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Focused Fire Warrior


Hi, 40k player maybe considering an aos army of either slaanesh daemons or order serpentis. I really like the cold ones for serpentis (too bad seraphon mounts aren't as pretty) and was wondering how to go about fleshing out the list. Would you recommend daughters of Khaine or darkling, something else?

I was thinking 1x20 drakespawn knights, 2x1 drakespawn chariots, converted black dragon (carnisaur with wings), and two hydra for 1400pts. I'm guessing I need more ranged, some objective holders, maybe a few spells.

Is darklings: 2 sorc, 1x40 darkshards, helpful for that? Can they get in range?
How about daughters? I like the snake legged ones but am not so into the witch aelves.

Is there a lore preference or other ally to consider (not stormcast). I'm not totally against not having allies but 3 units isn't much diversity, what's with the tiny fragment factions?

I haven't been able to find a good concise rules list for army building so if you have a link for one or want to explain list requirements please drop some knowledge.
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Irked Necron Immortal

If you're building for matched play you need to have a set amount of Battleline (your core troops) and have a set amount of other roles you can fill (0-X Monsters for example). These amounts are based on what point level you are playing at. You are also allowed a set amount of points for Allies. I believe its 400 points at 2000. Darkshards are 100pts for every 10 iirc and sorc on foot is about 80? Don't have my Generals Handbook on me at the moment so that might not be quite right, but you might not be able to get 40 Darkshards plus the Sorc at 2000pts.

For your Knights you might be better off splitting into 2 10 mans instead of 1 20 man. Drakespawn Knights like hit-and-run tactics from what I've seen/experienced. You would basically cycle units in and out of combat to keep up the on-the-charge bonus. Their shields gives them some staying power but they lose their punch after the first round of combat.

As for Allies you could go for Darkshards with Sorc for some magic support. They wont be as fast as the rest of your army. Alternatives could be Doomfire Warlocks from Daughters of Khaine. At 10 models their spell does an auto 6 Mortal Wounds while also being able to take crossbows. They are light cavalry so are more fast backline support. You could also take Dark Riders which are also light cavalry and carry crossbows from Shadowblades. They have an aura that lets you add d6 to an enemy's moral roll if they roll a 1. Cheaper then Doomfire Warlocks and are an alternate build from the Doomfire Warlock box.
Made in us
Focused Fire Warrior


Thanks for the feedback. Nowhere could I find that the ally limit is 400 at 2k. I assume it's 3 battle line.

The doom fire warlocks sound really good, sadly I don't think the models are pleasing.
I was thinking of a big unit to capitalize on the lords one unit rerolls all failed wounds ability but you have a point.

Collegiate big stuff is also looking good rules wise but meh on models.
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