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AoS Battle Report: Gunrock Clan Vs The Mountain Eaters - 1000pts - Border War  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Hello all!

Just thought I'd share an old school written Battle Report with you. I know many of you love Battle Reports, but the trend of putting them up on Youtube leads to the problem of not being able to enjoy them while slogging through the work day. So here's a quick 1000pt battle between the Legion of Azgorh (The Gunrock Clan) and Gutbusters (The Mountain Eaters)

BATTLE REPORT 1000pt Border War

Picking off after my last Battle report (that was freaking ages ago) the Mountain Eaters have moved into the the Aver plateau, smashing and looting villages around the Averholme. The local forces sent out to face them were pushed back brutally by the Ogors. Before the Grand Army of the Averholme could meet them in battle, the Gutbusters scampered back north with their loot to meet up with the main body of the Ogor force

The Gunrock Clan, the Chaos Dwarfs of the northern reaches, had sent out a slaving party and hoped to intercept the Ogors before they could meet up with the main body of the wartribe. With the prospect of loot and slaves Ammrik Gunrock, Sorceror and Daemonsmith of the clan, took command of the warband to attack the ogor forces. Hoping for easy loot and more slaves to work the Infernal Engines of the Dawi-Zharr.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it all!


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Written reports will always be my preferred type of report.

I've never had a chance to play with or against chaos dwarfs myself, do they have their own traits, or do they use chaos general ones?

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