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Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

Hey guys.

So for a quite a while I have had the want to do a Plague Marine Army.
After a Fantasy Nurgle army years back, it was always on the cards.
Now after buying Dark Vengeance ages ago, Dark Imperium a while ago, and starting Conquest magazine. It finally seems the time to get started on it!

A big part of the delay, aside from not having the time , was being unsure on a colour scheme. Didn’t want to just do Death Guard, but still green and such.
So I’m working on that still.

Problem two to overcome, was repeat models, something I hate.
I have the Dark Imperium characters twice, and all of it coming inconquest again too.
Also the ETB marines have come from the magazine and I already had them. So now I have three sets.
Converting them up is the next thing, which is what’s at the beginning of this project.

(It will be slow going on this project. I’m in the middle of a tale of painters with friends doing Necrons, which may itself be a log).

On to the first pictures. The conversions of the ETB’s so far.
(Excuse the pictures, I’m gonna take in daylight going forward when it’s better).

They’ve all pretty much had some bits switched around using the Plague Marine Kit spares.
I still have three bolters, three Blight launchers and three champions. But they are all varied in more interesting ways now.
Champions (one with Plasma Pistol, one with one with plasma gun/ bolster as interchangeable backpack, then the last with power fost and same interchangeable pack). Gives me 5-7 champions total all with different options depending.
[Thumb - 08A51815-F534-4E0E-8586-922E505FD7B0.jpeg]

[Thumb - 0D20256A-C4FF-4178-8993-49A516C04C08.jpeg]

[Thumb - 0F44B327-9B20-4C38-B679-BFD4234C06BC.jpeg]

[Thumb - F5F891B2-16A8-48D6-8B68-03C61B97C1D0.jpeg]

[Thumb - 63DCE4C1-FD02-4887-904F-95E26A53B8A7.jpeg]

[Thumb - CEB5D1C5-6678-4483-B2E4-05BA84E0236F.jpeg]

[Thumb - C2D81221-4DA5-4246-BF3B-88EE77421304.jpeg]

[Thumb - 4B8D2A0C-5C36-4E38-99CB-1AE71358E0E8.jpeg]

[Thumb - FDF35AFD-5A5C-4098-AE7C-03B848BB84DA.jpeg]

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Made in ca
Stoic Grail Knight

drinking tea in the snow

Some very nice kitbashing! I feel the same way about repeat figures, got to find a way to try to make them all at least a little individual.

realism is a lie
Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

Torso front, head, and the arms.
Goes such a long way on these guys to make them look different.

The Blight Launcher body, he is the tricky one as his arm claw at the side is on the body.
So hopefully step two of varying them up - the paint job, will make them look really unique.

(I have copious notes and planning for the Poxwalkers, and the characters to do the same, excited to get working on them).
Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

Just a quick update. Little bit of extra building done.
Here is the conversion for the Plague Caster next to the original.
Just built up but not glued yet as I need to sort Mold lines etc.

As you can see, a chest plate and head then swapping out two hands is all that was needed and it really makes it look different!
[Thumb - CCF25D48-707D-4D5C-96E6-61EB09A34981.jpeg]

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Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

Very minor update this time, as I’ve parted out all the bits from the Plague Marine Box (I needed to do it to see what pieces I would have spare to use on the Dark Vengeance and ETB models).

I found I wanted to build more of the special options on the box, and you really get limited to what you can build from the box.

With that, I’ve just grabbed some old Space Marine arms to rest this Melta Gun in.
Still need to sort the left arm, but just needed to make sure the pose sat right.
Will need a little green stuff too, but for the most part it was just snipping off hands!
[Thumb - 57902CBA-5D7F-46A3-8798-AB7D54C38C13.jpeg]

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Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

Next update is my conversion of the Noxious Blightbringer.

I’ve turned him into a champion for a Plague Marine unit.
He already has a plasma pistol, and I’ve added a PFist.

A quick swap out of the backpack, and removal of the hanging censer ball things, has changed the profile drastically.

Originally I had thought to head swap too, but I think he is different enough as he is now.
Let me know if you have any thoughts!
[Thumb - 3D459DF3-CCD6-42F1-9ADD-9BF7BB3B44C5.jpeg]

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Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

Such a long while since I’ve been able to get to anything.

But none the less, I have managed to build up the ETB Poxwalkers, again with a little variance on the poses (I am also doing this for the 10 repeats you get in DI).
[Thumb - 2EAAF4F5-0C95-4D40-95CF-B34E47FD148E.jpeg]

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Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

Close ups
[Thumb - 2B433E70-7533-4C37-9B4D-692129A0948E.jpeg]

[Thumb - 9EE94674-5E26-4E47-84B2-0B2EF113BE11.jpeg]

[Thumb - 5FFF6347-AA3C-47A4-8E67-12924AFF62B9.jpeg]

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Made in tr
Dakka Veteran

Finally, Some paint to a model!

Now I’ll admit, it’s just Base coat colours, with an Agrax wash pretty much all over.
But it’s already feeling like success! Still some highlights to decide on, and a wash colour for the Nurgling, but the base of Deathworld Forestis a nice look for them I think.
Shall try and get another few washed to this point so I can decide on where to go from there
[Thumb - 1F5F28C1-B3F3-4F8B-87F0-781881D3EED0.jpeg]

[Thumb - 811DD375-C4CA-4D04-9808-9AB5F184235C.jpeg]

[Thumb - 818E5B14-579D-4B3C-B8F4-B14DFA8F17AA.jpeg]

Made in ca
Stoic Grail Knight

drinking tea in the snow

That is nice progress! Still liking those bug eyes a lot.

realism is a lie
Made in tr
Dakka Veteran

Thanks! That’s why he had to be the first one I painted. It’s so characterful.

Really getting into the mood of doing them now (which is annoying as I’m on holiday at the moment so hope the momentum carries on when I return).
Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

I’ve been working on some Blightlord Terminators.

I have The multipart five to build up, and then the Felthius Four.
To make the tenth guy, I have a second Lord of Contagion that I’m converting up to make a regular Bolter and Axe guy.

Just a quick switch of head, remove a few bits that make him LoC looking.
I cut down his weapon to make it one handed, then got a combi bolter into his other.

Here’s the progress so far.
[Thumb - 411936E0-1616-418F-9818-ABA9A3EDEE90.jpeg]

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