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So I've been playing around with the Legion of Blood from the Legion of Nagash since it feels the most like the Vampire Counts army I liked back in the game that was, and in my mucking about I think I found a list that looks like a fair amount of fun and could use some feedback:

Neferata 400 (General, Overwhelming Dread)
Vampire Lord on Nightmare 140 (Orb of Enchantment, Amaranthine Orb)
Vampire Lord on Nightmare 140 (Soul Pike)
Coven Throne 260 (Vile Transference)

Dire Wolves (5) 60
Dire Wolves (5) 60
Dire Wolves (5) 60

Mortis Engine 180

Blood Knights (5) 240 (Full Command)
Blood Knights (5) 240 (Full Command)
Morghast Harbingers (2) 220 (Spirit Halberd)
Total: 2000/2000

Total Wounds: 117

Generally the plan is to run the Vampire Lords to support the Blood Knights while the Coven Throne and Morghasts basically act as tools to deal with other targets and the Mortis Engine works as a bomb to take advantage of it's multi-unit hitting of the Wail of the Dead paired with the army's ability to knock up to -4 off of a unit's bravery (be in 6" of a banner, a Legion of Blood unit, the Morghasts and have Overwhelming Dread cast all at the same time means -4 for one unit and -3 for anything else in range). I mean it's not likely to happen unless I'm trying to melt a massive block of Clan Rats but it amuses me regardless.

Neferata herself largely for theming (as I like her model) but her ability is good and could make a Knights of Blood unit hilarious when they can suddenly fly and are etheral (pair with the +1 attack from a Vampire Lord as well then sit back and [laugh in undead]).

Any recommendations on how to fine tune this list further?
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I like it. A very fun looking and thematic list. Personally I would like a vlozd (not the Prince because he doesn't benefit from the Legion rules), but that would mean dropping the mortis engine and morghasts and swapping one of the the nightmares so I could understand why you wouldn't want to do that.

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