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Made in nl
Crazed Flagellant



This weekend I'll be playing a game to introduce a few old WHFB players to Kings of War. This is the list I'm planning to bring:

Feedback is welcome as I want
a) have a list that does something in all phases
b) be effective enough for a good game, but no steamroll
c) to show my new goblin detachment (http://kingsofwarvince.business.blog/2018/12/16/the-curious-case-of-my-goblin-detachment-1/)

It's the odd number of 1,400 points as that's the amount one of the guys owns.

The list:
Undead main army

-Zombie Legion (200)
-Troop ghouls (65)
-Troop skeleton archers (75)
-Zombie troll horde; healing brew (180)
-Necromancer, amulet of inspiring, mount, bane chant (135)
-Barrow wights (265)
-Revenant king, mount, blade of slashing (145)

Goblin allies
-Spitter horde (140)
-Biggit (60)
-Mincer (80)
-War trombone (65)

Together: 1,400 exactly

My blog on Kings of War:

Made in at
Brooding Night Goblin

Hm, to demonstrate "magic shooting" I would somehow add another necromancer with lightning bolt or give the revenant king an artifact to cast a shooty spell. apart from that the only hing i could think of would be some nimble troops to better be able to emphasize how important (and different to WHFB) movement is.

adding such thinkgs all would probably go against the "effectiveness" of the army, but isn't a tabletop gamer anyway supposed to lose their demo game against the potential newcomers?
Made in nl
Crazed Flagellant


Thanks! I've switched a few things here and there to include heal on the necromancer. Worked out nice.

And of course, I did loose. This is how it should be.

My blog on Kings of War:

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