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What units to pick up for an Ogre centric Destruction army?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Okay, it's settled! My next army will be a core of Gutbusters! I'm picking up 6 Ironguts and 9 Ogors. What would be a good addition? I'm thinking a Tyrant and a Butcher, then whether some beastclaw allies or maybe some Spider Riders for some fast Goblin support?

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Regular Dakkanaut

Look at their allies in the ghb, maybe wait for the 30th to see if they get any new allies.
Firebellies will probably be a good addition for some varied caster.
Beastclaw is always good. Maybe a stoneclaw will help be a bruiser or a thundertusk to get rid of pesky mages.

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