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Made in us

The Land of Big, Stompy Robots

Hey all,

A new year means a new project, and since I'm currently without a good gaming table and a friend has a bunch of plastic 40k terrain he's painting, I decided why not build one? And furthermore, why not make a blog of it so people can see?

I only two real restrictions going into this project:
  • It must be easy to store
  • It must serve both Kill Team and Gaslands

  • Easy to store means no real built-in terrain. I don't want it to be just a featureless board with painted sand and a few tufts of grass here and there, though. Still, it has to be pretty flat.

    Easy to store also means small, which is why I'm going with a Kill Team board rather than a normal 40k one. 22"x30" is a lot easier to slide under a bed than even a 4'x4'.

    It also should be large enough for most Gaslands games. If you don't know, Gaslands is a Mad Max-style car combat game from Osprey played with Hot Wheels cars. Gaslands is a dramatically different scale than 40k, but if I keep the details general enough, it should be fine.

    So here are a couple pics of the empty board. I've used some 1/8" door skin for the top and a couple 1x2 boards for the sides and bracing. Also way too many screws. Hopefully the mid-board braces will keep it from warping, but I'm not planning on just gluing sand down, so that should keep warpage to a minimum.

    [Thumb - board01.jpg]
    Kill Team/Gaslands board top, pre-sanding.

    [Thumb - board02.jpg]
    Kill Team/Gaslands board bottom, post-sanding

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    Made in us

    The Land of Big, Stompy Robots

    Okay, part 2. Finally something worth talking about!

    I decided I wanted a road on the board, partly because Gaslands, but partly because I've always appreciated a well-done road and have never had one myself. Plus it's a great wat to add some texture to the table without a lot of height.

    The road was made from cork sheets cut into 3 3/4" wide pieces (because why make cork panels actually 12" square, that's silly!). It's a good scale for both Gaslands and 40k without it dominating the table. I then broke it into rough pieces to simulate millennia of wear and tear, and scuffed all the edges with a big screw to rough them up. I saw a video that used a drywall saw to rough the edges of cork, which would have been more civilized, but I don't have one and the screw worked remarkably well. I then reassembled the road, gluing it to the board with adhesive caulk.
    [Thumb - board03.jpg]
    Kill Team board with road attached.

    [Thumb - board04.jpg]
    Close up of cork road.

    [Thumb - board05.jpg]
    Closer up of cork road.

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    Made in us
    Irked Necron Immortal

    Maybe a arroyo or shallow ravine if you want a little more integral detail? The cork road looks good. Will follow this.

    Understand about wanting your table to do double duty. While I used to buy any terrain that took my fancy, I am now trying to theme it. Since a number of armies I own (or purchased and have yet to assemble) require desert basing it is now desert hills, palm trees and MidEast, Egyptian, or Hellenistic buildings. (If I ever get around to my In Her Majesty's Name figures can use 19th Century European colonial too.)

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    Made in us

    The Land of Big, Stompy Robots

    Thanks for the compliment. I'm not going with anything subterranean since there's not really anywhere to cut into, and building a hill up to then cut into it would make a big mess. I do like the idea of a ravine that the Gaslands cars could jump over, so I'll keep that in mind for the next one.

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    Made in us

    The Land of Big, Stompy Robots

    Boy, we need some more texture on that board. Unfortunately I didn't get any pics of it before I started applying the ground texture (more on that later), so you'll have to be happy with in-progress shots.

    I took three areas of the board and added some underlying texture that would be blended into the surface later.

    First was some redwood chips for a rock outcrop in the bottom right of the first pic. After cooking the chips in a 200 degree oven for about an hour and a half (to kill any creepy crawlies) I cut them down so they would both have a flat edge to glue to the table and keep a relatively low profile. Then I combined them, jigsaw puzzle-style to make one large piece.

    Next, in the upper middle is some roughly cut pieces of plastic needlework mesh. I went to the local fabric store and found pieces with 3 different sizes of holes. This one is basically perforated with tiny holes, and I'll be using it a lot more on future projects. It's not as cheap as the other ones, but you get a lot, considering.

    Finally in the upper left is square cut pieces of diamond plate plasticard. Not much else to say about that. I cut it differently from the mesh just to be different. They'll both have their edges covered with spackle and stuff anyway.

    The circles drawn on the board are for manhole covers to account for the Tunnels rule in Kill Team. They'll be added later.
    [Thumb - board06.jpg]
    Board with added base texture.

    [Thumb - board09.jpg]
    Wood chips for rock outcropping.

    [Thumb - board08.jpg]
    Plastic mesh with perforated holes.

    [Thumb - board07.jpg]
    Diamond plate plasticard.

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    Made in us

    The Land of Big, Stompy Robots

    All the ground texture has been applied now. I felt like I was frosting a cake.

    The stuff has a base of lightweight spackle, fine sand, coarse ballast, cork crumbles from roughing up the roads, static grass, and a touch of water to make it more pliable. Really, the static grass was a waste, as you can't see it at all. I wasn't hoping for tufts of grass, but maybe a few noticeable pieces. Oh well, they wouldn't be visible after I paint everything anyway.

    I spread it all with a small putty knife (which took quite a while), and was careful to build up the space on the sides of the road so it didn't have such an abrupt jump from non-road to road. After that, I took a damp sponge brush thing and dabbed the whole thing to give it a softer, more worn down look. It especially helped blend in the wood chips to the ground. Not shown in the pics is the sand/ballast I put in between the cracks in the road, but if you've seen any piece of terrain anywhere, you've seen that effect already.

    I'm very pleased with how everything is going, and the whole thing is so light it's kind of unbelievable.

    Only a couple more minor details before the painting begins!
    [Thumb - board10.jpg]
    Kill Team board, now fully covered with ground texture.

    [Thumb - board11.jpg]
    Close up of the applied texture.

    [Thumb - board12.jpg]
    You can see the bumpiness I was going for.

    [Thumb - board13.jpg]
    Ground texture mixture.

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    Made in au
    Plaguebearer with a Flu


    Board is looking really good mate. Ground texture looks like it will paint up nicely.

    Do you have terrain ready for it, or are you planning on making it as you go?

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    Made in us

    The Land of Big, Stompy Robots


    I've got some stuff from Death Ray Designs to build (and add LEDs to), but for the moment I'll be using a friend's Wall of Martyrs and a couple other things.

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    Made in us
    Legendary Master of the Chapter

    Fantastic start man cant wait to see how everything goes.

     Unit1126PLL wrote:
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    And yet another thread is hijacked for Unit to ask for the same advice, receive the same answers and make the same excuses.

    Oh my god I'm becoming martel.
    Send help!

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    Looking good!

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    Made in us

    The Land of Big, Stompy Robots

    Only a minor update today before I start painting.

    Since in some Kill Team games you can have tunnels, I decided to add them to this board too. They're a little out of scale for the Gaslands stuff, but they can be water outflows or sewage or something.

    The tunnel covers are two layers of plasticard, one a solid disc and one a ring with a circle of plastic needlepoint mesh inside it. And did I take a picture of any of the tunnel covers being made? Heck no, you'll have to use your imagination!

    Also added was some sand/gravel between the cracks in the roadway.
    [Thumb - board14.jpg]
    Kill Team board ready to paint.

    [Thumb - board15.jpg]
    Tunnel covers for Kill Team scenarios.

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    Made in us
    Fixture of Dakka

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    Fantastic looking, thanks for sharing the pictures.

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    Made in us

    The Land of Big, Stompy Robots

    Back on the work train!

    First colors of paint are done, covering all the basic ground. After perusing a ton of 40k/wastelandy boards I decided on a light brown color with a touch of green to give it a bit of a sickly feel. I'm not going for all out nurgly fetidness, just slightly off. Usually I go for straight brown > tan > cream, but I wanted something different this time.

    So I decided the base layer should be kind of a dark khaki color and let me tell you, it is impossible to find that as a color in any craft or art store I tried. I really didn't want to mix the colors on the go, but there wasn't really any other option. I also didn't want to get a whole can of house paint (even a small one) from the hardware store. So I found a sort of close color at an art store and just bit the bullet and mixed the color as I went.

    One other lesson learned: real artist paint, even though it was still acrylic, is a very different beast from craft paint. It took a ton of water to get it mixed down to a spreadable state.

    If you're looking to recreate the colors, I can't give you exact measurements, but it was about 6 parts Raw Umber, 3 parts Stonewedge Green, 1 part Vanilla for the base. Lighter layers were based more around the Stonewedge Green with varying degrees of umber and vanilla. There's no real wrong way to do it; it's all just personal preference. The brands of the paints are in the pic below.

    Next the detailing begins, though I may go back and give the whole board a wash with black/brown ink first to give it some more definition. I can't decide yet, though that would probably mean redoing the lighter drybrush layers.
    [Thumb - board16.jpg]
    Kill Team board, first colors done

    [Thumb - board17.jpg]
    Close up of the texture effect.

    [Thumb - board18.jpg]
    Paint colors and brands used

    New Career Time? 
    Made in us
    Nasty Nob

    Table is looking really good.

    Yes, as someone who has used a lot of craft paint, I agree with your observation about needing to add water. Though it's highly subjective based on brand and age of the paint. And even among craft paint some are higher quality than others. Delta Ceramcoat is really nice for the money.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. Every time I see one of these builds I want to make one. But I'm just not gaming much these days.

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