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Doylestown, PA

My store is having a 6 week escalation league starting at 1000 then 1250, 1500, 1750, 2000, 2000.
We can change lists but not factions during the league. So 4 armies with be Vanguard, 2 will be Battlehost limits.

I am considering a destruction faction with grots & odds (no Orcs or Ogres they have their own armies)
I like the Giants (behemoths), Scraplaunchers (artillery), Gutbuster Grots (others) with Gitmob Grots as battleline. Big Boss as leader and Shaman (gitmob/Moonclan) filling in the rest. Might pick up Shaman Snazzgar

Suggestions on Command traits (Bellowing Tyrant/Ravager?), Artifacts (Battered Talisman?), Spells (have the endless spells, etc ?

So at this time I have.

3 - Big Boss on gigantic Spider (Spiderfang)
5 - Grot Shaman (Gitmob/Moonclan)
4 - Grot Warboss (Moonclan) - any benefit as the Bog Boss is same price, better profile and has attacks with spider

5 - Arachnarok w/Shaman (Spiderfang)

0 - Grots (Gitmob) - Bows 16", 2+hit rolls for 30+
0 - Grots (Moonclan) - Netters (5), Fanatics (9)
192 - Grots w/spears
140 - Grots w/bows
20 - Grots w/swords

5 - Arachnarok w/catapult (Spiderfang)
3 - Aleguzzlers

2 - Scraplaunchers (Gutbusters)
1 - Doom Diver Catapult (Gitmob)
1 - Rock Lobber (Gitmob)
1 - Spear Chukka (Gitmob)

64 - Grots (Gutbusters) - 3 attacks if 30 or more, so 60 x 3 = 180 attacks.
100 - Spider Riders (Spiderfang)
2 - Snotling Pump Wagons (Gitmob)
16 - Snotling (Gitmob)
9 - Fanatics (Moonclan)
12 - Troggoths

Appreciate and ideas or suggestions.

AoS - Chaos 20538+, Skaven 8110+, Grots 15496+
40K - Chaos 21529+
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