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I recently bought some Prodos colonial marines and was very impressed by the quality of the models. Additionally, I have been reading the Aliens role playing game (called Aliens Adventure Game, published in 1991) which outlines typical missions colonial marines engage. These mainly include supression of rebel colonies, raids on corporations to enforce the law and anti-pirate activities, all situations which can be made more interested by adding in escaped xenomorphs. I am very tempted to get into the wider setting (or at least the one outlined in the RPG which expands upon Alien and Aliens but is pre-Alien 3, pre-AVP films, pre-prometheus. This is good since I am not a fan of those later films).

I have been looking for options for doing this scale. It differs from heroic GW by being larger and more realistically proportioned. I can stomach the difference in height but the massive arms, legs and heads of heroic scale significantly stand out. Worst of all is the size of the weapons. GW weapons are massive by comparison. So I am looking for options for ideally 32mm, maybe 28mm if the model is otherwise really suitable, but they must be non-heroic scale. I want non-colonial marine military personal, vaguely cyberpunk style corporate paramilitary forces, armed civilians, pirate, rebellious militia and finally sources of bitz. So far I have found the following:

Non-colonial marines military and rebellious militia:
These are all modern miniatures rather than science fiction
Empress Miniatures
http://www.empressminiatures.com/page10.htm" target="_new" rel="nofollow"> http://www.empressminiatures.com/page10.htm

Spectre Miniatures

Euphoria Minatures
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1481757250/euphoria-ghost (pictures here)
https://new3.euphoriaminiatures.com/index.php?controller=category&id_category=12&id_lang=1&page=2 (can be bought here)

Pirates, gangs and armed civilians:
Sulphur 32mm Post Apoc Range

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare

Vaguely cyberpunk style corporate paramilitary forces (the RPG says corporations sometimes have better tech than the colonial marines so I think a minimal cyberpunk approach would suit):
Human Interface Nakamura Tower

32mm bitz:
Bombshell Miniatures

Statuesque Miniatures

Victoria Minatures
It looks to me that Victoria minatures are a couple of mm taller than a cadian. Meanwhile, the men and weapons look to be heroic scale but I am wondering if the female arms and legs actually would pass for non-heroic scale men. I would be immensely grateful for comparison pictures.

Finally, any sources of generic weapons sprues would be immense useful. I am surprised that I cannot find even a non-heroic ak47 in 28mm or 32mm.
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Fixture of Dakka

Anvil Industries does weapon sprues for modern gear, and the weapon sprues from the Warlord/Wargames Factory zombie survivors would fit the bill.

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GW Genestealer cults are great source of mining suited colonists they're not very heroic, and certainly at least worth a look if you've not seen any in the plastic

and you can further excuse any slight proportion differences with 'mining suit gloves'

you can also pick up clear bubble helms from bombshell which will disguise any difference in head size

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Louisville, KY, USA

Maybe look at Dust 1947. Scale is about right (1/48, which comes to about 33.5mm). Weird War II, but enough lasers and tesla cannons and such to not look dated. A number of the SSU (Soviet) models have padded jackets or simple breast plates, and the Mercenaries, though a bit T&A, are unarmored. You can also find a lot of the older Fantasy Flight models for cheap. The infantry models are a soft plastic, so easy enough to modify if you want to kit bash more futuristic weapons on them.
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Wargames Factory Apocalypse Survivors is probably right up the alley you are looking for. The company went belly up, but you can find the miniatures at various resellers or places such as e-bay (I believe Warlord games bought the molds, but they appear to be out of stock at the moment). A couple of the female Survivors even look like Ripley & Newt, BTW.

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Fresh-Faced New User

Prodos's other line warzone resurrection has a lot of minis for what you are describing. They're the same scale and the feel you are looking for. As a bonus they've lost the liscenese so everything is on sale.
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Regular Dakkanaut

Thanks for all the advice. Project Z looks immensely useful, primarily as a source of weapons but also potentially for armed civilians/pirates and for military types.

Good call on the genestealer cults also. Stuff in bulky clothing can function as non-heroic scale. Xenomorph escaped into the mine could be a good scenario. Conveniently, I've been able to use this reasoning for my Mongoose Starship Troopers Troopers who are heroic 32mm (the ones based on the cartoon). They will be requisitioned as some type of colonial marine vaccum suit or hardsuit.
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Try and larte back this:


You can thank me later. 32mm aliens-esque content, it has every box ticked precisely.

The KS was in February this year and its in production, September 2018 delivery was hopelessly ambitious if you ask the devs you might be able to sneak aboard.

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