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Made in us
Crazed Spirit of the Defiler

Legion of Azgorh Allegiance (from Aqshy, even though I'm not using those relics....cuz they're from Aqshy!)

160 Tauruk/Grotesque/ Armor of Bazherak the Cruel (General)
220 Shartor the Executioner
100 Daemonsmith
100 Daemonsmith
140 Gutrot Spume (Allies)

400 4x10 Pyrelock Fireglaives (Battleline for Azgorh allegiance)
160 5xPutrid Blightkings (Allies)

200 Skull Cracker War Engine
200 Skull Cracker War Engine
140 Magma Cannon
140 Magma Cannon

40 Geminids of Uhl-Gysh

This is kind of a net-list, but since I lack K'daii Fireborn I will use my 2 Skullcrackers. I also added the Nurgle allies since the Dwarves don't have good movement or sneaky positioning stuff. My other net-found thought was using an allied Tzaangor Shaman to cast the Wildfire Taurus, and then maybe some other wizard too. But I sure do like how the Blightkings with Spume have performed in a several games.

Made in us
Insect-Infested Nurgle Chaos Lord

Blightkings + Spume is a great ally choice for anyone, really. Unlike many allied outflankers they can go face-to-face with dedicated combat units and are also quite resilient.

Anyways, seems like a strong list. Is there anything you were wondering about?

"Putting a statement in quotations makes it seem more legitimate."
--Bette R. Withname

Imagine three people with the same set of values but radically different emotional states, each of them believes their position is more valid than the other two, they all post using the same account, and your job is to make it coherent. 
Made in us
Crazed Spirit of the Defiler

Hi, I'm wondering if the magma cannons are too random to take 2? Is it worth taking one of those out and putting in an Infernal Guard Castellan or an Infernal Guard Standard Bearer, since they can buff the army more en masse?

The Castellan (120 points) has a command ability that grants all Azgorh units +1 to wound against a single enemy unit he picks within 12" of himself....but he can only move 4", so it's hard to get him in range to use it. I've had a similar problem with Plague Priests in the past.

The Standard Bearer (100 points) affects Azgorh units wholly within 18" of him, letting them reroll to wound rolls of 1, and adding 1 to their Bravery.

I like Shartor in addition to my Tauruk since it's good to have some more Rend-2, however maybe Shartor is too expensive? He could be switched out for both the Castellan and Standard Bearer. Or I could switch him to a regular Tauruk or 3 Bull Centaurs.

Lastly, I hear many players tout the Geminids for that -1 to hit effect, but what other Endless Spell might benefit a slower army like Azgorh? I thought maybe the ChronoCogs could be a good other possibility for the extra movement, since I'm not a heavy wizard army with this one.

My local meta seems to have many Nighthaunt and Stormcast players, then the occasional hardcore Beastclaw Raiders, and last tournament was a Phoenix Temple Aelf player who had like three Feel No Pain style saves in a row! That was super annoying and apparently not commonly played, but wow, that sucked. Just trying to get myself to a 2and1 consistency rather than 1and2 ratio.....with big-hat Chaos Dwarves
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