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Brooding Night Goblin

Thought I'd post a quick game of Vanguard I did with a friend. He used my Abyssals (because his arent finished yet, at least mine are started) against my Goblins.

Scenario: 7. Power Stones; the usual 200 pts per side.


Biggit ↑ ↓ Command 1 37 x
Rare Rare Mount 1 8
Heavy Weapon 1 3
Wiz ↑ ↓ Spellcaster 1 29 x
Rare Healing Herbs 1 3
Lucky Charm 1 1
Troll ↑ ↓ Large 1 34 x
Rare Blade of Slashing 1 4
Rabble ↑ ↓ Grunt 1 8 x
May take a spear for +1pt. 1 1
Spitter ↑ ↓ Grunt 4 32 x
Luggit ↑ ↓ Warrior 4 40 x
Total Points: 200


Hellequin, Hellequin Boss, 3 Lower Abyssals, 2 Flamebearers, 2 Abyssal Guard, 1 Gargoyle, 1 Despoiler + 4 Lucky Charm => 200pts

I wondered about his list (no succubi? no wiz?) but I soon found its... powerful. I yielded mid of round 3.

First round I charged I took the lead by securing the middle stone by using power points wisely and the Wizards "Slink" spell which i took instead of "stun".
but second round he charged and immediately killed my troll with his hellequin boss which my Biggit couldnt bring down (even though I redid the "Slink" trick on him). End of round 2 my Biggit was done for, his other Hellequin had wounded my wiz and I had nothing left to kill the hellequins not to speak of the Despoiler...
both had shrugged off nearly all attacks and the retaliates were devastating.
at least i had killed off a few lower abyssals and a flamebearer.

we were not able to do another match (he came late) but now I wonder how to be able to counter his two hellequins. (the boss hits on TWO PLUS with his elite cav rule and has crushing strength on that speed and armor... wtf?)
yes, I rolled bad but if the hellequins are able to retaliate (with fury) the goblin taking the retaliate is done for. shooting at the hellequins is not really an option with the weak goblin spitters especially against the hellequins armor.
i will try a banggit but i guess i would need to get lucky to be able to hit his fast hellequins with it.
and in a scenario like power stones i also cannot dance around him with a mass of units because i need to be permanently at the stones...

comments welcome.

anyway, i enjoyed the game and was happy to field some of the newly painted models.here a few (bad) pictures of the engagement
[Thumb - the_opposing_forces.jpg]
the opposing forces

[Thumb - after_round_one.jpg]
after round one

[Thumb - end_of_round_one_eveything_looks_good_biggit_holds_the_middle.jpg]
at the end of round one... everything looks fine for me, biggit even holds the midde

[Thumb - deployment.jpg]
after deployment

[Thumb - first_casualties.jpg]
the first casualties

[Thumb - my_biggit_tries_to_kill_the_enemy_boss.jpg]
my biggit tries to save it by killing the enemy boss

[Thumb - i_yield.jpg]
i yield!

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Made in nl
Crazed Flagellant


I love the flamebearers! Nice base!

What battlemat are you using?

My blog on Kings of War:

Made in at
Brooding Night Goblin

The battlemat was an addition that i ordered with the Vanguard Kickstarter. (the kickstarter usually came with a paper-mat)
it cost 30$ extra in the backerkit I think, but a quick search did not reveal me by which company it is!
Made in ca
Stoic Grail Knight

drinking tea in the snow

I don't know enough about vanguard yet to offer any advice but i did want to thank you for sharing the report! It looks like it was an interesting game, at least.

realism is a lie
Made in at
Brooding Night Goblin

That it was!
in the meantime i thought about it a bit, analyzed if i made mistakes and did some direct comparisons of his list with what i could field.

at least in direct duel my troll would beat his hellequin bloodmask (so that it was killed by his hellequin so fast was REALLY unlucky), but alltogether the abyssals perform better:

His vanilla hellequin bloodmask is better (and cheaper) than my boosted Biggit and he fielded a despoiler and a normal hellequin together with that hellequin bloodmask. i had the troll and the biggit as heavy hitters (cannot really count the wiz).
That together with Rage makes it difficult for the Goblins heads on against the abyssals. But thats probably to be expected that deamons fight better than lowly Goblins... and absolutely ok therefore!

I will have to play cunningly and somehow put my "Stealthy" ability to use that I have with some models to nullify his head-on advantage even though i do not outnumber him.

i found one mistake i did: i forgot that my 4 spitters (bowmen) had the scout ability. that could have helped me to lure him into positions where i wanted him. that together with "flee" could have changed the situation a bit if he would then have fallen for set-up traps.
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