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So often I'm clicking my profile to check threads subscribed and accidentally bump logout. And with no confirmation click either, have to log all the way back in. This happens to me all the time on mobile, but even occasionally on desktop as well. 1

Hand in hand with this would be adding a Subscriptions button to the top bar, and a confirmation for the logout.

 jy2 wrote:
Note to the OP. Win at all Costs, or WAAC, usually has a negative connotation. Just because someone runs a more competitive list than you are normally used to doesn't make that player a WAAC player. A WAAC player is also a player who wants to win so badly as to the exclusion of other people's enjoyment. It goes beyond just running a "netlist". Basically, a WAAC player is usually a poor sport, will argue rules in his favor, will semi-cheat to cheating outright, will argue if you do something that will hurt his chances to win, and will generally be rather unpleasant to play or even be around. It's really all about his attitude, not his list. There are plenty of competitive players who run tough lists, but are fair and pleasant people to play against. Ask yourself this, your GK opponent, is he a douche? Even though his list is tough to play against, did he do anything shady in the game or did he argue a lot? Was he pleasant to play against (not necessarily his army, but the person himself)? Then you will realize whether he really was a WAAC player or not. To me, it looks like your friend is just evolving as a player. It's very common. He plays. He wants to get better. Thus he starts running tougher lists. Soon enough, he will probably be going to tournaments. That's just the natural evolution of many players. You really can't expect him to stay a beers-&-pretzels type of player forever. Just as you prefer casual and friendly games using models that you enjoy, he seems to be evolving into the type of player that wants to be more competitive.
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avoiding the lorax on Crion

Not even moved. Maybe just a pop up saying. "do you want to log out?"

Yes or no.

Sgt. Vanden - OOC Hey, that was your doing. I didn't choose to fly in the "Dongerprise'.

"May the odds be ever in your favour"

Hybrid Son Of Oxayotl wrote:
I have no clue how Dakka's moderation work. I expect it involves throwing a lot of d100 and looking at many random tables.

FudgeDumper - It could be that you are just so uncomfortable with the idea of your chapters primarch having his way with a docile tyranid spore cyst, that you must deny they have any feelings at all.  
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Just click on "Thread Tools" instead, then on "My Subscribed Threads"!

Insidious Intriguer 
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 Mysterio wrote:
Just click on "Thread Tools" instead, then on "My Subscribed Threads"!

Or, on mobile, swipe the dakka logo from left to right. It gives you the same menu,
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Even better, for those meddling kids on their smart phones!

Insidious Intriguer 
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