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Hello, do you know the BannerWar game rule? It is a French rule that has just come out and that allows to realize mass battle going from the antique to the medieval while passing by the fantastic. (bannerwar.fr)

BannerWar is a simulation system of historical and fantastic battles where strategy, tactics and risk taking are skilfully balanced.
History players will love the richness of army structures, unit detail and simulation realism.

All fantasy players will be able to replay their existing armies with a great variety and originality of troops.
Designed for both leisure and competition, the rule in French is richly illustrated and can play at all scales.

The simple and effective mechanics of games bring fluid and dynamic play, while ensuring many tactical and strategic possibilities.
Its soclage is identical with most games.
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Do you have a link of some sort?

The Zenobian 7th in Action - 40K Imperial Guard doing a Rogue Trader's dirty work

Dispatches from the Miniature Front - my new blog 
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Captain Kavern wrote:

This is the url.

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