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Made in fr
Death-Dealing Dark Angels Devastator

Hey guys,

[EDIT] - Forgot some Equipement

Some local Tourni's coming up soon and I wanted to play a fluffy DA list that felt somewhat competative but still major fun to play. Wondering what people think to below.

++++1,991 pts, 9CP, 110PL++++

+++Battalion Det +5CP [34PL, 8CP, 591pts]+++

++HQ [13PL, 249pts]++

+Azrael [9PL, 180pts]+
- Warlord

+Lieutenants [4PL, 69pts] (Cypher Model)
- 1 x Bolt Pistol
- 1 x Plasma Pistol
- 1 x Heavenfall Blade

++Troops [14PL, 233pts]++

+5 man Intercessor Squad [5PL, 89pts]+
- 5 x Bolt Rifle
- 1 x Power Sword
- 1 x Aux Grenade Launcher

+5 man Intercessor Squad [5PL, 89pts]+
- 5 x Bolt Rifle
- 1 x Power Sword
- 1 x Aux Grenade Launcher

+5 man Scout Squad [4PL, 55pts]+
- 4 x Bolt Gun
- 1 x Chainsword

++Elites 7PL, 109pts]++

+2 Company Veterans[3PL, 40pts]+
- 2 x Power Sword
- 2 x Storm Bolter

+Primaris Ancient [4PL, 69pts]
- 1 x Bolt Rifle
- Eye of the Unseen

+++Vanguard Detachment +1CP [76PL, 1CP, 1400pts]+++

++HQ [18PL, 333pts]++

+Belial [8PL, 150pts]+

+Sammael on Corvex [10PL, 183pts]+

++Elites [28PL, 463pts]++

+3 Man Aggressor Squad [6PL, 111pts]+
- Auto Boltstorm Gauntlets
- Fragstorm Grenade Launchers

+Deathwing Knights [12PL, 190pts]+
- 4 x Mace of Absolution
- 1 x Flail of the Unforgiven
- 1 x Watcher in the Dark

+Redemptor Dreadnought [10PL, 162pts]+
- Icarus Rocket Pod
- Macro Plasma Incinerator
- Onslought Gatling Cannon
- Redemptor Fist
- 2 x Storm Bolters

++Fast Attack [14PL, 269pts]++

+Ravenwing Black Knights [7PL, 119pts]+
- 3 x Corvus Hammer
- 3 x Plasma Talons
- Melta Bombs

+Ravenwing Darkshroud [7PL, 150pts]+
- Assault Cannon

++Heavy Support 16PL, 335pts]++

+10 man Hellblaster Squad [16PL, 335pts]+
- 10 x Plasma Incinerators
- 1 x Plasma Pistol

Any feedback very much appreciated

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Made in ca
Jinking Ravenwing Land Speeder Pilot


if someone bring a castellan their going to rub their hands greedily and lay you out, in fact youll probably lose more games then you win can tell you right now. tournaments are the lands of zero fun. its the one time in the community the players incapable of having fun without pushing the ethical limits of the game get to come together and complain about the game being terrible togeather as they roll dice and show each other all the same builds that eachother is probably running.

this will not end well for you

DA army: 3500pts,
admech army: 600pts
ravenguard: 565 pts

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