority for turn 2 and decide to try and repeat the same success but on my right flank.

He decided to move the acolytes back, whilst still capturing the objective. In the hope I fail my charge. At this stage my Dracoth Cav are in range of the mortal wound output though and take heavy hits. At least 12-13 mortal wounds hit my 4 Dracoth unit, with another 8 on my 2 Dracoth unit still out on my far right flank.

Tzeentch was being fickle again however and the Tzaan and LoC both get beffuddled again.

I think I missed Tzeentch turn 3, but he wins priority. The mortal wounds come pouring out again. By some luck two Dracoth's survive, the Skyfires target them aswell and with a few lucky heals I manage to barely keep the two alive. However this allowed time for my Stardrake and the loan Dracoth to wipe the Acolytes clear of the left most objective. I again decide to raze it, as the mortal wound output can get nasty, so didn't fancy staying around.

It was fortunate that I did, as the end of turn 3 he had outright killed my Stardrake. In a way I think it was still worth it, as I was able to hold up the Tzaangor again, whilst ensuring I take the left most objective.

Without getting befuddled this time the Tzeentch army moves up.Surprisingly the Skyfires move off to the hill with my remaining Dracoth. I think he had forgotten that I had raised the objective. The Tzaangor target my supporting hero blob, targetting the battlemage first. However he was not able to get a great deal into combat as he was conga lining the unit back from the central objective to keep it capped.

I was really expecting the Skyfires to jump over them and harass my middle objective attempting to then charge and burn it to catch up on VP's. Think this was a case of knowing the list capabilities though.

The combat continues with the Hero blob.

With only 10 minutes left on the clock we conclude my turn 4 and the end of the game. With a last Heraldor terrain blast, to kill off more Skyfires, the Gaunt summoner, and wound Kairos further.

Total VPs were 14 to 8 to myself if I remember correctly.

Lesson Learnt:

Mortal wounds hurt me like hell.
Pick weaker units, and use my mobility to get around the 18" MW threat range.

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