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Committed Chaos Cult Marine

I have the following models:

Knight-Vexillor X2

Liberators w Hammer/Shield (9 Hammer Shield, 1 Grandhammer)
Liberators w Paired Blades (9 Blades, 1 Grandblade)
Protectors (5 With Spears)
Judicators (8 Skybolt Bows, 2 Shockbolt Bows)
Retributors (4 With Hammers, Star Mace)
Decimators (4 with Axes, 1 Star Mace)
Prosecutors (4 Javelin, 2 Trident)

My question is how much can I do with this force? Is there any good synergies here. I will not be able to add to the force for quite some time, so mostly I'll just be playing some local games with friends, though I might eventually try to go to a tournament. What kinds of options do I have?

Made in de
Boosting Black Templar Biker

The general consensus is for competitive lists you wqnt either a list centered around Evocators or some nifty shooting lists with longstrikes. The "strike chamber" models, that is basically everything you have, are considered subpar, as they were not brought up to speed with the newer releases. That said there is still a lot of potential in those units, it's just not top tier.
With what you have i'd build a core around the shield Liberators and Judicators (2×5, the Primes should get the shockbolt bows).
Use Protectors against big threats, Decimators to thin hordes and the heroes to get some MW out (Relictor and the comet banner). Javellin Prosecutors are some of my favorite models, they can scoot around and harass with their ranged attacks and in a pinch jump in to lock up some shooters or create funny pile in moves for your opponent. You will also want to have a translocation prayer and maybe the pennant on the second Vexillor to get some mobility for your Paladins and Liberators, as that would be your major weakness.
Hope that helps

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