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Made in de
Stinky Spore

Nikkin' ya teef

Hey fellow Dakkanauts!

I've been lurking for some time now and I need some advice on my future Deathskulls List. Like so many others I re-entered the hobby a few months ago and I would like to have a usable List I can adhere to.

Disclaimer: I'm trying to avoid big boy blobs because I dislike them (hence the DS kulture) and I only own 10 boyz so far, so I can easily change the list .

My List:

Brigade Detachment:

Warboss: Kombi-Rokkit, PK

2*10 boyz with nob with PK and rokkit launcha
4*10 grots

2*5 Nobz, Bossnob with Big Choppa and Kombi-Rokkit, 4*double choppa, Ammo Runt
2*5 Tankbustas, 1 Bomb Squig

Fast Attack:
3*1 seperate Deffkopta with rokkits

Heavy Support:
2* seperate Smasha gun

Dedicated Transport:

Spearhead Detachment:

SAG Mek, with relic gun, Bigkilla Boss (Warlord)

Heavy Support:
1*Morkanaut, KFF
1* Deff Dread, KMB, Dread Saw
1* Smasha gun

-1998 points, 12 CP

Everything except the grots and the SAG Mek starts in transports or teleports in, I tried to get as much leverage from the reroll trait as possible, but I'm not sure if this list works.

I love the idea of a Souped up SAG-Mek, but the Spearhead Detachment strikes me as odd I like the Deffdread, but a single dread and a single Smasha Gun just feels strange and I don't think I'm getting all the value out of it. But on the other hand I don't know where I could cut some points, to include another Deffdread.

Thanks in Advance!

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Made in be
Been Around the Block

Hello Waaaghbert

You may do little changes but your list looks good.
I recommand you to split the 10 nobz into 2 units of 5 with 1 Ammo Runt in each unit.
Replace the Bonebreaker with standart Battlewagon with Deffrolla and 'Ard Case, 1d6 extra attacks on charge doesn't worth points increase. If you plan to Telly-Porta it, remove the 'Ard Case to let unit inside shoot when they deepstrike waiting for next turn disembark).

About the Dreads, anyway once they are deployed they count as distinct units. If you get the points you can go for another but I don't see what you can remove for it.

Dreadwaaagh is must have for the Souped-up SAG and using Kustom Ammo on you Morkanaut. =D

Change your warlord trait, this one is useless.
Opportunist is fun if you want to Da-Jump you big mek and snipe an enemy key character,
Dread Mek can be good if you plan to stay around you Mek Gunz / Morkanaut and repair them.
Other way you can give Brutal but Kunnin' and Da Killa Klaw to your Warboss for extra melee punch.

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Made in de
Stinky Spore

Nikkin' ya teef

Thank you for your ideas!

splitting up the nobs is a good idea!
Hm, I heard mixed reviews about the Bonebreaka. I think I read somewhere (orks tactics thread) that its mellee output equals a gorkanaut, so it might be a good distraction carnifex once its crew has disembarked.

The Warlord trait is actually quite powerfull on the Super-SAG Mek I think. with an average roll for strength (5-7) you'll still wound high priority vehicles on 4+.
I might swap it for the Opportunis Trait though, for giggles

edit: Updated the original Post

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Made in be
Been Around the Block

The only difference between a Bonebreaker and a Battlewagon with Deffrolla and 'Ard Case is the Bonebreaker cost 20 more points for Bonebreaker Ram rule (wich give plus 1d6 attacks only if you charge). It doesnt worth the price.
Additionnaly they lose the ability to remove the 'Ard Case to be open toped and can embark fewer models.
And talking about melee output, except the 1d6 charge attacks from bonebreaker they have the exact same profile but I don't think it can be compared to Gorkanaut.

+1 to wound against vehicle/monsters may be good but it is kinda too much situational and you allready have toons of AT (tankbustas, koptas, morkanaut,...)
I think your army will more struggle against hordes.

Made in de
Stinky Spore

Nikkin' ya teef

Hm, I'd give him an 'ardcase anyways so I fugured I'll just use the bonebreaka for more punch.
But yeah 20pts for 1d6 attacks more sounds situational and doesnt help against hordes.

I could include some lootaz instead of the Deffdread they provide at least some anti infantry dakka.

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Made in be
Been Around the Block

I feel like lootaz needs to be in huge blob with toons of meatshields grots and Bad Moon kultur to be efficient.
A Dakkajet may be a better option for anti-infantry with lower cost/requirements.

Made in de
Stinky Spore

Nikkin' ya teef

Problem with the Dakkajet is, that I'll still need 3 HS for the spearhead detachement.
I figured I could swap the Bonebreaka with the Battlewagon, remove the Kombirokkit of my Warboss (:() and take another Smasha gun and double scorchas on my Deffdread for some anti infantry dakka.

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