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Hey guys. A quick noob question if I may. Can an Aeldari army have a harlequin ‘detachment’ or have them as part of the army at all? Just looking at a theme is all.

Many thanx in advance.

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Welcome to Dakka!
In matched play, units are organized in detachments.
Especially, in tourneys matched play is restricted to 2 or 3 detachments.
The answer to your question is yes.
Detachments need a second common keyword so that you can take say one CW, one Harlie and one Druhkari detachment in a 2000 pt army.

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Your situation is completely allowed.

The rules are that your whole army must share a keyword across all detachments, in this case AELDARI. Within detachments, they can be built on sharing a more specific keyword- in this case some ASURYANI detachments and some HARLEQUINS detachments. They can be even more specific, like using individual subfaction keywords like SAIM-HANN or SOARING SPITE- thus gaining the benefits of that subfaction(a trait + access to relic, WL trait, and stratagem.

So individual detachments can share specific subfaction keywords, and ally alongside other subfactions, but share a single keyword across the whole army.

Also remember, if you're playing narrative or open, you don't need to worry about detachments- this is only relevant for matched play(and in that being battleforged)

Hope this helps!

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Sorry for the delay in thanks. Would this mean in a Battleforge list each detachment (say harlies and alaitoc) each would choose its own warlord, relics, starts etc?

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No, still only one warlord.
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