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I have looked around online but I can't find a list for Northern Alliance. I would quite like to use them to represent one of the fantasy kingdoms in my RPG setting (Valon in the Wilderlands - literally a kingdom of half elves, winter elves with weather magic and a large area of ocean with merpeople living in it).

Is the list not available or are people supposed to use Varangur to represent them?

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The list doesn't exist yet.

I think I heard it mentioned that they might come out with the list in third edition, but I could be wrong on that.

You might try extrapolating a potential list from combining Varangur, Trident Realms, and Dwarfs. Limit to basic units that can be reasonably tied/compared to what's in the Vanguard list.
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Some units from the Northern Alliance are added to the Varangur with CoK19

The last info we had about their KoW list was that it should come with a supplement containing the Northern Alliance, Ophidia and the re-worked Twilight Kin

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Thanks for the quick answer guys! I guess I will just wait until they release it and mix and match units like I was gonna if I actually want to use them in a battle before then (which is unfortunately unlikely!)

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