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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Hey gang.

I need the following items to basically complete my Epic Eldar army:

--1 Phantom OR Warlock Titan Head and Pulsar (have plenty of other Titan weapons, including a Heat Lance, Vibro Cannon, and Powerfist to trade if you want)
--Aspect Warrior Exarchs...pretty much anything.  Whatever you got lying around, but especially Banshee, Dragon, Scorpion, or Spider Exarchs.
--3 Phoenix Bombers
--2 Revanant Scout Titans, the newest Humanoid models
--6 METAL Heavy Weapons platforms (with Scatter Lasers, if possible)
--6 METAL Support Weapons platforms (with Distortion Cannons)
--6 RESIN Wave Serpents (the Forgeworld models)
--1 Void Spinner/Avenger SHGT (newest model)
--Fire Dragon and Dire Avenger Aspect Warriors (could use 4-5 stands of each...maybe just one of the new blisters with metal Dragons/Avengers in it)

Thats it, I think...

LMK if you have any of this, and what you want for parting with it.

E-mail me at igau@aol.com, or PM me here.  E-mail preferred.

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