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Made in ie
Deranged Necron Destroyer

Hey all.

As the title suggests. I played AoS for a small while until the newest edition of 40k stole my attention. With AoS 2.0 being released I am not sure if the army I play is that viable.

I play Flesh Eater Courts and while I like the models and fluff. The lack of range attacks and pysker powers really goes against my usual play style.

So, my question is. What other Death army should/could I use to run with my FEC? I'm looking for an army that has a good selection of pysker powers as well as some good/reliable ranged attacks so that I can use my horde of FEC for melee and damage soaking and using the (Inster 2nd Death army) for long range support and pysker powers.

I know little to nothing about the Other Death armies especially with Soulblight and Legions of Nagash being released.

FYI, money isn't an issue with me so don't be afraid to suggest something like Nagash or whatever if he can help out the weakness that is range attacks and pysker powers

Thanks in advance for the help.

I have a Youtube. Rage Against The Imperium. Here is the link if you are interested - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0WxDMsMyI7WcChiSfApB4Q

Necrons - Legion of The Silent King - [756-809 PL, 15038-16076pts]

Unbound Army (Faction) (Necrons)
Anrakyr the Traveller
Catacomb Command Barge
Selections: Gauss Cannon, Warscythe - 3
Selections: Canoptek Cloak, Staff of Light - 2
Selections: Chronometron, Staff of Light - 3
Destroyer Lord
Selections: Warscythe
Destroyer Lord
Selections: Staff of Light
Illuminor Szeras
Imotekh the Stormlord
Selections: Warscythe
Nemesor Zahndrekh
Orikan the Diviner
Selections: Resurrection Orb, Voidscythe
Selections: Resurrection Orb, Warscythe - 3
Selections: Resurrection Orb, Staff of Light
Selections: Hyperphase Sword, Resurrection Orb
Trazyn the Infinite
Vargard Obyron


Selections: Gauss Blaster, 15x Immortal
Selections: 15x Immortal, Tesla Carbine
Necron Warriors
Selections: 100x Necron Warrior
Necron Warriors


C'tan Shard of the Deceiver
C'tan Shard of the Nightbringer
Canoptek Tomb Stalker
Selections: 25x Deathmark
Flayed Ones
Selections: 20x Flayed One
Selections: Hyperphase Sword and Dispersion Shield, 10x Lychguard
Selections: 6x Lychguard, Warscythe
Triarch Praetorians
Selections: Rod of Covenant, 10x Triarch Praetorian
Triarch Stalker
Selections: Heat Ray*
Triarch Stalker
Selections: Particle Shredder*
Triarch Stalker
Selections: Twin Heavy Gauss Cannon*

Fast Attack

Canoptek Scarabs
Selections: 63x Canoptek Scarab Swarm
Canoptek Scarabs
Canoptek Tomb Sentinel
Canoptek Wraiths
Selections: 3x Canoptek Wraith
Canoptek Wraiths
3x Canoptek Wraith w/ Transdimensional Beamer
Selections: 3x Transdimensional Beamer
6x Canoptek Wraith w/ Whip Coils
Selections: 6x Whip Coils
5x Destroyer
Selections: 5x Gauss Cannon
5x Destroyer
Selections: 5x Gauss Cannon
Tomb Blades
Selections: Shadowloom, Shieldvanes
Two Gauss Blasters - 9
Heavy Support
Annihilation Barge
Selections: Gauss Cannon - 3*
Canoptek Spyder
Selections: Fabricator Claw Array, Gloom Prism
Canoptek Spyder
Selections: Fabricator Claw Array, Gloom Prism
Canoptek Spyder
Selections: Fabricator Claw Array, Gloom Prism
Doomsday Ark
Doomsday Ark
3x Heavy Destroyer
Tesseract Ark
Two Tesla Cannons
Selections: 2x Tesla Cannon
Transcendent C'tan

Doom Scythe - 4*
Night Scythe - 4*

Dedicated Transport
Ghost Ark - 3*

Lord of War
Gauss Pylon

* - This unit is magnetized so can be either model e.g. Doomscythe or Nightscythe
Made in no
Longtime Dakkanaut

bad news, Death grand alliance is NOT a shooting army, it is a mele army. if you want shooting you have to begin a brand new army in the other grand alliances.

after the release of LoN, FeC was not included in that and is now lagging behind.
NightHaunts as a stand alone feature army is prolly above avrage but it relies heavy on synergys, more then what LoN does. they have units buffing other units and allmoust all of their heroes buffs units, so it is a step up in complexity compared to LoN.

not mutch else to say before you say more.

Collects: Flames of War/Tanks. Wings/Sails of Glory. Warmachine. SW Armada. Adeptus Titanicus. 
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