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The Triskelion War Game 17: Vengeance of the Faithful (SOB vs. Renegades) Fully Painted Armies, Pics  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in nz
Storm Trooper with Maglight

Off the shoulder of Orion

Welcome to game 17 in our ongoing campaign. This battle, the Sisters of Battle enter the war.

Previous games in this campaign can be found here (photos now working!! well, for this campaign at least) http://www.dakkadakka.com/wiki/en/Gordy2000%27s_Battle_Reports

Following the near-assassination of the High Ecclesiarch by Renegade forces, the Adeptus Ministorum has vowed to seek out the heretics responsible and purge them with extreme prejudice.

The Renegade Militia force, led by Captain Faruz, are returning to their lines following their attack on the abbey and the High Ecclesiarch. Little do they know, the forces of the faithful are already preparing their doom…


Canoness Hespatia watched the grainy auspex signal resolve itself into a column of vehicles snaking their way down the rural trail. Here then, were those who had sought to lay low the most holy personage in all of the Triskelion system. Traitors and dogs, the lowest of the low.

Hespatia looked up from the sighting device, her face set in a scowl of the most ardent disapproval. The fact that these heretics still drew breath was an affront to the God Emperor – an affront she intended to address.

“All units stand by. Wait until the enemy column enters the kill box before engaging. Let none of these unclean curs escape our wrath”

A series on clinks on the com-link signalled the responses from her units positioned in ambush. The Canoness drew her sword and gave thanks to the Emperor for this opportunity to avenge the faithful who had fallen in the craven attack on the abbey. Now she would re-pay the perfidy of the renegade in blood…


The Renegade Column heads for their lines

Cavalry act as outriders on the right flank

Sentinels guard the left

But hidden in the woods, the retribution of the faithful watches on…

Seraphim prepare to assault

Retributors target the enemy

The ambush is set

Attack! Storm Bolters slash out at the Sentinels

On the right, the Seraphim assault the Renegade Cavalry

A second Seraphim squad and a Penitent Engine head for the vehicles

The column reacts to the ambush

Enemy contact! Return fire!

The Retributors target the land Crawler transport

With devastating results

Bail out!

The Cavalry, who have proved so deadly in recent battles, feel the wrath of the Seraphim

Renegade Infantry deploy against the second seraphim Squad and penitent Engine

The second Renegade squad heads towards the beleaguered cavalry

While the Sentinels engage the Sister’s Rhinos

The Cavalry Commander finds himself surrounded and alone.

Renegades find themselves looking down the wrong end of a lot of bolters

Gun them down!

Things look sticky for the Renegades on the right

The Penitent engine lines up the Chimera

While the Sisters squad exterminates the Renegade infantry before them

The second renegade squad from the wrecked Land Crawler fare only marginally better against the Seraphim

Canoness Herpatia and her Command Squad deploy against renegade armour on the left flank

The Penitent engine makes short work of the Chimera

As the Seraphim finish the last renegades on the right

The Renegade Cavalry Officer finally falls to the Seraphim

Captain Faruz watches his force fall apart from his Salamander carrier

Two squads on renegade Infantry deploy from transports on the right, determined to wipe out the sister’s command and salvage the battle

The sentinels take out a Rhino

Now it’s the Sisters turn to get tipped out of their ride

The Renegade right flank has been completely destroyed as the Sisters push on

The state of play

The Seraphim who wiped out the Cavalry move in behind the newly deployed Renegades

As canoness Hespatia charges the second squad

For the Emperor!

The disembarked sister squad looks for targets

Hespatia and co. storm through the heretics


The Seraphim fire bolt pistols and flamers into the backs of the second Renegade squad

The battle squad add their firepower

The result is a massacre. The Renegade infantry is wiped out

The Sister units turn their attention to the transports

And the last Land Crawler is knocked out

Captain Faruz realises his force has been comprehensively defeated and orders all remaining Renegade forces to retreat

Faruz and the Sentinels escape the rampaging sisters and withdraw into the woods

Imperial victory!


Wow, those Sisters certainly pack a punch. Bolter fire just chops up basic infantry, whilst the penitent Engines, having under-performed this campaign, hit like a dump truck when they charge. The Retributors with Heavy Bolters had no trouble destroying light armour.

Meanwhile, Hespatia and co easily destroyed twice their number of renegade infantry without breaking a sweat. The Renegade side never really got going and some poor decision making (by me) saw them waste their firepower with little gain.

Good game though and nice to have the Sisters enter the fray.

Captain Faruz held on grimly to the side of the bucking transport as it sped through the forest track. His force lay burning a few kilometres behind him, having fallen to the surprise attack from the accursed witches of the Imperium.

His escape was another sign of favour from his dark Gods. Surely, he must be marked for greatness – what other explanation could there be?

A cruel smile spread under his rebreather mask. The worshippers of the Corpse-Emperor might celebrate their victory today, but great powers were already at work and soon their dark designs would bear bitter fruit…


Next game – The Ritual. The Inquisition investigate disturbing reports from the hinterlands. But what they discover is far worse than even they would have believed…

My Collected Narrative Photo Battle Reports


Thanks to Thor 665 for putting together the article
Made in au
Repentia Mistress

Superb. Love the photoshop flamey stuff, really brings life to the scenes.
Ever considered doing a stop-animation of a battle?
Made in fr
Dakka Veteran

Oh yes, some of the best reports on this site. Always a pleasure to read

Also, brutal. Those Sisters really mopped the place up.

Heavily converted tall scaled 30k / 40k loyalist Death Guard blog here, C&C welcome https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/717557.page
Now with titans! Legio Favilla walks! 
Made in gb
Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot

where am I? *looks around* Well i'm...errr...I...I...don't know!

I always get overly excited now when I see another of your reports go up. Such cool scenarios and well produced reports

Made in gb
Dakka Veteran


Brilliant work as always, and lots of inspirational P&M ideas. Love the Photoshop effects too!

Skinflint Games- war gaming in the age of austerity


Made in no
Boom! Leman Russ Commander

Oslo Norway

Another fantastic report. It really played out like a proper ambush, those renegades were left stumbling around, not able to form a proper defense before they were eviscerated (some literally).

The boss making it away makes for a nice story arc as well.

Are you playing 8th edition rules now?

Made in nz
Storm Trooper with Maglight

Off the shoulder of Orion

Thanks for the comments guys.

Illumini, still on 7th with these older battles - but we are catching up! 8th Ed reports aren’t too far away.

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My Collected Narrative Photo Battle Reports


Thanks to Thor 665 for putting together the article
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