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Bad Moon Rumble #2 - 2,000 Point ITC Event - London, UK  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Been Around the Block

Bad Moon Rumble is a monthly Warhammer 40,000 tournament held at the Bad Moon Cafe in Central London in partnership with the London Wargaming Guild.

Tickets will be available for purchase from 08.00 on January 7 at https://www.badmooncafe.co.uk/product-category/event-tickets/.

- 2,000 Points
- Chapter Approved 2018 Eternal War missions
- 3 games, one-day event
- 24 players
- ITC Registered Event

- First Place - £25 in store credit
- Second Place - £15 in store credit
- Third Place - £10 in store credit

Event Link
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Been Around the Block

The first Bad Moon Rumble event held in January was a great success. Still some tickets left for our February event:

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Wrathful Warlord Titan Commander


No offence, but is £25 first prize really much of an incentive considering it's a £20 buy-in? Even if you come second you're still losing money.
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Regular Dakkanaut

It isnt about the money to be honest. If you are entering tournaments to make money, you'd be sorely disappointed.

That being said £25 is on the low end. I'd be willing to give Bad Moon the benefit of the doubt early on as I suspect some of that is being used to subsidise the cost of running a 40k tournament as opposed to something else.

If this continues to be popular and there is a good draw, I agree that the prize should probably increase. Anyway just a random guy's view.
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Wrathful Warlord Titan Commander


I wouldn't say it's an incentive to play, but at the moment with 12 people signed up at £20/head that's £240 taken in. You'd think with that money already taken, as well as the likely chance of it going up as more people sign up, you'd be able to put a bit more into the prizes.

Also there's the fact that it's not cash, it's store credit. You spend your winnings there (and probably some more of your own cash), you may be inclined to go back, which may be beneficial to the store in the long run. I did it myself a couple of weeks ago, won £15 in store credit and spent a little bit extra to get something.
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Lead-Footed Trukkboy Driver

London UK

 Valkyrie wrote:
No offence, but is £25 first prize really much of an incentive considering it's a £20 buy-in? Even if you come second you're still losing money.

Its a valid point but then this a gamestore. They do exist to make money after all and they've been barely open for a few months so with my limited business knowledge I would assume that they'd struggle to break even year 1. In my opinion its probably the nicest place to play 40k in London right now. If they went away it would be a sad day for 40k gaming in London so I'm also happy to support them on that basis.

I look at it as 3 games at about £6 per table you're already in for £18 at their pricing model. So for the extra £2 you get to have fun, compete and get ITC points on a monthly basis and as a kicker you can win some store credit if you're good enough.
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Been Around the Block

Question here. Could you use the in store credit to purchase tickets for the same tournament the following month?
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