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Made in fi
Storm Trooper with Maglight

Helsinki, Finland

Hey all, I'd like to hear your opinions, thoughts and advice for improvements for this list. I've almost finished my current project with Tau for my next tournament, and I'm really excited about building next the Thousand Sons. This list is also build for tournaments, but I included some of the units for fluff reason. Here's the list;

Thousand Sons Super Heavy Auxiliary
-LOW- Magnus the Red 445 {warlord, warptime, glamour of tzeentch, weaver of fates, temporal manipulation/death hex}

Thousand Sons Battalion (+5cp)
-HQ- Daemon Prince (wings, 2x talons) 180 {relic: helm of the third eye, diabolic strenght, prescience/death hex}
-HQ- Daemon Prince (wings, 2x talons) 180 {relic: dark matter crystal, diabolic strenght, prescience/death hex}
-T- Rubric Marines (10, sorcerer/stave+warp-flamepistol, soulreaper cannon, icon of flame) 186
-T- Rubric Marines (10, sorcerer/stave+warp-flamepistol, soulreaper cannon, icon of flame) 186
-T- Tzaangors (30, brayhorn) 220

Chaos Daemons Tzeentch Battalion (+5cp)
-HQ- Lord of change (rod of sorcery) 280 {relic: everstave, gaze of fate, treason of tzeentch, infernal gateway}
-HQ- Changecaster 65 {gaze of fate, flickering flames}
-T- Pink Horrors (20, icon) 155
-T- Blue Horrors (10) 50
-T- Blue Horrors (10) 50

TOTAL : 1997 points / 13cp (-2 extra relics, -2 denizens of the warp, -3 webway infiltration)

- If my opponent has alot of inv saves (such as custodes), I'll add some death hex spells.

- During deployment, rubrics go for infiltration, deep striking at objectives and pink horrors deepstrike with changecaster (+1s) to clear out screens at Turn 2. Blue Horrors and Lord of Change take positions back-field, supporting with smite and providing rerolls with gaze of fate.

- Turn 1, Magnus and Prince with Helm Relic move forward, casting Diabolic Strenght on Magnus (although, it can fail, does not matter), which then casts Warptime and other goodies onto himself, and makes charge against bigger priority targets. The other Prince with Crystal Relic, stays behind cover with tzaangors, making them teleport turn 1 and charge with rerolls at screens.

- Later turns, both daemon prince move to capture objectives and support rubric marines.

- Win (fanfare)

So, share your comments. I'd like to add fluxmaster, instead of changecaster. That way, I could save 1cp, for not having him to deepstrike, but instead moving with fluxmaster into position of the horror bomb. Also, asp-sorcerer's pistols and icon of flame can be swapped, but I added them because of extra points.

Dark Angels (11000), Astra+AdMech+Assassin (7000), Tyranids (3000), Tau (3000), Legions of Nagash (2500) 
Made in us
Journeyman Inquisitor with Visions of the Warp


Your Daemon detachment is pretty wonky. The LoC isn't really worth his points at this time, but if you're insistent on taking him, give him the Impossible Robes. He is a huge target that isn't that survivable, and boosting to a 3++ is very necessary.

For an additional 4pts per unit, you can take Nurglings instead of Blues. Nurglings have 12 wounds total and a 5++/5+++, as opposed to the Blues' 10 wounds and flat 5++.

I assume you're going to Deep Strike the Pinks? Take 30 of them. 90 shots is way better than 60, and the enemy has to work harder to get you down to 2 shots per model. Their firepower increase is well worth the 70pts.

If you're open to mixing in a different god, Khorne Prince with Skullreaver is really amazing. He can one-shot a knight (although it's unlikely), and you lack the firepower to deal with a Knight detachment. Imagine your LoC with a 3++ soaking Castellan overwatch, and then the Khorne prince cleaving through that damned loyalist.

Finally, Rubric Marines are not that great. They need a babysitter for rerolls, and they are slow. Consider a single unit of 4 warpflamers as a distraction bomb...but other than that, I wouldn't spend many points on them. Cultists for screening are much better.

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Made in fi
Storm Trooper with Maglight

Helsinki, Finland

Hey, thanks for the reply. I've tried to keep this list as a tzeentch themed, and that every model has atleast 5++inv save. Lord of change is mostly a distraction, while still providing reliable smite and reroll spell. Yeah, I was originally planning to take 30 pink horror blob to deep strike, but run out of points. And they arrive turn 2, so probably tzaangor blob has already dealt with screen. Rubrics are mostly for fluff reason, and I like those models. They can capture objectives, with a help from princes.

Dark Angels (11000), Astra+AdMech+Assassin (7000), Tyranids (3000), Tau (3000), Legions of Nagash (2500) 
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