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Made in gb
Been Around the Block

Hey, so I've got a freebooterz project that's been on and off for a while now and thought it was time to finally get them done and on the table!

Problem is I've never played orks before so really need some help fine tuning a list.

So far everything is pirate themed, I've got some kharadron airships partly orkified and most of the nobz and characters all ready, so I'd like to stick to a pure freebooterz, everything in transports (mostly) theme if possible. It doesn't have to be super competitive, cool and fun to play is the main aim, but it will be coming up against some pretty strong lists so needs to be able to hold its own at least.

Here's what I've put together so far;

Warboss (killa klaw, killa reputation)
Weirdboy (warphead, warpath, fists of gork)
Nob with waaagh banner
Big mek (KFF)
8 nobz (3 klaws, 4 big choppas, 1 kill saw)
These all go in a kill tank (bursta cannon, 3 twin big shootas)

5 meganobz (2 kill saws, 3 klaws and shootas)
In a bonebreaker (killcannon, 4 big shootas)

5 nobz (combi skorchas)
In a big trakk (super skorcha, 2 skorchas)
- for 7D6 + 4D3 auto hits

5 flash gitz (1 ammo runt)
Chinork warkopter (2 rattler cannons)

3*10 grots (footslogging, shameless CP farm)

Nets me 9CP (-1 for warphead), would like more but it will have to do.

Would also like more flash gitz for the theme, but think I might need more combat bodies if anything. I've tried to either go for flamers or weight of fire for shooting so relying on the warboss and nobz for anti tank really.

The aim is to try and trigger the freebooterz trait is often as possible to get the bonus +1 to hit, but I could be way off the mark, any advice from any experienced warbosses out there would amazing, thanks!

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Made in no
Growlin' Guntrukk Driver with Killacannon

Okay so the nobz in the big trakk or the big trakk itself is meant to give you the bonus in the shooting phase I assume. Have you calculated how many points the list is right now? If you have points over I'd say that you might want to add some more shooting elements since all your flamers are going to give you that +1 anyways. The kill tank will certainly enjoy it but if you don't get T1 it might just die (assuming you don't tellyport it in T2-3)

Overall I guess I'm wondering what goes where a little bit. Are you planning do 2 more nobz in your 8 man squad? If so, I'd make them choppa+choppa just so you have some less expensive models to take off first and those guys are excellent chaff clearers. Add ammo runts if you're not using all the space in your transports. Same goes with your big trakk nobz, unless you're putting a character in there, put in an ammo runt so he's the one that dies in case of an explosion.

Personally I'm not a fan of the killkannon on the bonebreaka since you probably want to advance it T1 but it's not a major cost. If no characters go into the bonebreaka I'd suggest a mini-mek and a grot oiler. If it blows up a single 1 doesn't hurt at all then. Remember that your MANZ can't shoot out of the bonebreaka so I'm guessing their shooting weapons are mostly for keeping the cost down.

Are the flash gitz going into 1 chinork, what's going into the other? Tankbustas could be a good choice since they'd get the +1 to hit modifier even if they're inside a transport (because the transport itself gets it)

Also remember that your super-skorcha + all other skorchas big trakk will have a range issue T1. The supa-skorcha is heavy so you can't advance it into range for all the other 8" flamers, meaning it might be a choice of using those 4d3 or 7d6 hits. Just an FYI.
Made in gb
Been Around the Block

Ok great thanks, sorry for any confusion!

The 8 nobz plus the 4 characters is all I can fit in the kill tank, but I could move some characters to other transports to make room for some double chopper nobz and ammo runts to take the explosions.

I'll definitely look at the mini mek and oiler to go with the the manz as well, really don't want to lose any of those if the bonebreaker goes, and yeah the manz are just for combat really.

There's only 1 chinork, with the 5 flash gitz, but tbh I'm considering dropping it, the rattler cannons are heavy so hitting on 6s if it moves is not good

Good point about the skorchas range, I guess the first turn will be difficult with everything having to move, but I'm hoping once everything gets stuck in / up close I should do some damage.

What are thoughts overall though, is it workable as is or should I rethink the list? I'm not against changing things if necessary.

Made in no
Growlin' Guntrukk Driver with Killacannon

No I think your list could work, but I do have a couple of things to note/some questions.

What detachments are you using? A battalion + a vanguard? Because on big drawback I can see right of the bat is that your Kill Tank really should be in a supreme command detachment, solely because a super heavy auxiliary detachment doesn't benefit from clan kulturs and you want the big boy hitting on 4's. Also the Kill Tank can only take 2 extra weapons (so max 2x twin big shootas)

I think the deffguns are a better option on the chinork since it's a bit too squishy for the points otherwise. Keep it cheap I'd say. Maybe put the Skorcha nobz in that instead of the big trakk so you can get them in flame range T1? And put big shootas on the big trakk to keep it cheap and have guns in range alongside the flash gitz riding inside.

To get a supreme command detachment you need another HQ so saving some points (24 to be exact) on the skorchas of the big trakk is a start (even if that build is less fun). The you're saving another 32 to go from rattlers to deffguns so that's a total of 56 points. A weirdboy is 62 (I don't know how close you were to 2000 before but I can imagine you finding some points here and there, especially if your kill tank had one twin big shoota too many)

All the stuff in your kill tank is quite killy in CC, do you want to move in close with it? Not saying it's a bad idea or anything just curious. I'd probably switch out one of the big choppa nobz for just a ammo runt so losing 1 guy in an explosion doesn't cost you anything.

But overall I think you've got a solid idea. Plenty of auto-hitting stuff in ranged to give you the trait. The warboss and bonebreaka hits on 2's in CC so start with them and then have all your nobz/MANZ hit on 2's with the waaagh banner nob.

Edit: Also, I have no idea why I read that as you having 2 chinorks haha

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Made in gb
Been Around the Block

Ok thanks, that does make a difference, completely missed the super heavy detachment doesn't get the clan keyword /facepalm/

The kill tank does hit on 4s though, at least initially, and it's not bad on the charge, 8 S10 attacks hitting on 3s plus D3 mw, I'd probably just ram something with it!

It's a shame though, there's no real way I can fit in a supreme command detachment without adding 3 more characters.

Atm I've got 1 battalion plus a spearhead, so 9CP total.

I'm considering dropping the kill tank for another bonebreaker, or maybe a standard battlewagon full of boyz, to give me more bodies, I'll make some changes and post up an update, with some ammo runts as well, thanks again!
Made in no
Growlin' Guntrukk Driver with Killacannon

Oh, I had forgotten that a fresh kill tank is BS4+. That makes it pretty scary with a +1 to hit. You could get away with just adding 2 characters if you simply swap the spearhead detachment for a supreme command (unless you need more heavy support slots).

I'd absolutely try and make the kill tank work if you have that (or an equivalent) model. Two weirdboyz (just the cheapest options) are 124 points. I probably would try and add 1 weirdboy (62) and a big mek with SAG (80/84) points instead. Have you seen the relic SAG, da souped-up shokka, from the dread waaagh detachment in vigilus defiant? It's pretty great, although it'd cost you 2CP to get. If you add another weirdboy however you might not need the first one to be a warphead, even though I personally would still say it's worth it.

I'd still only charge the kill tank if it's something that you're guaranteed to kill since I don't think it can fall back and shoot in the same turn.

But by all means, if you want to make a new list without that KT thengo for it
Made in gb
Been Around the Block

Ok after a bit of head scratching I think I've got a list I'm fairly happy with. Couldn't take the kill tank out in the end, it just didn't feel the same without it!

Couldn't get the supreme command detachment to work, just too many characters and not enough support slots, so the tank will just have to go without the kultur trait unfortunately.

So here's the updated version;

Battalion detachment - freebooterz
Specialist detachment - blitz brigade

Warboss (kustom shooter, da killa klaw, killa reputation, attack squig)

Weirdboy (warphead, warpath, fists of gork)

10 Boyz (boss nob with big chopper)

10 grots

10 grots

5 meganobz (3 with klaw and custom shootas, 2 with kill saws)

Nob with waaagh banner (custom shoota)

7 nobz (3 klaws and shootas, 3 big choppas, 1 kill saw, plus ammo runt)

Spearhead detachment - freebooterz

Big mek (KFF, big choppa)

2 mek gunz (smasha gunz)

Big trakk (4 scorchas)

Bonebreaker (4 big shootas, killcannon, deff rola)

8 flash gitz (ammo runt)

Superheavy aux detachment

Kill tank (giga shoota, 3 twin big shootas)

That clocks in at about 1900pts, was thinking either more Boyz and another smasha gun to fill out the last 100pts, or badrukk for buffing the flash gitz.

The plan is for the warboss, weirdboy, big mek and banner nob to ride in the killtank with the nobz, and the tank gets the 5++ from the mek.

The meganobz go in the bonebreaker with the Boyz using the blitz brigade strategm to hang off the sides.

The flash gitz ride in the big trakk and drive around shooting stuff (could swap the trakk for a battlewagon instead though)

The grots and the mek gunz sit back on any home objectives.

It's putting out about 80 shots at S5/6 but I'm relying on the warboss, nobz and meganobz to deal with any heavy armour in combat.

It's not amazingly competitive but what do you reckon?

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Made in no
Growlin' Guntrukk Driver with Killacannon

I'm not sure I find it worth it to use the blitz brigade detachment for just the "hold on ladz" strat on 10 boyz, unless there are other things you want from it. You have quite a mechanised list and boyz in general have a tough time fitting into them, unless you deepstrike a big blob.

I personally would try and make the supreme command detachment work so you really get to utilise that kill tank to the fullest. I understand you have too many heavy support slots but I also find that you again have some range issues with the big trakk. 4x skorchas want to be within 8" and cost quite a bit to just have doing nothing for a turn, meaning you want to advance. The flash gitz weapons are heavy, so those guys shouldn't advance, they shouldn't even really move. I'd try and add the extra HQs so you can switch your spearhead to a supreme command and the big trakk would then need to be switched out. It's doable. The skorcha trakk is fun, but probably a bit too expensive for what it does IMO.

I'd put the gitz in a trukk instead, saving you quite a few points. If it blows up then use the "loot it" strat on them and move them into cover. Regarding Badrukk, he's decent but his buff doesn't work with the gitz in a transport, so you could put him in the same transport just using him as a HQ filler and a buffing unit if the trukk blows up.

Again, you've put 3x twin big shootas on the kill tank, unless I'm mistaken you can only put 2 of them there.

I think your list is good but the changes I'd make is:
Big trakk to trukk, which nets you -111 points.
Remove an extra KT twin big shoota -10 points
Add Badrukk + runt +88 points
Add a weirdboy +62 points
Assuming you started at 1900 this would take you to 1929, add another 10 boyz into you squad and tellyporta them in maybe?

Or you could switch out the boyz for grots - 45 points
Remove 1 flash git -30 points
And add a dakkajet +148 points which would be around 2k
Made in gb
Been Around the Block

Ok thanks again for your help, I'm not sure what I was thinking putting the flash gitz in a skorcha big trakk. I've switched it out for a trukk, but tbh it might just be better to run them on foot if they're with badrukk.

Also the killtank comes with 1 twin big shoota and the option for up to 2 more, as well as the main gun. Seeing as it has the best BS in the army I thought might as well load it up.

So following your advice, this is the new list;

Battalion - freebooterz

Warboss (kustom shoota, da killa klaw, killa reputation, attack squig)

Weirdboy (fists of gork)

18 Boyz (sluggas and choppas, nob with big choppa)

10 grots

10 grots

Waaagh banner nob (kustom shoota)

5 meganobz (3 klaws and shootas, 2 saws)

7 nobz (3 klaws, 3 big choppas, 1 saw, ammo runt)

Bonebreaker (killcannon, 3 big shootas)

8 flash gitz (ammo runt)

2 mek gunz (smasha gunz)

Trukk ( big shoota)

Supreme command detachment - freebooterz

Big mek ( choppa, KFF)

Weirdboy (warpath)

Badrukk (ammo runt)

Killtank ( giga shoota, 3 twin big shootas)

That's dead on 2k, and you're right about the specialist detachment, was a lot of cp just to transport the Boyz, as you say they can just tellyport in if necessary.

Was thinking about swapping the Boyz for more grots but felt l needed more bodies in combat, plus having at least 1 bigger squad should help with morale.

Thanks again for all your advice, I think the list definitely feels stronger now, and still on theme too!

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Made in no
Growlin' Guntrukk Driver with Killacannon

Ah, so that's where the extra big shoota came in. Overall I think you got a good thing going now! You might want to look into making one of your weirdboyz a warphead to also give him "Da jump", if you don't want to tellyporta your boyz in. Or if your opponent blows up a transport and your MANZ are stuck on the wrong side of the table.
Made in gb
Been Around the Block

Yeah that's actually a really good point, I think it's worth the extra CP to have that as a backup.

Thanks for the help, I can go ahead and order what's left now, then I just have to paint them all!
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