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Made in ca
Swift Swooping Hawk

Here is a little list I have been toying with as part of an upcoming project.

Does it look solid? Any tweaks that might make it a tad more vicious? Thoughts?

Obsidian Rose Battalion

Archon (Blast Pistol, Armor of Misery, Huskblade) Warlord: Deathly Perfectionist

Archon (Splinter Pistol, Huskblade)


20 x Kabalites (2 Splinter Cannons, 2 Blasters) will deployed in the Webway AKA Anvil
10 x Kabalites (1 Splinter Cannon, 2 Blasters) will be deployed in Raider for Fire Support
5 x Kabalites will be deployed in Venom

5 x Incubi to act as bodyguards for the Warlord
5 x Trueborns with 4 x Shredders in a Venom to clear objectives from campers

5x Scourges (4 x Haywire Blasters)
5 x Scourges (4 x Blasters)

1 x Ravager with 3 disintegrator cannons
1 x Ravager with 3 disintegrator cannons
1 x Ravager with 3 disintegrator cannons

1 x Void Raven

1 x Raider w Splinter Racks
1 x Venom with Dual Splinter Cannon
1 x Venom with Dual Splinter Cannon

Spearhead (Prophets of Flesh)
1 x Haemonculus (Hexrifle)
1 x Talos (Chain-Flails, Macro-Scalpel, Twin Haywire Blaster)
1 x Talos (Chain-Flails, Macro-Scalpel, Twin Haywire Blaster)
1 x Talos (Chain-Flails, Macro-Scalpel, Twin Splinter Cannon)

The Kabalites in the Webway will be dropped 15" from the enemy to maximise distance while still be able to rapid fire. That's 46 splinter shots with 2 Blasters

The Scourges are there to put pressure and hunt vehicules

Talos will draw fire and soak damage hopefully long enough for the anvil to drop behind the enemy

1 Archon stays with the Ravagers and acts as a firebase with the extra range they can cover 42"

Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

I feel it may have some potential.


Are you running the Archons and Incubi on foot? If so I can't ever see them making combat. I tend to just give the Archon a blaster and stick him in a Venom.

Also I'd try to replace the Haemonculus with Urien keeping that 4++ but also handing out a +1 S & T to the taoli.
Made in ca
Swift Swooping Hawk

Archon and Incubi are on foot. Honestly I put the incubi mostly for fluff and because I love the models. The plan was to have them hold an objective in the back and act as a distraction Carnifex from the real threat.

I could swap the Incubi for a Venom and stick the Archon in there.

Urien sounds like a good plan as well. I will see about scrounging a few points and see if it's possible.

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