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I'm thinking of branching out into Eldar, and I like the aggressive playstyle of shining spears & jetbikes in general. This is largely a casual list, so I'm going with Saim-Hann rather than Alaitoc. I'm considering replacing the Vypers with something else, maybe a Hemlock, but that would require cuts elsewhere eg. replacing farseer with a warlock.

Craftworld: Saim-Hann

Battallion Detachment (+5 CP):


Autarch Skyrunner (105)
Novalance of Saim-Hann, twin shuriken catapult

Farseer Skyrunner (137)
Singing spear, twin shuriken catapult


Dire Avengers (58)
5, two catapults

Dire Avengers (58)
5, two catapults

Guardians (80)

Fast Attack

Shining Spears (284)
8, star lance

Windriders (138)
6, scatter lasers

Vypers (140)
2, bright lances, shuriken cannons

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Well, I'd consider Biel-Tan due to the large amount on shuriken weapons.
I run my Autarch on a jetbike w/ reaper launcher, laser lance, Warlord, mark of uncomp. hunter.

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