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Ferrus Manus made Vulkan a Weapon, but what’s it called???  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in gb
Been Around the Block

As the title says, Ferrus Manus made a Weapon for Vulkan but it was returned to The Gorgon. Can anyone put a name to that Weapon please?

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Fixture of Dakka

The Furnace's Heart. It was a pistol.

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Made in gb
Been Around the Block

Is that the gun with the top loading magazine and barrel shaped into a drake? The one described in Fulgrim audiobook?
Made in gb
Quick-fingered Warlord Moderatus

United Kingdom

The Horus Heresy Book Two - Massacre wrote:The Furnace's Heart was a powerful baroquely styled energy weapon, that was gifted to the Primarch Vulkan by his Brother Ferrus Manus. It was not favoured by Vulkan, for reasons that remained the subject of dark rumour, but he carried the weapon into battle at Isstvan V to honur Manus for the gift.
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