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Made in ar
Fresh-Faced New User

Ynnari-Drukhari Batallion.
Yvraine 132-Shield of Ynnead/Unbonding Souls.
Sucubus 50 pts The Lost Shround/walker of many paths Drugs +1 A

15 wytches shardnet-impaler and razorfails 129(portal) +1 F
5 kabalite warriors 30
5 kabalite warriors 30


Biel-Tan Batallion
Farseer 110 pts Doom/Fortune
Warlock Conclave 90 pts Quiken-Retrain/Jinx-Protect

5 rangers 60
5 rangers 60
14 guardians 122-shuriken canon plataform (portal)

7 shinning spears-Exarch solar lance. 240 pts(sometimes portal)


Spearhead Kabal of the black heart
Archont 72 venon blade-Writing of the living muse
ravager 3x desintegradors 125
ravager 3x desintegradors 125
ravager 3x desintegradors 125


Command Points 3+5+5+1=14

1500 points.

The plan Deepstrike units strike the objetives. Black Hearth detachment aport firepower and Agents of Vect. the witches are empowered with the powers of yvraine. Added to the stratagems. The important thing about this unit is engaged the enemy.
The six troops of line contribute capture of objectives. The format of the tournament is similar to ITC.

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Made in ca
Been Around the Block

If you are playing with the latest FAQ you can only doom your Biel-Tan units
Made in ar
Fresh-Faced New User

That's why I carry the writing of the living muse. I do not put dark reapers because they are less Wounded and I would lose access to Agents of Vect.

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t is this my other list for the event

Ynnari Reborn Drukhari Batallion Detachment
yvraine 132 Shield of Ynnead-world of the phonenyx.
sucubo 50 +1 A archglaive +the lost shround
15 witches 2+shardnet impaler x1-razorfails 129
5 kabal warriors 30
5 kabal warriors 30


Prophets of Flesh Spearhead
hemunculus 81-Electrocorrosive whip/Hexrifle/Diabolical Soothsayer
vexator mask

2 talos 196 x2 haywareblasters ,chains and macro-scalpel.
2 talos 196 x2 haywareblasters ,chains and macro-scalpel.
2 talos 195 x2 haywareblasters ,stinger pod chains and macro-scalpel.

Black Heart Spearhead.
Archont 76 Labyrinthine Cunning/WRIT OF THE LIVING MUSE-Huskblade
ravager 125 3x desintegrators
ravager 125 3x desintegrators
ravager 135 2x lances/1 desintegrator

Command Points 3+5+1+1d3.

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