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Made in fi
Storm Trooper with Maglight

Helsinki, Finland

Hey all, I made this list based from the Youtube videos about Possessed deathstar list, any constructive advise are appreciated..

BLACK LEGION BATTALION (+5cp, +2cp for abaddon, -1cp for specialist detachment: cult of the damned)
-HQ- Abaddon the Despoiler 240 {warlord: first among traitors}
-HQ- Exalted Champion (poweraxe, combimelta) 90 {no mark}
-HQ- Dark Apostle (crozius, 2x dark disciple) 110 {prayer: soultearer portent} {no mark}
-T- Cultists (10) 50 {no mark}
-T- Cultists (10) 50 {no mark}
-T- Cultists (10) 50 {no mark}
-HS- Venomcrawler 130 {no mark}
-HS- Obliterator 115 {mark of slaanesh}
-HS- Obliterator 115 {mark of slaanesh}

BLACK LEGION VANGUARD (+1cp, -1cp for specialist detachment: daemonkin ritualists)
-HQ- Master of Possession (forcestave) 98 {powers: cursed earth, mutated invigoration} {no mark}
-HQ- Dark Apostle (crozius, 2x dark disciple) 110 {prayer: benediction of darkness} {no mark} {trait: shepherd of true faith}
-E- Greater Possessed 70 {no mark}
-E- Greater Possessed 70 {no mark}
-E- Possessed (20) 400 {no mark}

-HQ- Sorcerer (forcesword) 98 {mark of nurgle, powers: miasma of pestilence, death hex}
-HQ- Sorcerer (forcesword) 98 {mark of tzeentch, powers: weaver of fates, diabolic strenght} {trait: trusted war-leader}
-HQ- Sorcerer (forcesword) 98 {mark of slaanesh, powers: delightful agonies, warptime}

TOTAL: 1992 / 12cp (-2 for dets, -1 for council of traitors)

Ok, so I'll be left with 9cp from the start, and I really have no clue what relic to take.

Dark Angels (11000), Astra+AdMech+Assassin (7000), Tyranids (3000), Tau (3000), Legions of Nagash (2500) 
Made in us
Ancient Chaos Terminator

Eye of Terror

A question: what combination of auras / psychic powers / prayers / Stratagems / etc do you plan to use on the Possessed to turn them into a deathstar? What statline are you anticipate when things go right, and what statline do you forsee when your psychic powers don't go off?

Each time I see one of these Possessed Deathstar lists, I start doing the math on psychic tests, advancing, charging, etc. Then I say to myself "that's a lot of things that need to go right for this to work."

Honestly, I'm surprised there's no Supreme Command detachment containing all 4 Heralds to max out the of the Possessed to 10.

If you are looking for a relic, take Ghorivex's Teeth. I'd swap one of the Dark Apostles for a Jump Pack Chaos Lord, make him the Warlord and give him the relic, and take Flames of Spite as the Warlord trait. You would be generating 2 Mortal Wounds on each to wound roll of 6 in additional to D2 from the relic.

Made in fi
Storm Trooper with Maglight

Helsinki, Finland

Yeah well, this list has it's focus on a possessed, i've read about chain lord, but i'll rather buff a bigger unit of possessed than a single character. And yes, many things can go wrong when playing with dice, but I think that they dont actually need any heralds, as they start with S5 (wounding knights at 5+, instead of a 6), while greater possessed gives +1, and a stratagem gives another+1 (and +1 attack). Then you activate VOTLW, and Dark apostle prayers to give them +2 to wound. So, you'll be wounding vehicles at 2+, knights with 3+. So, basicly, dumping all of the powers, prayers and stratagems on them. Sorcerers cast 3++ save, 5+ fnp, -2 to hit, and Abby+exalted champion lets reroll all hits and wounds

Dark Angels (11000), Astra+AdMech+Assassin (7000), Tyranids (3000), Tau (3000), Legions of Nagash (2500) 
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

I agree with techsoldaten. And I feel you have at least 1 too many support HQs.

But to be constructive I say put shepherd on the greater posse. That way it makes the DA less of a lynchpin. For example should you encounter assassins.. then lose the second GP.

Also feel your exalted champ has too much in upgrades. Chainaxe/chainsword is all he needs.

I see some benefits to going BL but I think theres good argument for FH too. I've tried a few legions and personally when I run possessed I use FH. Scales better into deathstar territory but FH possessed can actually perform well without much support at less all-in sizes too.

Lastly I don't get the HS section. I'd suggest losing those and squeezing 3 las havocs instead. Hide in the bottom floor of a ruin then walk up a level and delete something. That will give you a more rounded list IMO.

Just some ideas.

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