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Hello all, I recently bought the Imperial Fists Battleforce after finally giving in to the Primaris hype (plus I was buying all the limited edition models so I needed something for them to fit in with). I've been a big fan of the true Blue Marines for a while and so I want to build a fun 2000 point list. Nothing overly competitive, possibly a bit silly. I'm not looking for allied detachments either, just pure Crimson Fists.

I've drawn up a list below and could really do with some feedback, I haven't really played 40k properly after 15+ years in the hobby and I'm still getting my head around the tactics.
After the list I'll give a description of my ideas.

++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Space Marines) [495pts] ++

+ HQ [242pts] +

Pedro Kantor [150pts]: Warlord

Primaris Captain w/Power Fist [92pts]: Plasma pistol, Power fist

+ Troops [253pts] +

Intercessor Squad [94pts]: Auxiliary Grenade Launcher, Bolt rifle
. 4x Intercessor
. Intercessor Sergeant: Power fist

Intercessor Squad [94pts]: Auxiliary Grenade Launcher, Bolt rifle
. 4x Intercessor
. Intercessor Sergeant: Power fist

Scout Squad [65pts]
. Scout Sergeant : Bolt pistol, Boltgun
. 3x Scout w/Boltgun
. Scout w/ Heavy bolter

++ Vanguard Detachment +1CP [ 583pts] ++

+ HQ [75pts] +

Primaris Lieutenant [ 75pts]: Master-crafted stalker bolt rifle (Duty's Burden Relic)

+ Elites [508pts] +

Aggressor Squad [111pts]: 2x Aggressor, Aggressor Sergeant: Auto Boltstorm Gauntlets/Fragstorm Grenade Launcher.

Company Ancient [63pts]: Boltgun

Redemptor Dreadnought [165pts]: 2x Fragstorm Grenade Launchers, Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon, Icarus Rocket Pod, Onslaught Gatling Cannon

Sternguard Veteran Squad [80pts]
x4 Space Marine Veteran: x4 SIB
. Veteran Sergeant: Special Issue Boltgun

Sternguard Veteran Squad [ 89pts]
x4 Space Marine Veteran: x4 Storm Bolters
. Veteran Sergeant: Power fist , Storm bolter

++ Spearhead Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Space Marines) [922pts] ++

+ HQ [5 PL, 74pts] +

Primaris Lieutenant [74pts]: Master-crafted auto bolt rifle

+ Heavy Support [848pts] +

Devastator Squad [170pts]: Armorium Cherub
. Space Marine Sergeant: Boltgun
. Space Marine w/ x4 Lascannons

Hellblaster Squad [165pts]: Plasma incinerator
. 4x Hellblaster
. Hellblaster Sergeant: Bolt pistol

Land Raider [327pts]: Hunter-killer missile , Multi-melta, Storm bolter, Twin heavy bolter, 2x Twin lascannon

Predator [186pts]: Hunter-killer missile, Twin lascannon, Two Lascannons

++ Total: [ 2000pts] ++

The emphasis will be focussed on the Land Raider, with Pedro, both Sternguards, and the Company Ancient embarked. Depending on the enemy, Rynn's Might 2.0 might go straight up the middle before disembarking Suicide Blob.
I've highlighted two separate loadouts for the Sterns, and depending on the enemy both squads could run SIB or SB, one still keeping a PF unless I need the points.
The idea is to have enough firepower to take out swarms or tough targets and with Pedro at least some CC profficiency.
Meanwhile the Predator is kept safe 48'' away from dangers and the same with the Devastators, with the Intercessors screening the flanks. Scouts possibly holding objectives. The aggressors look awesome but I'm unsure whether to just advance them up the board, or instead dismount Pedro (keeping the LR in the rear) and use him with the aggressors. Upping numbers to x6 Aggressors might be fun as well.
The rest is just for more Dakka when needed with HQ's providing the necessary buffs.

Any feedback on this build would be great, I would like to maintain some presence of a LR variant and Pedro for fluff's sake, maybe the Sternguards as well.


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