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Fresh-Faced New User

Hey, My friend and I are about to try and start playing Vanguard in a few weeks.

We were wondering, do the bases sizes and shapes actually matter if we are not gonna play in a store at a tourney?

As in will using, let's say Stormcast minis on their GW bases off set any game/rule balance issues?
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Grumpy Longbeard


Bigger bases will have an effect.
Corners and your rear arc are a pain to keep track of if they're not there, but can be done. I would recommend square cut outs (cardboard and prestik*) under your round bases.

Stormcast are pretty much large infantry sized, so I would put them on 40mm squares.

*I've heard people from other countries call it blue tac and poster putty

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Rhein Main Gebiet

Me and my buddy use rounds for the most part. I painted the rear 90 degrees of the base a different colour to the front 270. It seemscto work well enough.

Bigger bases are generally a disadvantage though, the rare exception being they are more able to block passages while on brace.

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Been Around the Block

I bought some clear plastic square bases, so i can just temporarily stick the round base on top (blu-tac works well enough). It doesn't change the aesthetic it means I don't have to actually rebase everything and it allows the rules in vanguard to work with them. Works perfectly for 40mm bases, but as most smaller things are on roughly 30-32mm round bases, not 20mm, there is a size increase there. It doesn't strike me as any particular advantage either way for friendly play though.
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