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You Sunk My Battleship!


Having been rather light on Biblical armies, ADLG and its easy-to-collect army size has allowed me to turbocharge this previously neglected part of my collection.

First up were the Myceneans, and then the NKE ended up being rebased as well. But now, finally, and after 30 years of collecting and gaming I now have an Assyrian army as well. As with the Myceneans, my choice was to go with Museum figures. They are a little static in their poses and stylized, but for Biblical era I feel that this style works really well.

The Assyrians are a ruthlessly efficient army and so the regular poses of most of the men also feels right. Many of the colour choices were inspired by (but sadly not particularly closely copied from) the painted versions of the fantastic 28mm Foundry range, which have provided three Generals elements for this army as well.

The highlight of the army is the Chariotry - having been rather scared of how to paint up the big slab sided chariots I had a surprisingly obvious bit of inspiration to combine a common or garden cheap printer and some Google-fu to searches for "Assyrian Patterns", downloading and printing out some images to paste onto the walls of the Chariots to surprisingly good effect.

There's a full page of pictures of all of the figures, together with paint selection details (and links to eBay to find the paints) to browse now on madaxeman.com

Plenty more photos (and a video) on madaxeman.com

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See more of this rubbish there 
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Regular Dakkanaut


lovely job there

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Stoic Grail Knight

drinking tea in the snow

Impressive work, and the patterns on the chariots do look really neat!

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Napoleonics Obsesser


Love me some Assyrians!

Looks great and I look forward to reading some AARs!

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Longtime Dakkanaut


Very nice! Those chariots look amazing.
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