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Looking to take my Eldar out for the first time in 8th. I have access to a stupid large variety and amount of units including all of the FW units. I want to make a list that can be scaled up from 1250 to 2000. It seems that wave serpents are so I'm good for up to 6 of those. I don't have any Harlequins so lets keep suggestions to just CWE builds. I hope to get advice on builds and general tactics. My local play group plays competitive lists with little or no mercy.

Thanks in advance.

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Why don't you make a list of what you think is good and then I'll help you edit it

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Indeed, make a list first.
I suggest Biel-Tan and to equip the Serpents with shuriken cannons.

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Whats up with people asking for suggestions out of the blue for 1500 point eldar lists yesterday! First this one, then another one. feel like a missed a memo or something.

Anyway, if you need suggestions from whole cloth do a search through the forum and find lists you find interesting. Then create your own, then post it here for suggestions. This is a forum for others to critique and help perfect your army list, 40K is too open ended for us to just, you know *give* you an army list. I mean I guess I could give you my Eldar 1500 list. I suppose Wuestenfux could give you his 1500 point list. But neither of those would really be *your* list would it?

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Xom finds this thread hilarious!

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Figure out which Craftworld you like most then go from there. There aren't really any bad options but the best to are Alaitoc and Beil-tan. Although that all may change with the points reductions from chapter approved. I would just go from a lore stand point and then build based off of their craftworld trait. Normally I would say this is a bad idea but eldar are a decently high tier army so its actually decently hard to make a legitimately bad list without trying to. But the real good units if you dont know go like this:

Dark Reapers
Shining Spears
Wave Serpents
Rangers (Depending on Craftworld)
Dire Avengers (Depending on Craftworld)
Guardian Defenders
Fire Dragons
Hemlock Wraithfighters
Farseers (Any variant
Warlocks (Any variant)
Autarch Sky Runners
Fire Prisms

I'm sure I missed some though but if your running combinations of these units and you have decent target priority in mind then you should be fine.

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Yeah, waiting for Chapter approved may be the best option right now before building your list. With the Wraithknight point reduction as well as the new wraith host specialist detachments giving awesome things like charge distance re-rolls and a +1 attack 1CP stratagem, I'm definitely feeling like building a wraith list in the new year! imagine a 10 strong wraith bomb getting 50 attacks on the charge!
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