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Made in us
Shas'ui with Bonding Knife

So, I want to see if someone can help me with my army. I'm building a 2000 point Seraphon army. It's not meant for competition... just for fun. That said, it'd be nice to win as many as I lose. Right now, I don't have really any summoning going on as I've been working on other AoS projects. And, I have put the money other places. But, seeing the Christmas box set for Seraphon and the $210 savings pulled me back in pretty quickly as I love and/or really want some of the models available in that box.

My current army including the battalions I use to get it to the 2000 point mark. While I like the Shadowstrike Starhost, I'm not sure the Firelance Starhost is really worthwhile. I, also, know that there isn't any summoning engine in this army while summoning is one of this army's strengths.

Below is my current list, and I was wondering if anyone could help me improve the army with what's in the Christmas Seraphon box set. I would greatly appreciate it.

+++ AoS Seraphon (Age of Sigmar) [2000] +++

++ **Pitched Battle** 2,000 (Order - Seraphon) [2000] ++

+ Leader +

Engine of the Gods [220]

+ Behemoth +

Troglodon [160]

+ Artillery +

Razordons [40]: Razordons

+ Battleline +

Saurus Warriors [200]: 2x 10 Saurus Warriors, Celestite Spear, Stardrake Icon, Wardrum

+ Other +

Skink Handlers [40]: 3 Skink Handlers

+ Battalion +

Battalion: Firelance Starhost [660]
. Saurus Knights: 5 Saurus Knights, Celestite Lance, Stardrake Icon, Wardrum
. Saurus Knights: 5 Saurus Knights, Celestite Lance, Stardrake Icon, Wardrum
. Saurus Knights: 5 Saurus Knights, Celestite Lance
. Saurus Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur: Celestite Greatblade

Battalion: Shadowstrike Starhost [620]: Skink Starpriest
. Skinks: 2x 10 Skinks, Boltspitters and Moonstone Clubs
. Skinks: 2x 10 Skinks, Meteoric Javelins and Star-bucklers
. Terradon Riders: 3 Terradon Riders, Starstrike Javelin

+ Allegiance +

Allegiance: Allegiance: Seraphon

+ Game Options +

Game Type: 2000 Points - Battlehost

+ Realm of Origin +

Realm of Origin: Origin: Aqshy

+ Malign Sorcery +

Endless Spells [60]: Chronomatic Cogs

Here's the breakdown of the Seraphon Christmas box from Spikey Bits

Bastiladon $60
Carnosaur $85
Terradon $60
Skinks $35
Ripperdactyl x2 Kits $60 (120 total)
Skink Priest $20

Total Cost: $380
Total Savings: $210

Thanks in advance!


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*** I only play for fun. I do not play competitively. *** 
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