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Made in us
Tail Gunner

Let's Play a Game!
"How Many Cool Kill Teams Can We Create?"
HMCKTCWC for short
Now "Kill Team Creation Challenge" for even shorter

So... I have assemble a pile of bits and pieces from years of bits whoring and half finished schemes. We are looking at Space Marines, Necrons, Imperial Guard/other human stuff, Tau, Eldar, Chaos, Orks, and various other random bits. Clearly I have yet to learn all the new names for the races, I'm sure someone can translate for those newer comers if need be

So we are off, where to start
I think I'll pull out some early contenders and see if you guys can help me pick direction for the first Kill Team?!
[Thumb - IMG_1676.JPG]
A pile of some of the bits I

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Made in hu
Beard Squig


After seeing your pile of bits I think the proper answer is: all, all of them, maybe even a bit more than that.
Made in us
Tail Gunner

So there's a ton of bits to play with but while going through I've managed to pull out some early contenders. These are partially finished models from old projects that might make a good base for some cool kill teams!

There's plenty more stuff to dig through and I'll be able to use it to build on any existing models I have

If you have any suggestions, ideas or crazy directions I could take these in I'm all ears!! I plan to just keep making unique unit of badass characters!
[Thumb - IMG_1683.JPG]
Here's a few remnants of past projects I've pulled out so far. Might make a good place to start!

[Thumb - CDADD2FD-989F-43A0-866C-0823E7989440.jpg]
In case anyone wondered what the little forge world bag was... it's a Death Korps of Krieg Stormtrooper Squad!

[Thumb - 2872E9FD-91D8-4F4E-ACD1-73A366561DD9.jpg]
Up next we have so Elite Space Marine Spartans (I have a lot more spartan bits too)

[Thumb - B2BDD673-0DE9-4F7E-8977-0AC3DD024A14.jpg]
We have some Primaris Marines and other Marine characters. Could build up on them for some interesting results.

[Thumb - EAF7C911-B465-47EF-9E4B-AB220ABA9AA2.jpg]
Then we have Pirate Orks, enough said...

[Thumb - B3F8822E-102B-4FEE-9759-FCEAE3D46D8F.jpg]
There's of course plenty of Death Guard and Chaos bits

[Thumb - 10DE43F0-60F7-4581-B6B6-34D988EA9621.jpg]
And of course loads of Imperial/Human/Tau parts to make some crazy characters!

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Made in us
Tail Gunner

So I picked a set of models to start the first Kill team. I went with the Death Korp Stormtroopers as a base for these guys. I've planned out several characters for this kill team and have started picking out bits for them. At this point in time I have a Leader, Medic, and Comms Specialist, more to come!
I have not come up with a name for this unit or the characters yet, so ideas are welcome
[Thumb - 65A0E078-B3A4-45E5-9B9E-07A1A2E7E4E4.jpg]
The Unit begins to assemble!

[Thumb - 3DBCA1C1-5CAF-43B6-90AA-AC35FACD1D6C.jpg]
Leader with a Power Weapon and Plasma Pistol

[Thumb - 91831D70-D6BB-4A3B-B341-B7A291A47923.jpg]

[Thumb - 99F00648-D671-4FA9-BC6D-077CCAEAB3A9.jpg]

[Thumb - 2A0CA7BE-2280-42B7-A0BC-40642778B103.jpg]
Medic with Plasma Gun

[Thumb - 73FAC4D7-AD3A-4058-865C-4C13955E6719.jpg]

[Thumb - ADFDD543-1745-4F18-BD69-153D248C01B8.jpg]

[Thumb - B9585951-8DD4-46D4-A5A7-A3C41DAFBBBF.jpg]
Coins Specialist with Hot Shot Lasgun

[Thumb - C837F482-A074-4AD0-934D-A01C39008165.jpg]

[Thumb - 5766E9C2-25C0-42C7-87F8-9EAB05FC69BA.jpg]

Made in de
Furious Raptor


Amazing start! I love small teams of very unique models too, definitely looking forward to more of this!

My vote is for chaos next!

Have a look at my scupting blog The things I do  
Made in us
Tail Gunner

@Pneumo Thanks! Yeah I'm feeling inspired to build some awesome unique Squad full of characters with rich story. I am planning to make several different Kill Teams for my wife and I to build a campaign around. I want to work up a bunch of teams for us to encounter on the battlefield and to enhance various missions.

I am almost finished a Squad of 8 for this Death Korp Kill Team!

Made in us
Tail Gunner

After starting my "40k Kill Team Creation Challenge" I so far finished my first squad of 8 elite Guardsmen. I'm pretty pleased with this first set of totally unique characters, I'm excited to jump into the next unique Squad!

Astra Miltarum "The Fallen Ashes"

Hardened Veterans: Survivors of a dozen war zones, these hard bitten warriors know all the Willy tricks they don't print in the imperial Primer.
Raiders: an ammo dump, command relay or supply line must be eliminated deep behind enemy lines.
Death Worlders: Many worlds in the imperium are hazardous in the extreme. This Squad hails from such a planet, and its members are renowned for their resulting toughness.

Leader: "Major Lionheart" Tempestor - Plasma Pistol, Power Sword, Frag/Krak grenades - Vengeful

Sniper: "Lancyr" Special Weapons Gunner - Sniper Rifle, Frag Grenades - Eagle Eye

Comms: "Sparky" Scion - Vox Caster, Hotshot Lasgun, Frag/Kark grenades - Haunted

Medic: "Doc. Frank" Scion Gunner - Plasma Gun, Frag/Krak grenades - Pius

Scout: "Hawkeye" Special Weapons Gunner - Meltagun Frag/Kark grenades - Courageous

Veteran: "Crowe" Scion Gunner - Hotshot Volleygun, Frag/Krak grenades - Dutiful

Heavy: "Ol' IronFist" Scion Gunner - Hotshot Volleygun, Frag/Krak grenades - Gung Ho

Demolitions: "Borrys" Scion Gunner - Flamer, Frag/Krak grenades - Nerves of Steel
[Thumb - 97450731-BF3E-4019-89CB-C07AE3368E70.jpg]

[Thumb - C529A18D-CF3A-462F-B876-463894808B7A.jpg]

[Thumb - 8C97351F-E894-4002-AD30-6A65B0C9B4D0.jpg]

[Thumb - 54D49C1D-5EB2-4885-B5ED-59827B77A530.jpg]

[Thumb - 2082CD81-F512-4B73-BB20-69D4E072C894.jpg]

[Thumb - 6443375B-9044-43B4-9459-584E1EE1991A.jpg]

[Thumb - 0A5513BF-EEAA-4854-903C-D97AFFF26544.jpg]

[Thumb - 6C059A59-8C51-4227-A632-C9875B7BCAE0.jpg]

[Thumb - 463511DA-E018-425D-89BD-BC6C1385C92E.jpg]

[Thumb - 08C7B837-F972-4BED-BC05-4BC0BF5D0C93.jpg]

[Thumb - B76147E8-415A-4A3D-A268-92062C817198.jpg]

[Thumb - 0084FC06-8741-43BC-9505-F5349D640BED.jpg]

[Thumb - 89C6874F-3B2F-4553-A371-2E3C3D1D11D1.jpg]

[Thumb - D4CFDDCA-7C5C-4DDC-848C-4CA1BDA218FB.jpg]

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Made in us
Tail Gunner

Also a little preview for you guys of the next Kill Team Eldar/Asuryani "the Deep Watch".
Thanks to a special request from my wife and suggestions from others, we have come up with an undersea defenders theme for this team. This one will have a bit of sculpting to do, should be fun!
[Thumb - A9E67C6A-C41B-4A3A-B68A-1040566C842F.jpg]

[Thumb - FA86A0D6-1B63-4A0E-B8CA-5DB11115E089.jpg]

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