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Been Around the Block

Hi all, I was listening to a video about Nathaniel Garro and we all know he became the First Knight Errant and went on to recruit more. However the video mentioned that there was only 20 Knight Errant in total but not all their names were known. Does the lack of names allow us to create a Space Marine Chapter from a Knight Errant we create our own name for?

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The 20 Original are all known, with some more being recruited over time.

Most of them known ones are all dead before the end of the Heresy, with those that weren't dead becoming the First Grandmasters of the Grey Knights.

Since there were others, and you can make your own up I guess you could make a Chapter from them, but I dont think that would make a lot of sense. Considering that they just became Special Agents of Malcador and even after the Regent's Death would be unlikely to return to Legions and Chapters. Particularly those who came from Traitor stock.

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Scanning Lexicanum summaries of the twenty nine died during the Heresy, eight became the original Masters of the Grey Knights, and the ultimate fate of the final three (Garro, Loken, and Gallor) is yet unknown.

You might create a Chapter descended from loyalist members of a Traitor Legion without needing them to have been a Knight-Errant; we know Morturg continued to serve the Imperium post-Heresy, and Garro's original seventy had to have been put to some use eventually.

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Been Around the Block

Thanks both

And yeah I was going to post asking about Garro’s Marines as I can’t find any information on them except for the Merric and Solun.

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