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Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

This list is for a league at my local club, using ITC rules, competition is a mix of casual guys and regular tournament goers rocking your usual suspects.

Grey Knights are my favourite army, while they are quite frankly terrible running solo, in a soup format I believe they can bring some useful tricks and still be pretty efficient in terms of stratagem and psychic power usage.

Grey Knight Battalion

Lord Kaldor Draigo: Gate of Infinity, Astral Aim.
GMNDK: Hammer, Psi and Psy, teleporter, Sanctuary.

Strike squad: 5-man, falchions
Strike squad: 5-man, falchions
Strike squad: 5-man, falchions

Interceptor squad: 10-man, falchions, Vortex of Doom.

Tallarn Battalion

Tank Commander: Battle cannon, lascannon, plasma cannon sponsons.
Tank Commander: Battle cannon, lascannon, plasma cannon sponsons.

Infantry squad
Infantry squad
Infantry squad

[b][u]Imperial Knight Super Heavy Auxillary, House Krast

Knight Crudader, Avenger Gatling cannon, Battle cannon, heavy Stubber.

Pre-game I will give the knight a warlord trait and a relic, Ion Bulwark and the Headsman's Mark.

I’m not sure on warlord at the moment, it will either be GMNDK with first to the fray, to maximise his chance of getting into combat when needed, or Grand stratageist on one of the tanks, although I have enough VP for what I want, more ain’t gonna hurt, or Old Grudges on a tank, to help take out knights.

Game Plan

Draigo and interceptors start in a corner, tucked away in a building out of Los, turn 1 they shunt/gate into position within los blocking terrain, Draigo casts astral aim on them and the interceptors vortex through the wall. Turn 2, they either move 12” forward to get within a comfortable charge range and do the business or they use the stratagem to make a second shunt and basically rinse and repeat.

GMNDK will generally start in the teleporter, Deep striking in when a clear landing zones exists, with the hammer his targets are obviously big heavy units, primarchs and knights ideally, although the 3 damage minimum is great against multi wound models as well.

Strikes will be in teleporter too, probably coming in turn 3 to grab obj, or as anti infantry fire if I’m up against a melee horde, or daemons.

Tank commanders will tuck themselves behind los blocking terrain move less than 5” out, then use the get round them order to fire and move back into cover.

Infantry hide as much as possible, ready to position themselves in screening positions for turn 2

Knight does what knight does!

So, how competitive do you think the list is, and what do you th8nk about which warlord to take?
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