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Regular Dakkanaut


So do all the Iron Hands augmenting their bodies?

Also are they Iron Hands successors that don’t augmenting their bodies?
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Regular Dakkanaut

All Iron Hands at least replace their left hand. Beyond that they can get augmented by choice or by necessity. Generally, the older or more zealous the marine, the more cybernetic he becomes.

Successors aren't necessarily as crazy about it. I don't think Brazen Claws augment any more than other chapters.
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Regular Dakkanaut

Thanks for the info.
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Ancient Venerable Dark Angels Dreadnought

Iron Hands go absolutely nuts with augs; the vets are so heavily aug'd that they can "die" but be resurrected by simply rebooting their battery. They're no longer dependent upon biological organs to function due to being so heavily mechanized.

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