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Made in us
Nimble Ellyrian Reaver

As the title states, I need help naming and creating backstory for my Eldar Craftworld! I started playing Eldar back in the early 2000s, and after trying out a few Craftworlds settled with Alaitoc. I was ultimately drawn to Alaitoc due to their colors (khaki/tan and blue are great together), their tendency to go off the beaten path onto the path of the Ranger, their links to the roads less travelled like the Exodite worlds, and their general rugged nature. However, I do not want to play as Alaitoc. Rather, the Craftworld is an offshoot of Alaitoc, and is smaller in size than Alaitoc's Craftworld fleet.

Army photo as of end of October 2018. I have plenty more in the collection, but this is what I currently have painted how I'd like.

Their colors are mainly greys and blues with splashes of one other color depending on what I think works with the model. Sometimes it's been greens, most of the times reds and oranges with more oranges coming on future models.

These Eldar come from Craftworld vessels and linked Exodite worlds that are more fantasy-forest styled, if that makes sense. Not that seasons don't come and go and other geography and weather exist, just that the mushroomy-autumn northern forest is deep in their folklore and features in their homes, I suppose.

All Craftworlds have links to Aspect Shrines in varying degree. This Craftworld features moderate to above-moderate numbers of Aspect Shrines. Phoenix Lords (and Exarchs) are welcomed, if looked oddly upon due to the degree of adherence to their path. The Aspect Warriors usually exhibit their Shrine colors, with "non-stock" shrines being common.

The Craftworld hosts Harlequins on Occasion, as most Craftworlds do, but they do not feature prominently. Ynnari are not totally frowned upon, but are very rare. This Craftworld adheres to the tales of the past for its wisdom, but sometimes its sages and wanderers wonder about the Eldari's past and the truth of it, valuing more perhaps for its lessons. Debates over history and its meaning to the future are somewhat frequent, with the debates being about degrees of worth, not about lack of worth.

That's really all I've come up with. I don't even have a Craftworld emblem, which I'd really like. I'm somewhat versed in the Eldar lore but I've never really read any of the novels. Being really busy with college and a masters can do that, but I'm almost done with all that. Any short stories, ideas, names, and whatnot you come up with are welcome and may or may not make it into the final backstory. The final backstory will be sealed into history on my hobby log (link in my signature) and will include thanks to all you that contribute your ideas.

Let me know of any questions. This is more about what you can come up with, though. I don't want to ruin your artistic endeavors!

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Made in ca
Longtime Dakkanaut

As a symbol for your Craftworld, you could use Kurnous' Spear (he was the husband of Isha and the god of the hunt and travel). Since you want a Craftworld fairly close to Alaitoc and fairly militant, you could make them devouts of Kurnous for that reason. As a name might I suggest Telepyleia, it sounds vaguely eldar and was the name of an amazon warrior known for her skill at archery and her speed in foot racing. Translated it means "Far Sailing" as a testimony to her wandering ways. I think its appropriate for what you have provided so far. What do you think?

PS: great paintjob.
Made in us
Nimble Ellyrian Reaver

I completely forgot about Kurnous, and his spear would make a great symbol. I can't find anything on a "Telepyleia" other than references to Diablo (the game) and "krosmazonpedia". The concept sounds nice, though. Admittedly, I did not search for long, so I'm not discounting your suggestion, epronovost. I will be out of commission due to surgery for some days, so go crazy if you'd like. The rugged, hunter, "far sailing" ideas really work. Thank you!

Made in ca
Longtime Dakkanaut

 CaptainWaffle wrote:
I completely forgot about Kurnous, and his spear would make a great symbol. I can't find anything on a "Telepyleia" other than references to Diablo (the game) and "krosmazonpedia". The concept sounds nice, though. Admittedly, I did not search for long, so I'm not discounting your suggestion, epronovost. I will be out of commission due to surgery for some days, so go crazy if you'd like. The rugged, hunter, "far sailing" ideas really work. Thank you!

Telepyleia was one of the handmaiden and bodyguard of the Amazon Andromache (not to be confused with the, ironically, more well known wife of Hector). There is very little known about Adromache the Amazon and her bodyguard since they are known only through vase paintings which illustrate them fighting Heracles during in the aftermath of his 9th labor. Then again the 9th labor is one of those with multiple different versions. In other versions Telepyleai is known as Asteria which means "from/under the stars".
Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

I love your paintjobs and lore.

Sounds like Epronovost found a perfect symbol and name!

Fleshing the lore out to be more that this Craftworld travels the fringes and hunts for [lost Eldar | true meanings | hidden threats] would be really cool.

Do they consider themselves an ally of Alaitoc (or another major Craftworld)? A vassel? Indepedent? Where in the galaxy is their Craftworld?
Made in us
Nimble Ellyrian Reaver

In that case, Craftworld Telepyleia sounds great, along with some symbol related to Kournas's spear. Thank you again epronovost. I'll need to learn more about Kournas, then, to create an emblem.

Bharring, lost Eldar, true meanings from times past, and hidden threats sound like a coherent base structure. This Craftword is somewhat connected to Alaitoc. I'd like to think that the cause for a splinter was a sizable group of Alaitoc eldar (but smaller than Alaitoc), that wants a little more direct interaction with the universe.

Whereas Alaitoc migh strongly adhere to certain understandings of their history, this Craftworld discusses and debates the topic more.

Whereas Alaitoc is more of a background silent observer, this Craftworld takes a more, relatively, overt approach.

The Saim Hann have a deep reverence for heritage, nobility, and their history. This craftworld could be thought of as between Saim Hann and Alaitoc, flaws and all.

On the galactic map, this craftworld usually sits somewhere in The Veiled Region.

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Made in ca
Longtime Dakkanaut


For inspiration and symbols, you can always look up to Wood Elf symbols.
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

HATE Club, East London

I love seeing more Eldar. It is great to see the traditional craftworlds, but I think I get slightly more enjoyment from seeing unique craftworlds. I think you colour scheme is very good. I think yellow or orange would be the best spot colours, so you are going in the right direction with that, in my opinion.

I like the idea of an exodite connection without committing yourself to a fully exodite army, which would require so much conversion it might never happen. Have you considered a squad or two of very exodite-looking models? Perhaps some rangers using elf models with more modern guns? Or howling banshees using witch elf models? Something like that?

I also like the name suggestion, but I think you should modify it a tiny bit, rather than using it exatly as-is. I can't figure out how though!

Though guards may sleep and ships may lay at anchor, our foes know full well that big guns never tire.

Posting as Fifty_Painting on Instagram.

My blog - almost 40 pages of Badab War, Eldar, undead and other assorted projects 
Made in gb
Renegade Kan Killin Orks

Northern Ireland

Can we have a list of your army on the table including numbers of squads and individuals of note, leaders and heroes etc?

Given a bit of framework on who's who or even some history on the oponents you've had or are likely to encounter regularly in the future I could happily drop a little fiction about someone that could fluff this out a bit for you.
Bit more of a personal zoom in on a squad or a character rather than the broad overview if that'd be of interest?

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Made in us
Nimble Ellyrian Reaver

epronovost, I'll definitely look into that. I think I like some of the basic story of the Wood Elf high realm of Torgovann, and their symbol, but I'm not certain how to combine it with the spear of Kurnous

Fifty, I'm definitely going to use orange as a spot/stripe color from now on. As I develop that I'll probably update my already painted models. I have no set ideas on adding in Exodites at the moment. I'd prefer unique rules for Exodites rather than a counts-as group. I'm still not set on the name, either. I like Teleplyeia, but I'd need to change it to fit something more Eldar-like and I have yet to find that I also a, failing to find stories about Teleplyeia regarding a "far sailing" translation and amazon warriors, so I hesitate more to use it as-is.

I think the name of the Craftworld will truly come about after it's developed more, similar to how one almost inevitably changes the title of a written work after actually writing the thing. Thank you all for the ideas so far, you've shown much more interest and support than I thought I'd receive!

theCrowe, here's what I'll throw at ya for you to play with in your spare time:

I don't really have given names for any of my warriors. But, they do tend to be fielded in somewhat particular manners. All of my lists are narrative, I don't do minmax tournament style stuff. Lists usually contain:
  • one Autarch

  • one Farseer

  • at least one Warlock

  • one Wraithlord

  • a small strike team of five Warp Spiders of the Shade Gate Shrine including Exarch with two death spinners and powerblades

  • a larger team of ambushing Striking Scorpions of the Ebon Claw including Exarch with claw

  • a small strike team of Howling Banshees of a yet unnamed shrine including Exarch with dual powerblades

  • some form of basic troop support being Guardians with platform or Dire Avengers

  • six rangers

  • a combination of speedy support by any of my twelve Windriders and a Vyper

  • heavy ranged support by Falcons or a Nightspinner

  • I sometimes use Wave Serpents when Wraith units are around, but not often. Sometimes I field three Dark Reapers, one is an Exarch, but it's not always set. I can field every Eldar model except a Wraithknight and the flyers, which I don't dislike but do not readily desire. If posing a frightening threat is a goal, I'll field a seven strong squad of Fire Dragons of the Red Wyrm Shrine including Exarch with Firepike mounted in a Wave Serpent and joined by Banshees.

    The Autarch and Farseer/Warlock can be on foot or on jetbike. On jetbike they tend to fly with Windriders and provide quick smashing support. On foot the psykers tend to guide from the second row. On foot the Autarch is the old warp jump generator model with Striking Scorpion mandiblasters, melta pistol, and scorpion chainsword. He hangs out with the Scorpions and Banshees, warping where necessary. The army tends to focus on fulfilling objectives while cleverly bringing the right tool to the right place to nullify key targets or handle key events.

    The Craftworld spent its early days constantly battling against Thousand Sons and Tzeentch daemons. In current times they spend little effort against chaos, having encountered more of the Imperium. Blood Angels, Dark Angels, and sometimes Death Korps of Krieg are the main adversaries. Sometimes a Necron force appears on planets.

    I somewhat think these Eldar are skeptically haughty after all this. The Thousand Sons from long ago posed a far greater threat than the foes now, with the Wraithlord having goe toe to toe and conqured multiple Lords of Change, Defilers, and other large foes. Those were hard fought battles, and this Craftworld prevailed, or at least fended chaos off. Now, the Eldar have literally never lost a match over the previous three years, all against the Imperium A couple encounters came close, but most were strong victories with lightning fast surgical strikes paying off well. The Eldar aren't hunting the Imperium, they're just posing a recent threat to the livlihood and survival of the Eldar in this area.

    That's all I have for now. The Thousand Sons are in my care now and sit in a box, stripped of paint, waiting for a day to show their helmets again.

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    Made in us
    Legendary Master of the Chapter

    Chicago, Illinois

    You could be a craftworld similar to the Wood Elves if you go down the path of Kurnous, with a cycle of rebirth within the craftworld that acts similar to the world tree. It buds and goes through different seasons. Maybe intitating a 'wild hunt' of sorts would make them stand out from the rest.

    otherwise your army is gorgeous think up some stuff and start thinking of same naming conventions for them!

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    Made in gb
    Renegade Kan Killin Orks

    Northern Ireland

    Ok, I've been diligently putting pen to paper (or thumb to iPhone) and have gotten to the point of almost having something for you. But I think I'll need some names as I don't feel comfortable just naming your Craftworld, Farseer and Autarch as I see fit.

    It started as an Eldar story in my own Eldar-story style but quickly turned into verse. So it's become a poetic recounting of a battle as performed by a Harlequin Masque. "The Lay of Curufin the Master of the Hunt" is performed in honour of the Farseer's Wisdom, the Autarch's prowess and the valiant efforts of one Wind-rider in particular, the eponymous Curufin.

    Made in us
    Nimble Ellyrian Reaver

    Well, that's exciting, theCrowe. I hope you're enjoying the creative exercise. I'm a mostly decent painter and wargamer, and I appreciate history, lore, and crafts, but I'm poor at naming things. Let's go with these names for now and we'll see if they stick.

    Craftworld: Televann (see what I did there?)
    Farseer: Caeralion
    Autarch: Machtar

    Play with the names if you see fit, and add titles if you deem appropriate. I'm curious about what's bouncing around your mind and dancing about your paper (and iPhone).

    I played with a name generator based on Tolkein's Sindarin language, as that's what Warhammer elves and eldar are based on. Plus, I enjoy Tolkein's work.

    Made in gb
    Renegade Kan Killin Orks

    Northern Ireland

    Ok here it is. My thinking for this one is that this song was performed by a Harlequin Troop following a battle in which they appeared and aided the forces of Televaan. After the battle the Troop are hosted on the craftworld where they entertain the guests at a great feast. Amidst the revelry of dance and song this piece is performed. They are telling not only of the battle but also celebrating the wisdom the Farseer Caeralion and the prowess of the Autarch Machtar, and giving honourable mention to the various aspect shrines who took part in the battle.
    But most importantly as this is a feast for the people of Televann special attention is given to the valiant efforts of a humble guardian, a windrider by the name of Curufin, whose exemplary valour and spirit is most worthy of celebration. He is named the hero of the hour and the people's champion, Curufin the Master of the Hunt.

    The Lay of Curufin the Windrider, Master of the Hunt.

    The Farseer weaves the winds of fate
    that rise and fall as a riverbed.
    Wherein Windriders follow on the wending river's course.
    The sky-run races quickening,
    over rocks now tumbling
    Now pooling in the unseen deeps a gathering of force.

    Among Caeralion's acolytes
    is Curufin the windrider.
    Young and full of battle-fire
    and eager for the fight ahead
    he follows close behind the Seer awaiting his command.
    Wave Serpents and a Falcon come,
    they harbouring a fire within.
    Nightspinner too and Viper join their power to the tide.

    The time is come, the runes declare
    their doom from forth the silent stars.
    The season of the heart aflame,
    the mind at war, the bloodletting.
    The wild hunt now bursting forth.
    The wing'ed spear doth fly.

    Curufin his heart-blood singing
    Young and fey and spirit-wild
    Yet bounded by the winds of fate as on the wind he rides.
    His tributary flows within
    The wisdom of Caeralion
    The vision of the victory in the slipstream of his way.

    The Autarch Machtar dives and leaps
    among the rapids gathering
    riders full of lusty life
    who seek his own heart's wilding way
    to join their Lord's adventure.

    Departing from the Farseer's stream
    bold Curufin now joins the hunt
    now rushing, heart-sure, eyes a'fey
    harkening to Machtar's horn,
    the winds of fate pursuing.

    They rise as fish will leap the stream and dare the danger and the hurt.
    Though claws do take their toll upon both midnight helm and starlit mail,
    they pressing on amidst the blood-laced waters fall to deadly work.
    Their every arrow, blade and spear now bent toward the chosen prey.
    Curufin, his heart aflame is riding on his Lord's right hand,
    a flight of riders close beside with Viper in support.
    Diving now they join the fray, in concert with the Dragon's thrust
    as just beneath a Serpent of the Red Wyrm Shrine deploys.
    The Wind-Lord Machtar all does scorn and in contempt he wields the hunt,
    a javelin to heave upon the hapless enemy.
    The battleline is punctured as a dragon's claw does armour rend;
    the open breach inviting fire from forth dragon's maw.

    The Autarch and his hunters slip once more into the Farseer's flow.
    The Seer now draws the tide of fate to terrible momentum.
    Now bursting forth in power as the river overflows its banks.
    Men and armour, all are cast asunder in the flood.

    Windriders mask the coming storm
    now shimmering the Shade Gate Shrine,
    the spider slips within their walls
    and spins despair in human hearts
    and slips away unseen.

    Advancing hard into the storm
    covered by the Seer's tide
    The Scorpions of the Sable claw
    Now rend the heart from forth the foe
    left bleeding in the mire.

    They pour into the waiting fields and over and within their walls.
    An instant sees the world remade in death and fire blood and gall.
    Televaan's wrath in all her power bewilderment and cruelty
    the tide of war does smother men of life and soul and hope.

    But Curufin his mount unweaving falters and does come undone.
    Alighting nigh a Dread-Lord, elbow-deep in Banshee bone and blood.
    The daughters of Morai-Heg lie broken at its armoured heel,
    their spirits' keening echoing eternally into the void.

    Yet Curufin his heart unfailing,
    guardian of hearth and kin
    yields not the field but stands to face the enemy alone.

    As thunder fall its blows delivered thrice upon his fragile frame.
    The windrider, though sorely wounded, yet undaunted battles on.

    At last he takes from Banshee bleeding
    sword of bone into his hand
    and with it strikes the Dread-Lord true
    and mightily his armour cleaving.
    Staggering to one knee falling Curufin is all but spent.

    Yet once again the Dread-Lord rises throwing off the shattered blade.
    Though limp of arm it raises up an armoured foot to smite the one
    who dared to pitch his pride against the mighty Dread-Lord's own.

    Yet in that moment laughter rings
    like thunder in the firmament.
    Beyond all hope Skyweavers diving
    fall upon the gloating beast.

    Curufin his hope rekindled,
    unseen by the dazzled foe
    shard of shattered bone in hand
    delivers up the fatal blow.

    With laughter and with much rejoicing
    The Harlequines do now away,
    Their champion they with them baring.
    Curufin the Windrider
    Guardian of Televann
    Slayer of the banshee's bain
    The master of the hunt.

    They flow into the Sky-run stream of Autarch and of Farseer both
    departing from the charnel field the flood now ebbs and flows away.
    Drowned men bloat upon the earth in ruin and in disarray,
    a testament to a rising tide that could not be withstood.

    Ascending now upon the reek
    Caeralion wends their fates away
    into the stars as souls beneath
    depart the human dead.
    The Windriders in chorus singing
    Follow in the river's flow
    As gulls will rise they call aloud,
    the heralds of a coming storm,
    Where Seer's path and Hunter's horn
    do lead them on their bloody way
    the waters flow until the storm has all its fury spent.

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    Made in us
    Nimble Ellyrian Reaver

    I'm still processing the poem/story you wrote, theCrowe, and what Craftworld background, and futures, might be derived from it. Rather than leave you hanging I'll state that it is a wonderful work that is exciting to read. It's sufficiently vague in a cryptic way, but precise where it counts, and full of allusion. Just as Eldar are. And, you weaved the discussed possible lore background into it very well.

    I can't claim the tale as my own or thank you for it, as if you are giving it away. That'd be woefully wrong. I can say that it is an honor of some sort to have something created in part by my hand utilized in your tale.

    Made in gb
    Renegade Kan Killin Orks

    Northern Ireland

    I'm just glad to join the party. Consider me a harlequin performing at your feast. Thanks the food, you lay a beautiful spread.

    I'm eyeing up that Wraithlord too. Didn't get a mention in my story so I'm thinking I could throw a few words in that direction too. Maybe just a straight up prose short fiction this time.
    Any specifics you have on that guy and maybe the warlock too might help guide my way.
    I'm thinking both may be of the original generation that split from Alaitoc?

    Made in us
    Nimble Ellyrian Reaver

    The Warlock(s) definitely come from long ago. The one in the image is the only one I have properly painted in the Craftworld colors. The rest have been stripped and primed grey. They all have been around since the beginning of my Eldar days. Whether or not that functional fact makes sense in Craftworld lore is something that can be played with.

    The Wraithlord sort of replaced my oldschool RT Wraithlord. I still have the RT one, but it's also primed grey along with a second, modern Wraithlord. One day. The RT Wraithlord was one of the first models I ever purchased, in a blister some defunct shop was selling for $10 before it closed over 15 years ago. Fond memories of the battles that guy had, causing mass panic for its foes as it's so difficult to deal with. Lots of dueling Tzeentch Lords of Change and Defilers and overcoming. Recently, he held out against a swarm of Blood Angels Death Company, Chaplain, and Sanguinary Guard for a long period while the rest of the force secured their objectives and defeated the Space Marines.

    The Warlock spends most of it's time supporting Guardians and Dire Avengers. Sometimes it rides with Fire Dragons and Howling Banshees in a Wave Serpent. Lots of empowering and ennervating.

    Neither have names. Any suitable name from a Tolkein Sindarin name generator works well for these.

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    Made in us
    Nimble Ellyrian Reaver

    Here's what I have for a history of Craftworld Televaan. I think it isn't specific enough in some areas, and I'm not certain it would make sense to readers other than myself. I do think it captures something of a "craftworld coming of age" tale, which is what I was trying for. If interested, let me know what you think.

    Disagreement between factions of Alaitoc Farseers began to simmer sometime in late M39, which lead to effective political rifts in small sections of Alaitoc life. The culture of some Alaitoc denizens shifted from the hard-nosed isolationism and what was deemed a reactionary approach to handling encounters to a confused, some would say naive, focus on Eldar tradition mixed with the typical Alaitoc suspicion of anything other than themselves. Some Rangers that returned to the craftworld from their self-imposed exile brought descriptions and tales of times past from Saim-Hann Eldar, sparking a debate over the role of Eldar history in Alaitoc daily life. The new firebrand Farseers claimed that the Alaitoc adherence to vengeance and seething in the shadows did not honor their heritage and uphold their birthrights, in contrast to the strong traditions in the tales from Saim-Hann that affirmed Eldar heritage rather than reacted from it. Farseers that were firmly entrenched in Alaitoc traditions strongly disagreed, stating that the Alaitoc way was the old traditions in action, being upheld in conjunction with the need to survive the grim darkness of their future.

    Nothing can truly reconcile such deep divisions. These were not heated arguments over some surface philosophical concept or of a manner of doing things. These were deep disagreements over the very foundations of Eldar life. What does it mean to be of the Eldar? What does it mean to be of a craftworld? Where does one derive their motivations and purpose from?

    The majority of the Alaitoc seers did not desire to lose their kin, but the division was so great that the upstarts had to be swept out of the craftworld. These few younger seers and their followers were ordered into a sort of exile from the craftworld. Neither side truly wanted to lose the other, both out of respect and love of their kin and out of the necessity to survive. The firebrands dutifully left their home.

    They were not driven necessarily by wanderlust, like many Rangers and Corsairs, and they were not driven by a desire to live a rudimentary life, like the Exodites. They were driven by a common culture, what of the Eldar traditions of old they knew, and a suspicion of the rest of the universe shared with their mother Alaitoc. They formed a craftworld of their own and gave it a crude name: Televaan. The name was thought to embody both the star-stiding nature of their Alaitoc roots and of their heritage of old. The name was, admittedly, very simplistic in nature. The Televaan were aware of their Eldar tales and the at least basic (to the Eldar) meanings attached to them. They did not have the deep experience and culture of maintaining the old traditions, like the Saim-Hann. However, they were confident that as the Televaan matured and interacted more with the Saim-Hann, Exodites, Harlequins, and other groups, they would find their place in this shadowy universe.

    Craftworld Televaan was immediately beset upon by strike forces from the Thousand Sons and their Tzeentch minions. In their search for more about their past, the Televaan must have crossed into areas that Ahriman had interest in. These were dire times. The Televaan had barely left the hand of the Alaitoc and had only just set in its arc of flight. But, with careful, precision strikes, and covert help from the Alaitoc Craftworld that still held them dear (largely unbeknownst to the Televaan), that arc went to the heart of their prey. The Thousand Sons were forced away, back to the warp, and have rarely been encountered by the Televaan since.

    During these times, the Televaan were a mix of Alaitoc colors and flailing attempts at creating something that fit more with their own culture. Alaitoc colors, designs, strategies, and tactics were employed in many variations. As the craftworld experienced and learned they found their own path. When they struck the heart of the Thousand Sons force, they decided who they were: Craftworld Televaan, the embodiment of the Spear of Kurnous, thrown by the Master of the Hunt. The Televaan dug deep into their Eldar traditions and pulled the Wild Hunt into M41. They revere the old Masters of the Hunt, where they came from, but have found (deemed?) themselves to be the new season's Master. The rider is ready, the spear poised, and the eye's of the prey spotted in the dark.

    Made in gb
    Renegade Kan Killin Orks

    Northern Ireland

    Very nice indeed. My favourite part of that is your description of their motivations to split from Alaitoc. It's so important that it was a positive desire, for love of their home, to preserve the peace, to embrace their kin, to find their own fate. And the improtance of the mutual desire not to lose eachother too gives me such a good feeling about these kindred craftworlds. There may be some lingering resentment or even animosity between them but they remain brothers and the positivity of their beginning I feel portends well for their future.

    I've been thinking about the craftworld Symbol of the Spear of Kurnous. It's a smooth adaptation from the sword of Alaitoc to a spear but the artistic rendition need not be so strict a match. It's a tricky thing though to design an icon and I'm not sure I'd be up to it but I'll maybe get scribbling sometime and see what happens.

    I'm nearly finished my piece about the Warlock and the WraithLord. I just want to go over it one more time and tidy up before I post it for you. I was happy to see it didn't contradict much of anything you have said here so that's good. It largely concerns a Maiden-World by the name of Taurlineer that holds special significance to the two characters. I'm looking forward to sharing that when its ready.

    Made in us
    Nimble Ellyrian Reaver

    I didn't want a story of strife, but rather something like two siblings or a parent and their child having a harsh disagreement and the resulting fallout. Good to know that was conveyed.

    I'm stuck on the Spear of Kurnous symbol as well. I have a few models that are finished that are ready for some sort of craftworld design, but I can't think of anything other than a silhouette of the Spear of Kurnous as it's represented in the old Wood Elf Warhammer Fantasy art. That doesn't seem like enough to me. I also don't want to simply use the Alaitoc symbol. That symbol looks appealing, but its meaning makes little sense to me regarding Alaitoc, and I don't see it making sense in part or whole with this Craftworld Televaan. I think this is where my lack of knowledge of the Warhammer Elf/Eldar lore is hurting me.

    I'm definitely looking forward to your tale!

    Made in gb
    Renegade Kan Killin Orks

    Northern Ireland

    The Ghost of Taurlineer.

    Barahir walks the arboretum domes, taking in the scent of new blossoms in the canopy. Televaan blooms and then fades in its seasons, changing hues and attitude as the Infinity Circuit stirs within the living wraithbone of the craftworld.

    Young lover's walk together amidst the glades, contented in their companionship. Another figure, older than they practices his art, enjoying the solitude. Barahir too has come. He is older still. Indeed the Warlock Barahir is counted among the oldest yet living in this place. One of the few remaining of Televaan who recall the old days, the parting time, and the most bitterly the abandonment of Taurlineer, the Maiden-World to her wretched fate.

    A wind stirs the leaves overhead as if in answer to his stray thought. The Infinity Circuit is alive with many who yet remember those lighter days. One such is reaching out to him now in companionship. One that he knows does oft dwell here. One with whom he has come to commune.

    "Barahir," the uncanny winds whisper his name, "you come to wrestle as of old."

    The old one sighs with deep regret. It is true, for he knows it will not be easy. Settling his weary body beneath the bole of the tree Barahir closes his eyes and begins to focus on his breathing. Slowly he comes to rest, allowing his mind to rise and ride with the flowing air that rustles among the new green leaves of the arboretum canopy.

    "We await your coming to us, Barahir. We wait long but still you merely visit. Are we so tiresome that you linger with the living overlong?"

    "I do oft wonder at my own long life, my lord. It is tiresome, I will admit, yet neither could I rest contented. You know my ways."

    "Ever do you strive and wander. Ever do we who remain look to your coming."

    "I thank you for your concern."

    "But there is great concern. Each step you take, every journey you embark upon, each path you follow may yet carry you beyond return. So many have been lost to us, we cherish all the more those who remain."

    "I fear I cause you more concern with my leaving than rejoicing with my visit. Pray forgive my wandering feet. I see the garden is in spring, may the spirits of the circuit be ever hopeful. How is your hope, Lord? How do the spirits fare?"

    "The wisdom of a Seer once noted that in the Infinity Circuits of a Craftworld are both joy and pain intermingled. It is in the lives of the living to determine the balance for those spirits who wait."

    "Is it so, my Lord? What does your soul-sight perceive of our circuit? Are we who yet live in Televaan giving joy and hope to her spirits?"

    "We do dwell in hope, I contend. There is much pain here, of loss of kin, yearning for worlds and for lives unmade. Yet there is much to have joy in also. Much gratitude for wanderers found, much satisfaction of warriors released, much contentment in lovers together. We are a happy people for all our trials."

    Barahir flushes, in shame and regret for his torment of the dead. The light glints in golden hues through the leafy canopy above but the heart feels heavy in his chest. Fighting to maintain his focus he wills his spirit once again to quiet and to peace, resolved to his grim task.

    "You struggle so, Barahir. Are you unwell? Did infirmity bend your feet upon the road hence?"

    "Nay, my Lord Belegorn, I do not sicken or waste, though I am Warlock and I suffer much in war."

    "Indeed. I do not miss it."

    Barahir is silent for a time. His heart misgiving yet his mind resolved, his purpose clear yet his way unhappy.

    "You come to me with heavy heart. What burden is upon you that you wish for me to bear?"

    "Indeed I carry the burden of war." Barahir admits, "and I do regret to lay it at your feet."

    "So ashen is your countenance old one, you struggle over-much. Ever am I willing to advise and be your counsel, ever should you seek me out to carry your concerns. I do with willingness bear them."

    "I see that you dwell in contentment here and regret to rob you of your happiness. You have joy and beauty and hope."

    "We do, and so I say lay down your burden Barahir. Unite with us happy souls at long last. None would resent it for one so aged and wise to gift his spirit to the world circuit."

    "I cannot."

    "But so all must."

    "I will, soon perhaps."

    "You will leave us. I fear at the last you will not return."

    "I must away, I cannot rest here, Lord. Not yet."

    "So you come to say farewell; to make known your parting from us, knowing this will hurt me. I understand."

    "Nay, that is not all. I have come to ask you to join me, though I know you will not wish to go."

    "You know not what you ask..."

    "You know not whence I go."

    "It matters not. To risk the void is more than some adventure is worth! We all have suffered much in war and have no desire to return thence. Why would you ask such a boon? Have I not served your endless quest enough? Did we not lay them low, the servants of She, whose souls we banished to the void? Would you follow them so willingly? Would you sacrifice us all?"

    A wind whips heavy on the cloak of Barahir. In a brief waking he perceives the tree's new white blossoms caught in twisting spirals, torn from the boughs by angry gusts. The furious air is filled with them. Barahir shuts his eyes against their sting and gathering his cloak tighter against the wind presses into the fray.

    "Peace I pray, be peaced my Lord. I needs must tell you all."

    The wind does not abate but Barahir persists.
    "I know you suffered much dear friend. I know you suffer still nor have I gone unpunished for my impetuousness."

    "It served you well, no doubt we all did benefit at times, though the cost was high. Ever were you too eager to persist and slow to relent."

    "I did what was necessary, Lord. We each made choices. None of us living or remaining are wholly blameless. Least of all I."

    "So leave me to my own consequences. Why make me chose again? What more must I suffer when there is much to lose and so little left to gain?"

    "I return to Taurlineer, my Lord. To the maiden world we lost. I go to... "

    In truth Barahir knows not why. Not truely. Wishing not to speak in vain he holds his tongue. He has spoken much already.

    The wind, now filled with darkened leaves is dying down. The wildness of it spent. Barahir settles into the cold and airless coolness awaiting the spirit's response.

    A lifetime it seems might pass here. Barahir, his aged frame stiffening rises to his feet and stretches amidst the fallen leaves. A few branches in the tree yet cling to the youth of spring, a single budded blossom ripens upon a far flung bough. All the rest is rugged and gnarled, clad in a dry bedraggled raiment of the old year. A cold wind whistles in the naked boughs, an echo of a banshee's wail.

    At last the spirit speaks.

    "You linger still."

    "I await your counsel, Lord."

    "You wait for yourself!" The spirit roars, "Make no mistake, it is a selfish thing that you ask. You ever have wanted to return thence but could not alone. She would not forgive such trespass without my blessing. You have come at last to beg of me ere death might steal your last hope."

    Barahir, is stricken to the heart by the truth that Lord Belegorn speaks. Is it only forgiveness that he seeks on Taurlineer? He weeps to think of her. The tears form ice on his face so cold is the wind. His bones ache. Forgiveness and perhaps redemption; then at last he might rest.

    "I might have stayed my wrath, dear friend." Awaking now in the biting winter's chill, Barahir confesses, pouring out his sorrow aloud into the heartless wind , "There is much that I regret. All my joy is consumed by it. My heart is bitter with it. My soul tires of it."

    The cold lashes the skin of his aged face. No more than he deserves, it salves his regretful heart. Barahir curls himself into the black bole of the tree like an animal sheltering from the storm.

    "Much war you have wrought in her name I perceive." The voice of Belegorn comes softly to him at last, as a snowflake alighting. Awakening from a nightmare, or sleeping still, only bone-deep pain assures the warlock that he yet lives.

    "There is much to fight for." Barahir whispers, hoarse.

    "And ne're could you wait but would swiftly raise your sword in anger."

    "I have waited." Barahir sighs, "I have watched and waited everlong."

    "Ha!" The laughter of Belegorn is a white flurry on the wind, "the Warlock of Televaan speaks with the wisdom of Alaitoc! I scarce believe it."

    "Not idle have been my waiting years!" Barahir spits his contempt at the accusation. An anger flushes hot in his frozen veins. "I did neither retire nor refrain from action against any enemy. My sword has been upright throughout!"

    "Be peaced, child." Belegorn is stillness and crisp is the morning air. "I have yet lightness of heart that I see you have squandered, or perhaps were robbed of. I too have waited long dreaming of my Taurlineer."

    "I have known it. I see it." Barahir observes. "This image of Taurlineer you have made. Her colours, and seasons, the wind in her boughs. I too still hear the whisper of youth in the treetops and would delight in her sunlit leaves with all who recall them were I truly able. But alas, Belegorn in my heart I know she is ravaged and burned."

    A crack of splitting timber rends the air overhead and a broken bough falls. It lies lifeless at Barahir's feet. A cold wraithbone facsimile of wood. The snowfall is a blanket of ash.

    "Men return to haunt the Rider's Groves once more."

    "Mon'keigh? Upon Taurlineer!"

    "They have broken the seal upon the Temple of Eldanesh. The portal has been opened once again."

    "And the Shrine of Kuronos?"

    "It remains inviolate, but for how long I cannot say."

    "And what of Alaitoc?"

    "Our Seer's declare, as Isha weeps they watch and wait."

    "They turn not?! They refrain?!"

    "Nay Lord. They are Alaitoc."

    Another crack, louder than before. The very heart of tree is split asunder. A wide crack in the void-black trunk lies gaping root to starry sky. The vision of Taurlineer is failing utterly.

    "Enough, old heart." The Lord Belegorn relents at last. "I go. I must go!"

    "My gratitude eternal," Barahir weeps, "for I would not thence without you. You know, I could not."

    "Take me thence, child of the living. Reach out and be my chariot. I would to war with thee Warlock. I would to Taurlineer return, with Televaan to hunt amidst the forests once more."

    Barahir, his grey eyes opened, looks upon the ruined tree. The black wraithbone wreck is terrible to behold yet A single branch remains aloft. A thin and tremulous wand of black. Upon is swells an amber fruit of gleaming stone. The spirit of Belegorn within is stirring with a lustrous intensity.

    The Warlock plucks the fruit.

    "Are you turned Spirit-Seer now?" Belegorn laughs, "Now that you have stirred your first, an elder among the dead an Autarch no less!"

    "Not I, Lord. The Spirit Seers I did ask leave of for you alone."

    "Wisely did you so. For none but I would hear you."

    "But what of they that did follow you, Lord." The Warlock hardly dares hope, but he must ask, "What of the Wild Hunt of Taurlineer?"

    "The call goes out amidst the Infinity Circuit. The horns of the hunt are already sounding. They know that Belegorn Lord of the Glades rides forth. The hunters will come."

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    Wonderful work, theCrowe. Through it, I wanted to know why Barahir was struggling. I knew the character was, but could only see that struggle and emotional turmoil from afar. Like in real life when one witnesses the emotions of another. The sympathy was there, but the empathy took some time to develop. I don't know if that was intentional. I think I finally got that empathy when Lord Belegorn became... frustrated? Furious? Those two walk with hands grasped, so it can be difficult to tell if it's one, the other, or both.

    At first, I wondered what the story was, but as I read I recalled that the spirits in the Infinity Circuit must be convinced to act - they are still very much so Eldar. The descriptions of the environment Barahir experienced helped build that understanding. I'm not certain if Barahir's experiences of the winds and the visuals was in the mind/spirit, really physical, or both. I must admit I was somewhat confused while reading it. But, these are Eldar, very nearly wholly other from humanity. It'd be strange if I did totally understand it.

    I definitely was drawn into this tale. Perhaps I'll paint "Barahir" and "Lord Belegorn" on the bottom of their respective bases in the army.

    I scribbled ideas for Craftworld Televaan's symbol. I understand that the Eldar are not necessarily of the same universe setting as High Elves and Wood Elves in Warhammer. But, you'd be bonkers if you didn't think they are related. I read up on various wikis and other places that referenced the old Warhammer rulebooks and fiction and took these notes down (it's a thumbnail):

    If it's ledgible, the left-hand column has symbol ideas. The other bits are ideas tossed around and symbols that might appear more commonly than others in Televaan's runic writings. These symbols were pulled images referrenced the warhammer fandom wiki. My current idea is to take a prominent symbol that incorporates the flight of the spear of Kurnous, thrown from Alaitoc, and any meaning that might be behind that. The struggle and conflict between Alaitoc and their Televaan kin is reflected in the runes as well, but I couldn't find a way to incorporate the spear with those. I'm interested in any ideas you all might have.

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    Northern Ireland

    Thanks for the critical eye over my story.

    (I'll spoiler my story chat, it's long)
    I was looking into Spirit Seer's and found that they're not well liked by the Eldar and are engaged in a pretty unsavoury task. The Eldar resent the raising of the dead and the dead are often envious of the living. The Spitit Seer walks a fine line convincing the spirit to join them as to force them would be necromancy.
    The trouble is Barahir is not a spirit seer but he is an old friend. He hates to disturb Belegorn's peace and contentment and knows that he asks him to do something unsavoury and dangerous to his immortal soul. Still he apparently needs his blessing as much as his physical help.

    Belegorn may be some kind of spiritual leader where Taurlineer is concerned. He says he is an autarch, perhaps he was the leader of the Eldar there.

    As far as Barahir's back story, I don't know. I have the impression he maybe had to make a tough call back in the day that maybe saved a lot of Eldar but doomed many others to death on Taurlineer. Or maybe it's just the planet they feel connected to, or the spirits of its world circuit. Maiden planets are a peculiar Eldar thing that I have always been interested in. My "Eldar Recital" story was set on one too. Whatever the story of Taurlineer both characters remember it in their own way and are inextricably connected to with it.

    I'm glad it feels alien. I never want my Eldar Characters to feel wholly without mystery and if the reader is kept guessing I would hope that they're kept intrigued too. The bits between the lines are yours to imagine as much as mine.

    Very interesting notes on your craftworld symbol. I like the bow of Kurnous rune the best, would be interesting to work with that a bit.

    I have also been doodling some designs for you. You're more than welcome to adopt, adapt, alter or otherwise use as you see fit.

    The central figure I started with was "the thorn strangled stave" (apparently a Kurnous related rune used by the harlequins of the Silent Shroud) but I could see the bow of Kurnous worked into some of these in place of the thorn strangled stave. Of the thorn could form the shape of one of the other runes.

    I was simply turning he "stave" into a spear and adding either antlers or wings. So more of an abstract design than one incorporating any more Eldar language or concepts.

    I used an isometric grid for designing these, it's a bit restrictive but in a good way I'd say. It really helps to judge the symmetry and all the angles gives it a certain kind of style though it's maybe not strictly Eldar style. Anyway, I had lots of fun doodling these. Hope you like them too.

    (Spoilered so as no to spam the thread)

    Antler Theme

    Wings Theme

    Back to the drawing board for me maybe...

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    Ok, one more time, with feelin'!

    This one is based on the ideas you threw out there. Incorporating elements of a couple of those elf runes relating to flight and entwined destiny with a 'Spear of Kurnous' theme.

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    Oh my, that is a very elegant symbol. That is much better than what I was coming up with. I'll throw it on a model really soon to test it out. Likely won't be until the weekend. This has me excited!

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    Thank you epronovost, Bharring, Fifty, theCrowe, and Asherian Command for all your ideas! With this, Craftworld Televaan has been established, and its quality is due to you. The development, backstory, tales, and conclusions are compiled on my hobby log found here. You are all, of course, free to tell more tales, toss around more ideas, and even use these designs and stories for your own works.

    My symbol painting definitely still needs work, but here's what I've done so far to get Craftworld Televaan's emblem on my Windriders. The orange on the grey hull was a mistake and will be changed, but is posted here so we know what it looks like.

    Thank you all again! Keep enjoying the hobby!

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