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How to use the Mantic square bases with the holes?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Brooding Night Goblin

Hi guys,

I am in the process of making all models for my KoW Vanguard Giant Pledge Kickstarter.
so far I used my reserves of GW bases to base my Mantic models because the mantic bases confused me...
Now my reserves start to deplete and I wonder how to use the mantic bases...

The mantic square bases I have all have a "hole" on the side that seems to be the top.

I wonder what to do with that hole or what it is for? First I thought its the optional place to add weight but:
I cannot glue a (euro) cent inside them, because they are too small.
And then I would think that the "weight" would be on the bottom side, but judging that the sides on the hole are a bit smaller than on the OTHER side, it seems that this anyway is intended as the TOP side.

When I am doing my base decoration, I want them "flat" so I can just paint some "mud-effect paint" (this GW paint breaking up... I forgot how its called) over them and be done with it. But using green stuff on all bases to achieve that seems... tedious.

So what do you guys do? Just use them upside down?
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Steady Stonecleaver

Turn them upside down. The hole is for older Mantic models with small integral bases.

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Speed Drybrushing

San Francisco, CA

Yup, just turn them over. Scratch up the top a bit, so the glue you're using will hold your models well when you glue them down. The surface is currently really slick, and might prove brittle or otherwise not particularly strong when you glue 'em down.

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