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Made in us
Androgynous Daemon Prince of Slaanesh

Norwalk, Connecticut

Okay, so I'm at work, sick, avoiding human interaction and it allows me to do this. I've put my thoughts into threads about the book, but thought I'd do a review here in full. I'll start with everything off memory, and add out of the book after I get home (where applicable).

Skarbrand: Downgrade from the last book. He costs the same points, but his ability has been changed from "1 attack, X+ to hit causes 8 uncancellable wounds" to "X+ gives 8 mortal wounds, 6 gives 16 mortal wounds" The previous version couldn't be avoided and could potentially cause 24 unavoidable wounds (on a single target after attack increases). Now it's almost always 8MW that can be spread around (and prevented), with occasionally 16. Incandescent only applies on turn 2+; nothing turn 1. Definite nerf, mine will only see the table in 40K.

Three Bloodthirsters: I think the D-axe thirster went down in points (less than 300) and the other two stayed the same. Wrath of Khorne one screws with mages harder, definitely worth running. The "standard" 'thirster feels like a waste; the two specialists both have their values.

Skulltaker: Improved, has a nice command ability now (only affects keyword: Bloodletter units).

Bloodmaster: correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it's the same as it was before. Still worthwhile for two units attacking in a row.

Bloodsecrator: Can move and use aura at all times, affects whole army, can get an increase in range (8" only) from Gore Pilgrims, point cost went up from previous book. Great, but not an auto-take anymore (in Gore Pilgrims).

Bloodstoker: only affects mortal Khorne models; can't affect Daemons anymore, points stayed the same. Slight nerf, but worthwhile considering the improvements to Skullcrushers and most infantry. No more 2+ of these guys whipping Skarbrand across the table turn 1 to kill anything he touches.

Slaughterpriest: new Judgement abilities, more anti-magic, same cost. All excellent changes, EXCEPT they lost the "+1 to prayers after killing something". That rule is gone. So slight improvement, but noticeable loss on that rule.

Exalted Deathbringers: change only for the spear version, otherwise the same. Still fun running when not the general.

Mighty Lord of Khorne: basically the same as before, but can dispel endless spells and his re-roll charge ability is now an aura, not a unit. Improved.

Aspiring Deathbringers: same as before

Khorgas Khul: changed from "just a better MLoK", gets re-rolls and grants re-rolls to hit. Fun, but not necessary. Affects "Goretide" models only.

Bloodreavers: same as before, can stack a bunch of attacks on these guys (10 can potentially toss off 61 attacks if in Dark Feast battalion, Bloodsecrator and Wrathmongers nearby, Asp. Deathbringers use command trait).

Blood Warriors: heard Gorefist improved (can't remember old wording). Rest stayed the same, including cost.

Wrathmongers: only affects Khorne stuff now, with an improved range aura!! Go nuts with these guys.

Skullreapers: all weapons have same stats, and they basically gained Bloodletters' "killing blow" style ability. And a 5+ when they die now gives D3 MWs. I'm pretty sure they just got an additional attack before, so this is nicer as it avoids -X's to hit (yes, I realize this seems counter to my feelings on Skarbrand, but there is a difference in value between a big monster and a small unit of 5 guys).

Skullcrushers and Bloodcrushers: definite improvements for both, and both have value. Bloodcrushers cost less, so you can field more, and battleshock won't be an issue. Skullcrushers do more damage in combat, but can run away if you flub an attack (so don't flub an attack) and cost almost the same as getting a 4th Bloodcrusher.

Skullcannon: pretty sure it's the same, might have gone up in points. Can get buffed by Skulltaker for combat-phase shooting.

Skarr, Valkia, Scyla: all got command traits, not sure if Skarr's ability now doesn't require reserves (I'd have to recheck GHB). His ability going off changed as well. Scyla is still a surprise jump-attack that can pick his combats situationally after an opponent's unit has attacked somebody w/in 8". Valkia's command trait only affects her, but makes her better than the dirt she was before. Still near-worthless unless you really like her.

Garrek's Reavers: cheaper unit of Bloodreavers (barely) that can meet a minimum requirement somewhere, but I don't think it's worth it.

Magore's fiends: hot DOG, do these guys SUCK! You're paying 120 points in total for 80 points in models that only add Magore's belly-maw and a minor boost against Stormcast (Redmaw is 40pts and adds nothing to a regular 20pt Fleshound, and is a required separate unit to run these). Avoid at all costs.

Bloodthrone: 12" range on the basic command abilities, doesn't feel worth it unless needed for running the gorethunder battery.

Karanak: same cost (I think), and those puppies he summons are free if you get in range; basically making him a 40pt model if he successfully summons. Screws with mages. Bring him and enjoy

Fleshounds: fairly reasonable cost still, screws with mages, gets a mild shooting attack that's more annoying than anything. Mostly worthwhile if Karanak summons a unit in for "free".

Dark Feast battalion: 3-6 units Reavers who get +1A, a slaughterpriest and bloodstoker you'd take anyway for a hair over the cost of a base unit of Blood Warriors. Feels like the best battalion after Gore Pilgrims got nerfed

Gore Pilgrims: cost stayed high, the 'Secrator improved on his own, but gets a max of +8" range in this battalion now. Better use of points elsewhere now.

Blood council: 3+ Bloodthirsters; changed considerably, definitely weaker (will put exact changes up later).

Gorethunder Battery: pretty sure it stayed the same as before

Gorechosen: requires 8 models now, not 4-8. Only available in 2500+pt games, uses all your hero models. Practically worthless (unless doing a themed game that is arranged beforehand; worthless in matched play/tournaments)

Magic Items/Command abilities: I'll have to look at these later, but Bloodbound, Mortals and Daemons each get a tree, there is a totem set of magic banners, and each command tree has the first 3 all the same. Personal favorite is plopping +2A command trait and +2A arcane item onto a Mighty Lord of Khorne, running bigger, scary models around him and watch him swing at something with a base of 7A that could potentially rip a whole in reality and swallow somebody because the Bloodthirsters and 9-man unit of Bloodcrushers were scarier targets.

Not sure about the 4 "traits" you can pick (2 mortal, 2 Daemon) to group your army under. Seems like they're good, but not necessary (unless your army is themed around it)

Judgements: get them, they're cheaper than most units, so if you have 40pts floating, you can cast either one that isn't the axe.

Skull Altar: it's free in points and screws with mages. Why don't you have one?!

Best I can do for now, if I made a mistake on a rule somewhere, please correct me and I'll post more when I have the book(s) back in front of me!

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Dakka Veteran

Wrathmongers are wholly within 8" instead of within 3". so improved range is debatable. but is not restricted to melee so skull canons become a juicy target...

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the new council of blood is not weaker, but allows to attack with all your thirsters first. you can pick another one each time you completed an attack of one. so it is different and you do not get to attack a few times extra, but you can attack with 3-8 thirsters and hit with all them before anyone gets to hit back.

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Made in gb
Implacable Skitarii

North East of England

Nice review , thank you

You may want to add Scyla Anfingram to your list, he now piles in 8" . You can, if your a gambling man, make him a target for your Blood Sacrifice once or twice to up his attacks from 2D6 . I babysit my Priests with him.

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Made in us
Androgynous Daemon Prince of Slaanesh

Norwalk, Connecticut

I mentioned him, but yeah, looks like he has some cool combo options!

Reality is a nice place to visit, but I'd hate to live there.

Manchu wrote:I'm a Catholic. We eat our God.

Due to work, I can usually only ship any sales or trades out on Saturday morning. Please trade/purchase with this in mind.  
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