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Made in mx
Fresh-Faced New User

The 40k community around me is not the atmosphere I enjoy playing and I love my AoS/WHFB/9th age community so decided to trade one of my 40k armies for another one I can play with them. If not shown, I have all the bases/bits for everything (Unless I said otherwise). I can take more detailed pictures if needed. I'm mostly interested in trading this as lots, way easier to manage shipping that way.



-Tech-Priest Enginseer x2


-Stegadon (Only NiB/NoS)
-Saurus Guard


-Dracothian Guard
-Lord-Celestant on Stardrake



-2 Dominus (1 NoS, another one painted to Tabletop quality.)


-Command Dice
-Deathwatch Dice
-1 Librarian (Metal, badly painted)
-1 DV Company Master (Assembled)
-35 Tactical Marines (10 NiB, 10 NoS, 15 terribly painted)
-5 Marines (death guard? Metal, Painted)
-5 Assault Marines (Painted)
-30 MK3 Marines (NoS)
-20 MK4 Marines (NoS)
-4 Landspeeders (NoS)
-9 Bikes (NoS)
-4 Assault Bikes (NoS)
-1 White Scars Bikes Upgrade (NoS, 3 bikes drivers + 1 bike and driver + 1 Captain)
-10 Terminators (9 DV NoS, 1 Space Hulk, in round base)
-10 Tartaros Terminators (NoS)
-10 Sisters of Silence (NoS)
-1 Primaris Apothecarian (NoS)
-1 Primaris Hellblasters (NiB)
-1 Primaris ?Inceptors (NiB)
-1 Primaris Intercessors (NiB)
-1 Primaris Reivers (NiB)

GRAY KNIGHTS- (Some minis in this lot will need some work, nothing major though, just some mold lines cleaning and I would strip the primed ones before painting)

-10 Interceptors (Assembled, Bare)
-5 Purgation Squad (Assembled, Bare)
-15 Strike Squad (assembled, 14 bare, 1 painted to Tabletop)
-5 Metal Strike Squad (A couple have a plastic arm, NO idea if that's normal)
-5 Terminators/Paladins (Assembled, a couple painted to Tabletop quality)
-5 Terminators/Paladins (A friend told me they are chinese recast, I'm not sure but I rather trade them as that than risk giving someone something they don't want.) (Assembled, primed, the Hammer in one of them is broken but it's an easy fix)
-5 Metal Terminators/Paladins (Assembled, apparently some arms are missing because they have plastic arms and the spear thingy on one is broken. I will always trade these on your favour.)
-3 Nemesis Dreadknights (1 Painted to Tabletop quality, 2 NiB)

That being said, I am always open to offers and I answer every PM or comment, feel free to contact me, worse case scenario we both keep our minis!

Please do keep in mind, I live in Mexico City, I will pack everything perfectly and I will give you a tracking number that you will be able to track using USPS, but it takes around 7-10 days to get from here to any part in the USA and Canada and 7-30 anywhere else on the world. I can take more detailed pictures if asked! Cheers.

I don't really have reputation in here but I have good rep in both Bartertown and Ebay. I will ship first if you have more rep than me.

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Pictures and verification: https://imgur.com/a/L5GDAfR

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