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Fresh-Faced New User

So I was thinking about getting into AoS with some Nurgle. My idea is that 3 "Start Collecting" boxes, 2 Blightkings boxes, and a Great Unclean One would make a solid army. Am I on the right track?

++ **Pitched Battle** 2,000 (Chaos - Nurgle) [2000pts] ++

+ Leader [460pts] +

Great Unclean One [340pts]: 2. Glorious Afflictions, Doomsday Bell, Plague Flail

Poxbringer, Herald of Nurgle [120pts]: 4. The Witherstave

+ Battleline [640pts] +

Plaguebearers [320pts]: 3x 10 Plaguebearers

Putrid Blightkings [160pts]: 5 Putrid Blightkings

Putrid Blightkings [160pts]: 5 Putrid Blightkings

+ Other [900pts] +

Nurglings [100pts]: 3 Nurglings

Nurglings [100pts]: 3 Nurglings

Nurglings [100pts]: 3 Nurglings

Plague Drones [200pts]: 3 Plague Drones

Plague Drones [200pts]: 3 Plague Drones

Plague Drones [200pts]: 3 Plague Drones

Made in us
Insect-Infested Nurgle Chaos Lord

Looks good to me. I assume you mean one unit of 30 plaguebearers? You got the equipment on the GUO right, you got the witherstave (put it on the GUO though, he's more durable). Make the GUO general with grandfather's gift or the vomit ability (forget the name) trait. Be sure to take favored poxes on the Poxbringer. It would be a good idea to put two of the plague drones into one 6-man unit so you can get them all with the GUO's command ability.

Three units of Nurglings is a lot, really you are looking at wanting one to drop into enemy territory for the contagion points in future rounds. Dropping two units gives you 200 points, here are a few good options:
-Poxbringer & Chronomantic Cogs; you already have the Poxie and Cogs is just good.
-Gutrot Spume & Chronomantic Cogs: Lets you come in the backfield with a unit of blightkings and hits pretty hard himself.
-Festus the Leechlord & Chronomantic Cogs; Festus is a wizard with the rotbringer keyword and so can take Blades of Putrefaction, which is among the strongest spells in the game. For 20 points more than the generic 'Rotbringer Wizard' he is much stronger.
-More Blightkings: You really cannot go wrong with more blightkings. They are totally OP.

You can also consider dropping 3 of the drones (and summon them in using contagion points later) to free up some more points.

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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Thanks for the suggestions
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