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[2000] - Necron Mephrit/Nihilakh - Lots of Quantum Shielding and fast deploying boots  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in id
Chalice-Wielding Sanguinary High Priest

The idea whilst building this list was to focus upon quantum shielding due to the fact that most opponents have enough high strength, low ap, low damage weapons to deal with 1 or 2 quantum shielded vehicles, but the vast majority would struggle with much more than that, especially if said vehicles had a decent damage output themselves (hence there being no Anni-barges or Stalkers as their output is trash for their points). At the same time there needs to be enough boots on the ground to avoid giving initiative away to the opponent on objectives and also because most of the decent Necron anti-troop firepower is in the infantry.

The 2 dynasties picked are to optimise the units belonging to them and their roles to the greatest degree possible.

Mephrit battalion

Overlord on Catacomb Command Barge
Gauss Cannon + Warscythe
Would probably also take Enduring Will warlord trait and either Lightening Field or Nightmare Shroud for the relic, based on the opponent since that can be decided before the battle. Since this guy is T6 W8 with either a 2+ or 3+/4++ and has quantum shielding, which when combined with the strategem means he will avoid taking damage on lower or the same damage roll as the opponent, on top of further reducing damage by one and regenerating 1hp a turn, it means he will be able to be played aggressively, charging units you don't want in combat with the rest of your forces. He will also take an insane amount of hits to take down. Quite sweet for 153pts. His downside is that whilst he may be quite shooty for a character, and despite having his Warscythe, this guy doesn't exactly rip things apart in combat with only 3 attacks. This is why he is designed to lock dangerous opponents in combat not roll-up the opposing shooting line.

This guy will take Veil of Darkness to help move the Immortals into ap-3 rapid fire range or onto an important objective.

10 warriors
Ghost Ark
The warriors will be deployed in the ghost ark and will either be unloaded into ap-2 rapid fire range or taken to an objective (preferably both ). Once on an objective, the ark can either stay and help defend/reanimate or zoom around trolling as a 20 shot st4 ap-2 gunboat.

10 warriors
Ghost Ark
As above

10 Immortals
Gauss Blasters
With the Cryptek. Ap-3 makes these pseudo weak plasma (or exactly the same as low charge plasma against t3,4,8,9). Barge can be moved near to their teleport destination if MWBD is needed.

10 Deathmarks
One of the biggest threats to quantum shielded units, especially DDAs is deepstriking plasma, due to the fact that ranged units at +24" that are a danger to them are usually damage d6. These guys hugely benefit from -1ap. Against t4, 3+ they will cause 5-6 wounds on average before the opponent gets to unload, against 2+ it will be 4-5 wounds. Which could make the difference between a dead DDA and one in it's 2nd damage bracket. Against characters -1 ap is perfect, so many have a 4++ meaning any more could be wasted. Against a T4, 3+ character, 1 unit of 10 is causing 5 to 6 wounds when it drops in. The games best snipers, even better if deepstuck in range of MWBD. They will annihilate many Guard/Eldar/Tau characters even easier. Although obviously with 20 st4 ap-1, motal wounds on a 6+ to wound, shots, characters arent the only things they can mess with. Plus accurate deepstrike of 8th is a major factor in contolling and winning games. Edit: worth noting that 2 of these units have a decent chance of taking Abaddon out in 1 turn if you can deepstrike them all into rapid fire range as they will cause 7.4wounds on average. Or any other T5-7 2+/4++ character for that matter if somebody HAS to die. 20 will cause 8.8wounds average on a T5-7 3+ character
*cough* Demon Prince *cough*. Hence the following...

10 Deathmarks
As above

Tesseract Ark
2 Gauss Cannons
I debated for a while which detachment this should be in, get a rerolls on 1 to hit if not moved plus ability to be repaired by the Cryptek, or -1 ap at half range. I decided on the -1ap because this needs to be moving forward to get into gauss cannon range.

All 50 infantry are either being teleported/deepstruck/transported thus taking away the Necrons usual weakness of slow infantry early game (not a huge weakness once in range)

Nihilakh spearhead

Canoptek Cloak
Jumps around healing vehicles. Increasing a 1 to a d3 isn't terribly impressive for 75pts but there wasn't another hq that was as cheap or would sync as well. Now if a Lords Will affected more than just infantry that would be a different matter.

Doomsday Ark

Doomsday Ark

Doomsday Ark

Rerolling 1s to hit if you haven't moved is perfect for these due to their mechanics. Another reason not to take a Stalker. These are protected from deepstrike to an extent by the Deathmarks.


7 Quantum shielded units plus 52 boots on the ground, every single model has very decent shooting for it's points. Usually I try to focus on maximizing RP rolls in a Necron list but this time I've just looked at is as a welcome bonus rather than something to build around. The firepower needed to take down whole squads of Necron infantry, tends to be the most optimal firepower to worry quantum shielded units, so that ends up syncing quite well, forcing the opponent into target prioritisation.

Any thoughts would be welcome.

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Made in de
Ladies Love the Vibro-Cannon Operator


Well, nice concept.
However, I'd avoid large infantry units due to morale issues.
Moreover, I'd replace the Cryptek veiling the Immortals with a Lord who guarantees rerolls to wound.
Finally, a Deceiver is a big asset of a Necron army as it allows to reposition units before the game. So the Immortals could be brought into position half way before the game (without veiling).

Former moderator 40kOnline

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Made in id
Chalice-Wielding Sanguinary High Priest

Thanks for the reply. I had thought about the Deceiver, however the points cost would mean reducing the amount of QS units in the list as he is quite points heavy (still absolutely worth it in infantry heavy lists I've found).
A lord with veil rather than the veiltek could work very well... losing the 5++ (that rarely comes into play with vehicles around taking the fire) and +1 RP but gaining the extra ability to wound could make them far more deadly. Plus a Lord with staff is cheaper than a Cryptek with Chronometron. In fact, that just reminded me that I hadn't bought the staff on that Cryptek taking the list 3 points over (had remembered it on the other though). Lord with staff remedies that to keep it at 1993pts.

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