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The "Era of Tribes"-Thread [+ KS-Thread]

[Admins, is this OK here or better situated in the board game part?]

The link to the Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/arnelorenz/era-of-tribes/

"Era of Tribes" is an asymmetric worker-placement strategy game in the vein of Civilization for 1-4 players (Age 14+) where your goal is to discover, expand, develop and interact with your fellow
players in Europe from the Neolithic period to the High Middle Ages. You have ten unique tribes to choose from, each with special benefits and drawbacks, different starting conditions, several
ways to end the game, a real civ-feeling and all this within a playtime of around 30 minutes per player.

You develop your tribe by placing leaders on your personal Tribal Action Board where you choose 1 of 7 different actions in each turn. This guarantees quickly executable contextual actions and a short downtime.

You can download the rules here (or from BGG of course):

English: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bgeus201qjub8bo/Basisregeln1904_eng_small.pdf?dl=0

German: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vqgba47lzbu1ieq/Basisregeln1904_deu_small.pdf?dl=0

English and German printed rules are included. We will also have French and Polish rules for download later. We will get them printed if we reach more than 250 backers for each language.

And you can find some more information and discuss it with me here: https://www.facebook.com/eraoftribes/

A playable version is available for free on Tabletop Simulator: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1701980551

The above pictures give you an quick impression how the game will look like on your table.

Many components await you!

Some of the stretch goals we already unlocked, but there are way more awaiting you!

Of course this is not exactly historical tabletop but it might be of interest for some of you.

So, that´s a short glimpse of what we have to offer. More you will find on the KS-page. Feel free to ask us anything you want!

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André Winter
L'Art Noir - Game Design and Translation Studio 
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Central Cimmeria

This is definitely a better fit in the boardgame section. I personally don't want the N&R section cluttered up with worker placement board game stuff.
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I agree. It sets a dangerous precedent to allow non-miniature, non-tabletop-wargame boardgames into News and Rumors. I don't want to have to scroll past thread after thread of Pandemic and Ticket to Ride -alikes to get to read about Marneus Calgar's new hat.

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Ok moving to Board Games ...

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Well, how do you like these Coins?

André Winter
L'Art Noir - Game Design and Translation Studio 
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Looks Nice.

These are my opinions. This is how I feel. Others may feel differently. This needs to be stated for some reason.

 JohnHwangDD wrote:

The Nazis were right. It's better to be a Nazi than a fan.

Thank you for getting me on the side of Milo and the Nazis.

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And now we also do have a video:


André Winter
L'Art Noir - Game Design and Translation Studio 
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Trustworthy Shas'vre


And we can now show you the first of the three metal coins as a render. The link will get you to the 3d-version of the coin:

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André Winter
L'Art Noir - Game Design and Translation Studio 
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